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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 36

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Chapter 36 – Sales Surge

At this time, someone on the bullet screen said: “Didn’t that post say that this is a trap? That it is useful, but there will be sequelae!”

The fire in the hearts of the audience was extinguished again.

Just as everyone was sinking into worry, a comment on the bullet screen exclaimed: “Oh my God! That post was blocked!”

“What’s the situation?”

“Quick, go and see the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog!”

Feng Ran opened up Weibo. In her heart she was thinking of how hardworking the staff of the Spring and Autumn Hall must be to still be working so late. It was really admirable!

When she saw the content of the official blog of the Spring and Autumn Hall, she was really taken aback, and what followed was a heart full of guilt and shame.

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The Spring and Autumn Hall reposted a Weibo from the Shan Quan County Police Office’s blog. It said that a person surnamed Yuan was dissatisfied with the company’s dismissal of him, so he maliciously spread rumors on the Internet to discredit the Spring and Autumn Hall and ruin the Spring and Autumn Hall’s reputation. The police have now implemented enforcement measures.

Feng Ran: …

Live Broadcast Room: …

It took quite a while before someone started to post on the bullet screen again.

“So we were duped?”

“Right now, what I care more about is whether or not the effects of Spring Flower No. 1 really is that good?”

“If that is true, then I want to chop off my hands.”

“Quick, go and buy it! If we don’t make a move now, I’m afraid we won’t be able to buy it!”

“Upstairs, why are you saying such alarming words to scare people? How can it be so exaggerated?”

“It seems to be real… I went to the official website… It seems to be sold out…”


Feng Ran didn’t believe it. She clicked into the online shopping URL and saw the sold-out notice on the webpage. She was shocked.

How could it be so fast! What the heck happened? Why did she feel like this world was an illusion?

Feng Ran could not be blamed for this.

Although she has only broadcast live for four days, there were many people blindly following the crowd. Since there were so many people in the live broadcast room, then there would also be a lot of people with discerning eyes.

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The effects of Spring Flower No. 1 were not bad.

The anchor of the live broadcasting room, Feng Ran, had obvious blemish spots on her face, but on the second and third day there were obvious changes to her skin condition. The post said there were side effects, but it never specified what kind of side effects at all.

The audience only saw one point, and that was this product was really effective!

Aren’t there side effects to plastic surgery? Are you saying that it’s possible for a skin care product to cause more side effects than a facelift?

Although the Spring and Autumn Hall was not well-known, it was a brand with proper standards. There has never been a problem with their products before, so how could there only be a problem this one time, right?

So on the third day and fourth day of the new product launch, sales increased almost exponentially.

The rapid growth in performance has made the sales staff members feel like they were walking on the air these days.

They have never been so full of vitality before!

To be honest, the production cost of Spring Flower No. 1 was not considered high, but Duan Shu Tong’s skills were high.

With such an effect, even if the price were set to 6666 yuan, some people would still rush to buy it.

Zhai Jun regretted it a little bit. Why wasn’t the price set higher?

Duan Shu Tong didn’t pay too much attention to the sales. Just from the spirit of the company’s employees in the past few days, it could be seen how well Spring Flower No. 1 was selling.

Thinking of Pei Ruo Wei’s help, he felt that he really had to express his thanks to her well.

Pei Ruo Wei’s residence was not far from the Spring and Autumn Hall. After Duan Shu Tong got off work, he rode a bicycle over to her place. He planned to treat her to dinner in the evening.

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In July, the days were long and the nights were short. When Duan Shu Tong left work, the sun was still in the western sky, and waves of heat were rising from the ground. It was like a sauna.

Duan Shu Tong rode into the community. Before he reached Pei Ruo Wei’s doorstep, he could already see a familiar car parked by the flowerbed.

Li Xiao was here again?!

He quickly stopped the bicycle and rushed upstairs.

The driver sitting inside that familiar looking car saw Duan Shu Tong’s tall and lean back, and silently gave Li Xiao another phone call.

Li Xiao didn’t have time to pick up the call. He was currently holding rigidly onto Pei Ruo Wei’s arm to prevent her from running.

Pei Ruo Wei felt that she was really unlucky today. She just went outside to buy some food, but when she came back, Li Xiao was blocking her door.

Before, when they were a couple, she viewed him through rose-tinted lenses, and she felt that everything about Li Xiao was good. But now? She was thinking, where did this rigid stick come from!

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