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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 4

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Chapter 4 – Carpooling with Male Lead 3

After paying the treatment fee, Duan Shu Tong decisively left the hospital.

When he returned to the Duan mansion by taxi, there was no one there other than the servants.

His dad was still working at the company. His mom had her own business. As for his older sister, she was planning an important project and was too busy to return home.

Duan Shu Tong had an older sister who was more outstanding than him. The original host always felt that he was not valued. The more inferior and sensitive he was at heart, the more arrogant and dissolute he was externally.

Therefore, when the female lead looked at him with gratitude from time to time, he gradually fell for her, only then did he find any worth in his existence.

Duan Shu Tong shook his head, shaking off the emotions that belonged to the original host.

Before he crossed over, Duan Shu Tong was extremely envious of the kind of family that the original host had. He was an orphan and never had any family.

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He was not accustomed to living together with the original host’s family. He feared that he would end up exposing himself. This was one of the reasons why he agreed to go to Shan Quan County in Lin Nan Province.

He would be more at ease living far away from the original host’s network of relatives and friends.

Another reason was that the Duan family’s fortune started with medicine. Shan Quan County was the Duan family’s birthplace. So Duan Shu Tong was very willing to go.

The world that he lived in before was roughly similar to the world in this book, but there was one thing that this world could not match—medicine.

In the world that he lived in before transmigrating, the development of medicine was beyond this world’s, and the achievements after the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine were numerous.

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Some of the incurable diseases in this world already had a treatment in his previous world with an extremely high cure rate.

In the big world of medicine, Duan Shu Tong could be regarded as a rare gifted person. His accomplishments in the medical field were very apparent to all.

He didn’t understand management, but he knew how to cure and save people.

After taking over this body, his goal was career development, and Shan Quan County in Lin Nan Province was his starting point.

After packing his luggage, he went to sleep. In his dreams, the memories of the original host were more specific and clear. It was as if he had already become the original host, as if he was the original host all along.

Dong Han Yue hurried home. Without stopping for a drink of water, she asked Nanny Zhang: “Is Tong Tong back?”

Tong Tong was Duan Shu Tong’s nickname. He has been called that from childhood until adulthood.

Nanny Zhang nodded, pointed upstairs, and showed a worried face. “Young Master seems to be in a bad mood. He went upstairs and there’s been no movements for several hours now.”

When Dong Han Yue heard this she thought, how dare he?!* Her son had never been this quiet before.

[*T/N: She is referring to the father, not DST. I originally wanted to translate it as “this is an outrage,” but that wouldn’t fit with the question mark in the original text.]

That Duan Sheng Ye should suffer a thousand knives. How could he be so cruel as to make his son go to Shan Quan County? Her son must be so heartbroken!

Dong Han Yue no longer hesitated and immediately went upstairs to see her son.

The door of the room was unlocked, and Dong Han Yue twisted the knob gently to open it. There was no noise in the room. The curtains were shut tight and no light could penetrate through into the room.

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Borrowing the light that seeped into the room from the doorway, she could see the human figure bulging on the bed.

She approached quietly and could hear light breathing from the bed. The young and handsome fair face was exposed outside of the quilt. His long bleached blonde hair was spread out on the pillow. The entire person appeared peaceful and delicately pretty.

Dong Han Yue covered her chest. How could her son be so well behaved and cute!

As for sleeping in broad daylight – this unjustifiable matter – she whipped it away with her strong maternal love.

In order to not disturb her son’s sleep, she tiptoed out on light feet and closed the door.

Dong Han Yue went downstairs and told Nanny Zhang: “Make some of Tong Tong’s favorite dishes for dinner tonight.”

Nanny Zhang treated Duan Shu Tong like a son. She smiled and agreed.

In dreams, Duan Shu Tong once again lived through over twenty years of experiences, and he finally woke up just before dinner. Things felt more realistic now.

Whether it was the person who lived in the previous world, or the original host born within the world of the book, they were both called Duan Shu Tong.

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