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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 40

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Chapter 40 – Move in With Me

Duan Shu Tong froze in place, and only came to his senses after a few seconds. He felt that the author of the original book had really squandered the characters’ potential. Someone of Xi Duan’s caliber was only the third male lead.

Whether it was in looks, family background, or abilities, he was far superior to Li Xiao. But in the end, he was still unable to hold on to the female lead.

Duan Shu Tong felt pity for Xi Duan all over again.

The President Xi who was being pitied had returned to his own residence. Cen Ning and Liu Zhi Fei were currently sipping the broth from their instant noodle cups, and it was even pickled vegetables flavor.

When they saw Xi Duan enter, they stood up and greeted him politely.

Xi Duan nodded with a solemn face. He changed into house slippers, and walked slowly from the entrance to the stairs. When he reached the top of the stairs, he suddenly turned around and said to Cen Ning, “Move your things downstairs.”

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The villa had two floors. Xi Duan has always lived on the second floor. Cen Ning was his assistant, and because of work, he had moved into the room next to him when he came over. As for Liu Zhi Fei, he slept on the first floor.

Cen Ning looked dumbfounded. He swallowed the spicy and sour soup in his mouth and then said, “President Xi, did I disturb you at night with my snoring?”

It was reasonable to say that this house had very good soundproofing.

Xi Duan was still expressionless, “No. A friend is coming over to live here.”

Cen Ning: ?

When did Xi Duan make friends with someone? Moreover, it was someone that he would bring into his house to live with him?

Cen Ning didn’t dare to ask. He could only answer yes.

Liu Zhi Fei laughed and patted him on the shoulder, “From now on, we will be together downstairs.”

Cen Ning thought about it for a bit and felt that this new arrangement would make him feel more at ease.

Xi Duan took another two steps and then remembered something else, so he turned back around and asked, “I told you to talk to the purchasing department before. Have the benefits been handed out yet?”

Cen Ning nodded again and again, “They’ve been handed out. Everyone is happy. They’re secretly saying that our company is very humane, and the female employees of other companies are very envious.”

What he said was not an exaggeration.

Before the popularity of Spring Flower No. 1 spiked, the purchasing department staff felt that they could not understand the boss’s decision. However, after the popularity of the product shot up on the Internet, the purchasing department personnel deeply admired the boss’s foresight.

After receiving the company’s notice of benefits, those female employees who meet the requirements were wild with happiness.

Those who did not meet the conditions yet were very envious and jealous in their hearts, but they worked even harder.

After all, the boss gave benefits to female employees with a higher working age. This was also the boss’s reward for these female employees.

If they continued to work hard, they might have better benefits in the future.

The male employees didn’t care about female skin care products, but after hearing that the price was 666 yuan, they couldn’t help but sighed and lamented that they weren’t born female.

Of course, these were just jokes. After all, 666 yuan wasn’t extremely pricey.

[T/N: At the time of translation, 666 RMB converts to 103.09 USD or 87.34 EUR.]

During the time when Spring Flower No. 1 was sold out, female employees from the Xi Corporation posted about this company benefit on the Internet, and there were so many jealous responses.

“Xi Corporation’s treatment is too good man!”

“So humane, it would be nice if our boss could do the same.”

“How about I resign and go to Xi Corporation? Haha.”

Such remarks could be seen everywhere. Although most of them were jokes, it could still be seen that Xi Duan’s decision attracted quite a few fans for the Xi Corporation.

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A lot of employees were expressing how ashamed they felt. Before, they used to roast Xi Duan for being an unfeeling robot, but could a robot actually be so considerate?!

Absolutely not!

After receiving Cen Ning’s answer, Xi Duan was very satisfied, but his expression was still as aloof as always. He nodded his head faintly and then continued upstairs to do more work.

They did not know that the sentiments concerning Spring Flower No. 1 was changing again online.

Someone picked up Duan Shu Tong’s previous drunk driving incident and unceremoniously started taunting: “Director Duan descended on the Spring and Autumn Hall from heaven, and in just one month he was able to research and develop a new product. This really isn’t some scam?”

The netizen’s first reaction was: So the great brain that developed Spring Flower No. 1 is surnamed Duan?

The second reaction was: Fuck! Why is this great brain so fucking handsome!

The third reaction was: Although drunk driving is not good, Spring Flower No. 1 is really good!

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