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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 41

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Chapter 41 – Does President Xi Have this Much Free Time?

That blogger “Clear Sky Has Eyes” must not have expected that so many people would still support Spring Flower No. 1 even after digging up Duan Shu Tong’s drunk driving incident.

Was this a lost of morality or a distortion of human nature?

Why were these netizen’s so superficial?! Was being handsome something that could fill the belly? Could people avoid moral condemnation just because they were good looking?

Clear Sky Has Eyes was not afraid of stirring up trouble, and he was not afraid of ending up like that person surnamed Yuan. After all, everything that he said was the truth. He wasn’t trying to start a rumor.

Two months ago, the young master of the Duan family was also on Weibo hot search for drunk driving. Back then the netizens scolded him so badly. Why were people so forgetful now?

He expressed dissatisfaction, so he rallied his energy and began to argue back and forth with other netizens.

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Netizen 1: Spring Flower No. 1 is really easy to use ahhhh! This shows that Young Master Duan is handsome and talented! Humans are not virtuous Buddhas. Who hasn’t made mistakes in their past? The original blogger has worked so hard to dig into the great brain’s history. There must be untold secrets here!

Clear Sky Has Eyes criticized back: Drunk driving is illegal! You’re supporting someone who violated the law, do your parents know about this?

Netizen 2: I heard that Young Master Duan is only 23 years old! A golden bachelor with good looks and money! Baby, hit me up!

Clear Sky Has Eyes ridiculed without restraint: A golden bachelor who is notorious for his misdeeds? Hahahaha, are you trying to make me laugh?

Netizen 3: There are so many drunk drivers in the world, why don’t the original blogger go scold them? Why must you cling on to our Director Duan with such a death grip?

Clear Sky Has Eyes sneered, and pounded ruthlessly on his keyboard with both hands: When he was trending on the hot search before [for drunk driving] I didn’t scold him at all, but now I’m just expressing my doubts. A rich second-generation turned into a big R&D boss over night. Can you believe it?

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Asides from fans who were captured by Duan Shu Tong’s beauty and talent, there were also many people who supported the original blogger. They also thought that this matter was too incredible.

Duan Shu Tong’s previous deeds were not a secret. Soon, someone else dug up more dirt on him. They revealed how he changed girlfriends every month, and how he got low grades during college.

Netizens: ???

This really was a bit disillusioning.

Especially for girls who treasured the romantic feelings between two people, when they saw such news, they suddenly felt that the Spring Flower No. 1 in their hands was not fragrant anymore.

More and more people were insulting Duan Shu Tong passionately online, and they even went to the company’s official blog to protest.

As for how many were really netizens and how many were just people employed to post messages on the Internet, this was unknown.

The Spring and Autumn Hall’s blog once again became a trash can for netizens to vent.

The director of the Propaganda Department reported this incident to Zhai Jun and Duan Shu Tong while shivering from head to toe.

Zhai Jun’s expression immediately darkened, “Why is it another hater again? How can these people scold Young Master Duan? Hurry up and close the comments section!”

What if Duan Shu Tong got butthurt over the scalding comments? Zhai Jun was still waiting for Young Master Duan to develop Spring Flower No. 2.

Unexpectedly, Duan Shu Tong smiled, carefree and at ease. Then he ridiculed himself: “No need, let them vent for a period of time. Spring Flower No. 2 is coming out soon. We can save on advertising expenses.”

In his opinion, the original host’s previous experiences would sooner or later be dug up, and sooner or later the public would scold him like a dog. There were some illnesses where you must fiercely and rapidly pull it out by the roots, otherwise, it would fester, and get worse and worse.

After venting about this a lot, if someone tried to bring it up again in the future to muddy the waters, no one would care enough to bother anymore.

Zhai Jun and the director of the Propaganda Department both agreed that Young Master Duan’s heart was really big.

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Before, when haters were shitting on the Spring and Autumn Hall, Young Master Duan’s calmness could still be understood. After all, the dirty water wasn’t pouring on him directly, but now it was Young Master Duan himself who was being condemned. How could he be so leisurely and at ease about it all?

There were even some people within the company who were secretly pointing fingers.

The two men looked at each other, and in the end, it was Zhai Jun who took the lead to speak: “Don’t tell me that we’re just going to let them talk nonsense?”

Duan Shu Tong took in Zhai Jun’s words and contemplated them. And then, very quickly, he responded with a smile. The unfurling of his smile was so dazzling that it caused them to be startled.

The netizens watched the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog with great expectation. The blog, which had remained silent no matter how much ridicule was thrown its way, updated out of the blue.

As a first generation fan of the product, Feng Ran certainly could not miss this interesting show.

To be honest, she didn’t like Young Master Duan’s view of romance, but the changes that Spring Flower No. 1 brought to her still made her bias for the Spring and Autumn Hall.

She followed the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog, and as soon as there was an update on the blog, she couldn’t wait to click in to it and read it.

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