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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 42

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Chapter 42 – Does President Xi Have this Much Free Time?

The Spring and Autumn Hall’s style was still solemn and indifferent like before. It was like a person assuming a world-weary face and casually tossing a picture over in response to the netizen’s insults.

The picture depicted a wall with a slogan on it, and the slogan said: Mistakes may not necessarily be hated forever, and at the present I am determined to be a new person*.

[*T/N: 新人 – The word used for “a new person” can also mean “newcomer” or “fresh talent.” It could be describing Duan Shu Tong as a newcomer or a fresh talent to the skincare scene, or it could just be a picture to troll the Internet haters.]

Huh? What was the meaning of this?

Were they playing the “a prodigal son returned home is worth more than gold” card in order to get some sympathy points?

Feng Ran regarded this with disdain, and thought that it was better not to say anything.

She flipped through the comments.

Most of the comments were just name-calling, a portion of it was discussing the content of the picture, and only a small part of the audience responded with: hahahahaha.

What’s so funny?

Finally, one of the netizen’s revealed the truth: Oh my god, the Spring and Autumn Hall is really naughty. Isn’t this a slogan from inside prison? Hahahaha, it is really good to make fun of one self like this? After all, Young Master Duan was only punished for driving while intoxicated, and didn’t actually go to jail.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Feng Ran checked the Internet. Turns out what that netizen said were the truth.

When she returned back to the comments area, the style of the comments have already changed, more and more people were posting prison slogans underneath [the picture]. It was very much like a large-scale legal system education column.

“A prodigal son returns to repent past mistakes, turning over a new leaf in the nick of time, and becoming reborn anew.”

“A prodigal son returned home is worth more than gold. Rebuilding his dreams to win in [life in] the future.”

“Actively transform and contribute to society.”

“Reform sincerely to grab hold of the future.”

The corners of Feng Ran’s mouth twitched. The staff member behind this naughty post was really talented [in social media]!

After this incident, the netizens found it boring to keep cursing [at Duan Shu Tong].

This slogan was right. Even prisoners could be rehabilitated after they were released from prison, so why couldn’t Young Master Duan do the same, after all, he didn’t commit some bloody atrocity that offended the heavens and human reason, right?

Moreover, Young Master Duan could talk the talk and walk the walk. He really did reform and was contributing to society.

Countless women have regained their confidence after using Spring Flower No. 1.

What if Young Master Duan choose to quit again after they scolded him too harshly? Not all girls have pigment spots. Since Young Master Duan could develop a product that lightened pigment spots, maybe he could also develop products for other situations.

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Seeing the gradual change in the way things were developing, the director of the propaganda department ordered the staff under him to use a different account to forward two pictures to the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog, and to add the text:

“From luxury cars to bicycle, the return of a prodigal son really can’t be bought for one thousand in gold.”

This account posted frequently, and it imitated the style of a lady who loved skincare, so it would not make people suspicious.

After seeing the two pictures, netizens turned directly into screaming chickens.

Feng Ran clicked on the post, and also could not help holding up a hand to her chest [in surprise].

The first picture was of the former Young Master Duan standing next to a big red sports car with a head of bleached hair. He oozed flirtatiousness, which dragged down his attractiveness index by a lot.

The second picture was of a handsome young man sitting on a bicycle. He held the bicycle handles with both hands and he had one foot propped on the ground. In the picture it looked like he had heard someone calling him, and his head was turned slightly. His peach blossom eyes were gentle and gorgeous against the sunset clouds in the horizon.

Feng Ran felt like she was struck in the heart.

The young man in the second photo was really her type!

It was not just Feng Ran. Many other netizens were also fascinated by the cyclist, and they all sighed with emotion, saying that Young Master Duan really has “changed beyond recognition” since the drunk driving incident.

Why must they use such fierce remarks against such a handsome and picturesque young man?

No matter how much Clear Sky Has Eyes tried to use “justice” to refute, no one would listen to him anymore.

Netizens expressed: Young Master Duan has mended his ways, so why are you still excoriating him so harshly?

Clear Sky Has Eyes was so stimulated that he shouted: The heavens are blind!

Feng Ran, who has been eating melon seeds until now*, only felt speechless. She decided not to pay attention to this person anymore. Isn’t it better to spread and share Spring Flower No. 1?

[*T/N: eating melon seeds – metaphor for watching from the sidelines]

The farce on the Internet died out just like that. After a wave of disputes, Duan Shu Tong’s previous incident could finally be turned over. No one would make gimmicks about “drunk driving” in the future.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

However, Clear Sky Has Eyes uploaded a new post immediately afterwards. He posted a resume (a.k.a. curriculum vitae) and used a skeptical tone of voice to write an article: “The current director of the R&D department of the Spring and Autumn Hall has been in business for ten years. He was originally an outstanding student from a certain university. After graduation, he worked in many related companies. But he did not stay in any of them for long. Why don’t you guys take a guess at the reason?”

Seeing that He Run’s personal experience was about to be exposed, Duan Shu Tong felt that he could not continue to sit back and watch. He lowered his eyebrows and was just about to put a leash on this persistent Clear Sky Has Eyes when he received a call from Xi Duan.

“The identity of Clear Sky Has Eyes has been found. It’s someone from Ya Lan.”

Duan Shu Tong: ??? Does President Xi have this much free time?

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