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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 48

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Chapter 48 – Concerning How to Teach Children

Xi Yu almost jumped up from the bed in shock. He stared at Duan Shu Tong fiercely.

“Why?! Obviously he cursed at me first!”

“Oh, that’s easy then. When they arrive, you can curse at them first.”

Xi Yu: “…”

Xi Duan: “…”

Seeing the dumbstruck looks on the two of them, Duan Shu Tong suppressed a smile and said: “I was just joking. There is actually a better way.”

Both the older Xi and younger Xi had ‘I don’t believe you’ written across their faces.

Duan Shu Tong said seriously: “He was in the wrong for cursing at you, and he should own up to his fault. You were in the wrong for hitting him, so you do indeed have to apologize to him. Let’s be fair, okay?”

Youngsters’ worldview was pure black or white. They think that what’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong, and that things should be fair no matter what.

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There was a slight change in Xi Yu’s expression, and the look in his eyes was not as filled with rejection as before. It seemed like he agreed tacitly with Duan Shu Tong’s words.

He didn’t want much, just an apology from the other person. He wasn’t the one who provoked trouble first, so why did his uncle insist on him apologizing to the other person?

Seeing the teenager turn his head to the side with a pout on his face, Duan Shu Tong tilted his head and winked at Xi Duan. Xi Duan was taken aback for a moment. The corners of his lips could not help but curve up for a second, and then quickly fell back down.

With a good beginning, things would be easier to handle later.

Xi Duan took Xi Yu to the other party’s hospital ward. Before he could speak, the other person’s parents saw him and their originally angry expressions disappeared immediately. Instead, their attitudes became cautious and even slightly flattering.

“Ah, so it was the [honorable] child from President Xi’s family. That’s really embarrassing [for us]. It’s our family’s child who has been naughty. We’re really sorry to have offended Young Master Xi.” The middle-aged man with a beer belly swatted his son on the back of the head, “Quick! Apologize to Young Master Xi!”

The boy on the bed looked like he could not believe what he had heard. The tall and imposing image of the father that he had always worshiped and revered collapsed with a loud rumble.

The boy’s face turned red. At the urging of his father, he apologized to Xi Yu while resisting his tears.

Xi Yu sneered. They’re making it seem as if he was the bully. There was not even a bit of sincerity in that apology.

“Then I’ll also say sorry too. At that time, I saw that you were too ugly. My hands itched and I couldn’t help it.”

Xi Duan’s expression sunk somewhat. Disregarding the parents’ eager attempts to chat with him, he took Xi Yu and left.

Seeing the uncle and nephew pair come out with sullen faces, Duan Shu Tong exasperatedly held his forehead in his hand.

He observed Xi Yu’s expression and said with concern: “What’s the matter? Was the other party unwilling to apologize?”

Seeing that Xi Duan was about to speak, Duan Shu Tong surreptitiously poked him in the hand and motioned for him not to speak yet.

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Sensitive young people hated being misunderstood. You couldn’t come at them with a criticizing tone from the get go.

Sure enough, Xi Yu’s expression softened, and he became a little bit more enthusiastic towards Duan Shu Tong, “Duan-ge, they didn’t apologize sincerely at all, and they were forced to…” He secretly glanced at Xi Duan, “Since they are not sincere, then why should I apologize with sincerity? I won’t do it!”

“That makes sense,” Duan Shu Tong nodded with a smile. “Now that the matter is resolved, let’s go home first.”

At the entrance of the hospital, Xi Yu was obviously still having trouble with Xi Duan, so he ran to the other car to sit with Cen Ning, which left Duan Shu Tong and Xi Duan in the same car.

There was a car freshener in the vehicle and it was a refreshing scent.

Duan Shu Tong leaned back and looked at Xi Duan’s profile with an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile.

Xi Duan finally couldn’t help but said, “Why did you say that to him?”

“Then why did you insist on him apologizing? He was wrong, but not entirely responsible.”

Xi Duan was silent.

Duan Shu Tong approached him slightly and said with a smile: “Are you thinking that as long as you took him over, the other party would definitely apologize, so you just wanted Xi Yu to be responsible for his mistakes, am I right?”

“You…” Xi Duan was surprised at his sharpness.

“Maybe you shouldn’t continue to treat him as a child,” Duan Shu Tong said seriously, “When he was a child, you could be a little tougher when he was not reasonable, but now he can understand the truth, it is better to change to another way of guidance.”

He understood Xi Duan’s psychology. Parents often think that their children are ignorant and can’t understand what they say, so it is better to make use of the parents’ dignity and strength to make the children follow their own wishes and avoid bumps in the road.

Xi Duan asked Xi Yu to apologize, because he wanted him to recognize his mistake and be responsible for it.

It wasn’t wrong per se, but the meaning of equal communication was missing. And what children needed most was respect and equality.

Xi Duan was silent for a long time. He sighed so lightly that it was almost imperceptible. He turned towards Duan Shu Tong. A ray of light seemed to have flashed across his dark eyes.

“It was my fault.”

The perpetually indifferent big shot of the business world was showing weakness at this moment, but instead of cutting a sorry figure, on the contrary… it made others feel a bit sad.

Xi Yu could be reckless now, because Xi Duan was there to watch his back.

When Xi Duan was Xi Yu’s age, he had experienced the death of his beloved brother and the passing away of his parents. Faced with his confused and ignorant nephew, he could only grit his teeth and hold down the fort in spite of adversity. It took more than ten years to turn the collapsed mansion into a strong fortress.

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“It’s not your fault,” Duan Shu Tong comforted softly, “Everyone is a beginner at teaching children at some point in time. Take it slowly.”

Xi Duan raised his lips. There was a bit of a smile in his gaze: “You’re not a beginner?”

Duan Shu Tong: “…” Could he say that he has taught many orphans in his previous life?

For the questions he couldn’t answer, he decisively changed the subject and fled from them.

“I heard that Ren Guang is a property of the Li family, so how did you rescue Pei Ruo Wei from Li Xiao?”

Xi Duan slowly reduced his smile, and said lightly: “Coincidentally, starting from a few days ago, it was no longer their property.”

Duan Shu Tong: “…”

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