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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 49

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Chapter 49 – President Xi’s Bargaining Chip

The Lin family and Li family quickly learned of what happened at the hospital. Lin Man Man wasn’t someone with a good temperament, and her family members were very protective of her shortcomings, especially Lin Huan, this siscon. He immediately announced that they were ending all cooperation with the Li family, and began to target all the Li family companies that were under Li Xiao’s management.

Li Xiao’s companies were facing a heavy blow, and he was under great pressure. He did not have any time at all to go and snatch Pei Ruo Wei back.

The Li family expressed that as long as Lin Man Man was willing, they would definitely control Li Xiao so that he would never have other women.

But Lin Man Man wasn’t looking to abuse herself. She used to like Li Xiao because she felt that among her peers Li Xiao was considered the best and thus worthy of her.

As for her thoughts on him now? She thought he was way too incompetent. He couldn’t even handle a girl of common origins, and even got knocked down a few pegs by Xi Duan at the hospital. What use did she have for such a useless guy? It’s not like he was the only man in the world. The line of suitors for Lin Man Man stretched from Yan City to Hai City.

So she decisively chose to break off the marriage contract with Li Xiao.

But there was one more thing that she had to pay attention to. She was a popular actress, but in her impulsive anger she went to the hospital to slap Li Xiao across the face without disguising herself. There was a chance that she might have been photographed.

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Knowing that Renguang was now under the Xi family’s control, she contacted Xi Duan.

“Miss Lin,” Xi Duan knew her intentions for calling him, and said straightforwardly, “All the photographed images of you at Renguang has already been recovered.”

Lin Man Man realized why her father and her brother had always praised Xi Duan. This impeccable way of doing things was enough to see how extraordinary he was.

“Can you give it to me?” she asked.

Xi Duan replied: “I am a businessman.”

Lin Man Man smiled: “Of course. Name a price.”

She thought that Xi Duan have already thought of a price, but then the other side of the phone fell silent, as if hesitating.

After a while, she heard Xi Duan say: “If I remember correctly, Miss Lin had once received an advertisement endorsement.”

Lin Man Man worked in the entertainment industry, so her emotional intelligence was definitely not low. After a little thought, she figured it out. She rolled her eyes and smiled: “Can you tell me something? Yesterday, at the hospital you said you were ‘entrusted with her care.’ Exactly who entrusted you with her care?”

Without waiting for Xi Duan to respond, she went on to say: “Let me guess, could it be Young Master Duan?”

After finding out about Pei Ruo Wei’s existence, the Lin family naturally investigated her background. They all agreed that Pei Ruo Wei, who was born as a commoner, was simply poisonous. She not only bewildered Li Xiao, but also bewildered Duan Shu Tong.

As for the part of the report that involved Xi Duan, they had automatically ignored it.

How could a business giant like Xi Duan like Pei Ruo Wei? Just thinking about it made people feel disillusioned.

However, Xi Duan and Duan Shu Tong have a good relationship, so she was a bit mindful.

Xi Duan admitted candidly: “It’s him.”

“So what President Xi meant just now is that you want me to be the brand ambassador for the Spring and Autumn Hall?” Lin Man Man asked.

She knew that the Spring and Autumn Hall was popular nowadays, but she felt it beneath her dignity to use their products.

Because she was accustomed to using famous international brands, she was afraid that her skin might be damaged after using the Spring and Autumn Hall’s products, something that was produced within the country. In addition, the proce of the Spring and Autumn Hall’s products was too low. It was not even a fraction of the price of the products that she was currently using. She was afraid of her value as a star dropping if she were to use such cheap products.

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But it was still possible for her to be a brand ambassador. It was just that she had never expected that someone like Xi Duan would hang around with people like Young Master Duan. Not only was Xi Duan helping him take care of Pei Ruo Wei, but he was also helping him to find a brand ambassador.

What was so special about that Duan Shu Tong?

Xi Duan made a sound of agreement.

Lin Man Man then asked: “What if the Spring and Autumn Hall doesn’t need a brand ambassador?”

“I will still send you the photos as before.”

Only then did Lin Man Man feel relieved. As soon as she hung up, she received a call from her agent.

“Man Man, you are free now, do you want to take an endorsement?”

Lin Man Man: “…What kind of endorsement?”

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