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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 54

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Chapter 54 – President Xi is Drunk

“The goddess is so beautiful! awsl*!”

[*T/N: awsl – Chinese Internet slang, abbreviation for the pinyin of 啊我死了 which is “a wo si le” and means “(It’s so cute) I’m going to die!”]

“Goddess, goddess, you are so beautiful!”

“I’m actually the using the same skin care product as the goddess, am I dreaming?!”

“I’ve never heard of the Spring and Autumn Hall. How could the goddess endorse this brand? Are there no good resources [for the goddess]? What do the company employees do to earn their keep?!”

There were all sorts of opinions in the comment area. Most people were very accepting of this product endorsement. Only a small number of people were hatching conspiracy theories in the comments.

When Duan Shu Tong came out of the laboratory and heard this news, he gave Lin Man Man a call.

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“Thank you.” He didn’t say any flattering words. It was enough for him to keep in mind this favor that she did.

Lin Man Man laughed charmingly, “No need for thanks. In any case, this is mutually beneficial for everyone. Besides, the effect of Spring Flower No. 1 is really good, and the bottle is very beautiful.”

Duan Shu Tong returned the praises, “Miss Lin’s advertisement was also filmed very aesthetically.”

The two of them went back and forth, and after saying all kinds of praises, Lin Man Man suddenly changed the subject, “Seeing that you praise me for being so sincere, can you answer a question for me?”

Duan Shu Tong said politely, “Please ask.”

Lin Man Man lowered her voice; “In what aspect is Pei Ruo Wei better than me?”

No matter how indifferently she behaved or how straightforwardly she gave up, she was still not reconciled.

The twenty years worth of relationship as childhood sweethearts between her and Li Xiao couldn’t even withstand this kind of test? How could a woman who couldn’t compare to her in any way win the favor of Li Xiao?

Moreover, not only Li Xiao, even the dissolute wastrel Young Master Duan was perfectly happy to help and protect her.

She admitted that she was jealous.

Duan Shu Tong: “…”

How was he supposed to answer this? Everyone’s aesthetic standards were different, and falling in love was not just about the face, but also about whether the heart was compatible.

He thought for a while and said, “I think it is because Miss Lin is too outstanding. Perhaps Li Xiao thinks he can’t match up to you and is afraid of hurting his own pride.”

When it came to men, most would prefer a gentle and soft woman. Compared with a strong fiancée like Lin Man Man, Pei Ruo Wei’s gentle and demure temperament was more in line with Li Xiao’s liking.

Lin Man Man was amused by his words. She mockingly laughed at herself and said, “Is it my fault for being excellent?”

“Of course not, you have so many fans, it can be seen that the eyes of the masses are sharp.” Duan Shu Tong’s tone was quite sincere.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Lin Man Man’s depression dissipated a little, “Oh, by the way, I have seen your Spring and Autumn Hall’s products before, and the packaging was far less beautiful than this time. Newly hired designer?”

“Yeah,” Duan Shu Tong decided to tell the truth, “It’s Miss Pei Ruo Wei.”

Lin Man Man: “…”

After a few seconds of silence, she immediately changed the subject, “I hope Spring Flower No. 1 will have lots of sales. I still have something to do, so I’ll hang up first.”

With the help of Lin Man Man, the sales of Spring Flower No. 1 began to grow exponentially, and because of the unnaturally good effects of the product, there were many customers who especially returned to repurchase it.

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The Spring and Autumn Hall made a lot of money. Not only has the loan been repaid, but also there was no need to worry about the research and production costs for Spring Flower No. 2.

There were still people on the Internet who said that Duan Shu Tong had stolen other people’s research results, but who really cared? As long as the product worked well then there would be buyers.

As more and more people used Spring Flower No. 1, there were more and more comments about the product online.

Spring Flower No. 1 focused on the effect of lightening dark spots, so consumers’ psychological expectations were naturally only on lightening dark spots.

Asides from the amazing effect of lightening dark spots, many people have discovered other effects of Spring Flower No. 1, and they posted these observations online.

“Spring Flower is really way too good! I’ve already recommended it to several of my close female friends and co-workers. At first they didn’t like that the name was too cheesy and the price too expensive, but after they used it, they realized its good points! And I found it to be super moisturizing too! All my sisters out there, believe me!”

“Has no one discovered that Spring Flower is also conducive to sleep?”

“Ditto what the previous person said! I used to suffer from insomnia. Since I started using Spring Flower, my insomnia has improved a lot.”

“Is that real or fake? A skin care product can help you sleep? I’m afraid you two are trying to take me for a fool or maybe you’re paid reviewers. The Spring and Autumn Hall is really spending a lot of money on this. First they invited an A-list actress to endorse their product, and now they’re buying positive reviews?”

“I don’t know if it helps with sleep or not, but I think Spring Flower has a good wrinkle-removing effect. Don’t brew conspiracy theories, you’ll know if you try it yourself.”

Every time a hidden utility was discovered, it was like finding a treasure, and the product users were excited to share the secrets they have discovered.

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One blogger couldn’t help but sighed: “I used to complain that 666 is too expensive, but thinking about it now, the Spring and Autumn Hall is a conscientious enterprise!”

This Weibo has received numerous likes.

It should be noted that Yalan’s One Flower series, a set of water cream cost nearly two thousand. It could only maintain basic moisture at most, and it could not achieve any obvious results on the skin.

In comparison, 666 was really not an expensive price at all.

Under such a wave, Duan Shu Tong completed the research and development of Spring Flower No. 2, and at the same time received the design draft sent by Pei Ruo Wei.

The shape of the bottle was like a leaf, and the dark green was full of texture. Compared with the dreamy romance of No. 1, No. 2 was more serious and solemn, but amidst a cluster of green, it highlighted a sense of vitality.

Duan Shu Tong was amazed once again, and gave Pei Ruo Wei several thumbs up.

The next step was to find someone to test the product.

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