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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 56

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Chapter 56 – Do You Like Pei Ruo Wei?

These days, instead of bringing Xi Yu around personally, Xi Duan handed him over to Cen Ning and had him follow Cen Ning around to learn.

As a special assistant, Cen Ning’s daily job was to assist Xi Duan in dealing with his work matters, help Xi Duan plan his itinerary, and to give Xi Duan timely reminders.

There was no need to mention the other miscellaneous things.

Ever since Xi Duan asked Cen Ning to take Xi Yu around, Cen Ning gave him the task of recording Xi Duan’s itinerary and giving Xi Duan timely reminders. For half a month, Xi Yu witnessed how busy Xi Duan was, and his previous resentment towards Xi Duan’s long absences from home eased a lot.

Moreover, when he attempted to read those documents, he was surprised to find that he could not make out heads or tails of the contents. When it came to company affairs, he felt like a complete dullard.

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The thought of Xi duan facing such a heavy workload every day and putting so much effort into it made Xi Yu feel guilty and full of self-blame.

Before, he really didn’t know it was so busy and difficult to manage a company.

When Xi Yu was learning under Cen Ning, sometimes the two of them would chat, and Cen Ning would lament to the youth: “When I first started working for President Xi, I thought that he was an android, but one day he developed a high fever, and I realized that President has always been human, and there would also be times when he is tired. I heard that President Xi started supporting himself when he was in his teens. It must have been even more difficult for him back then than it is now.”

On the battlefield, a seasoned general would be like a fish in water, but for a young and inexperienced foot soldier surrounded by enemies on all sides, it must require extreme mental and physical efforts to break through the siege and take the position of general.

When Xi Yu reflected on himself, he felt even more ashamed.

And then all of his emotions exploded out tonight.

A cocktail party was indispensable for business cooperation. Xi Duan was invited to attend. Xi Yu was underage and could not drink.

It stood to reason that people in the business world would be respectful to Xi Duan as he was currently the person in charge of the Xi family, but Xi Duan was also not an arrogant person. The Xi family was too far away to be of any help for projects in the Shan Quan County, so Xi Duan has to rely on the local bigwigs here. Thus, he ended up drinking a few more glasses of alcohol to be polite.

Xi Yu, who was waiting in the car, chatted with Liu Zhi Fei because he was bored.

“Fei-ge, does Uncle do this often?”

Liu Zhi Fei wasn’t sure what he meant, so he clarified, “What? Do you mean does President Xi drink with other people often?”

Xi Yu nodded. Although he and his uncle lived under the same roof, the number of times the two have actually met and communicated was very limited. He really didn’t know much about Xi Duan’s life.

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“I wouldn’t say often,” Liu Zhi Fei said, turning his head, “In recent years, the company has become more and more prosperous, so everyone would show some respect to our President Xi, and he drinks less now. But I heard that when President Xi just took over the company he did drink a lot during the first few years, and sometimes he would have to be sent straight to the hospital from drinking too much. I’ve only started working for President Xi in recent years, so this is all hearsay for me.”

Xi Yu’s throat felt tight, as if a stone was stuck in it. He was almost rendered speechless, “Why didn’t I know about him going to the hospital?”

“President was not yet twenty at the time, you were still young, so you didn’t remember very much,” Liu Zhi Fei paused, feeling a little uncomfortable, “I don’t know how President Xi was like before, but I have been working for President Xi for the past few years. Every time he gets drunk, he won’t go home, for fear that you will be worried if you see him, and he wouldn’t let anyone tell you when he’s in the hospital.”

Xi Yu: “…”

He never knew that the uncle, who he had complained about for so many years, had been caring for him in ways that he did not know about.

With mixed feelings, Xi Yu did not speak the entire ride home. It was only when Duan Shu Tong came to him that he let out all his feelings. In the end, he ended up crying miserably. Probably due to embarrassment, he used the excuse of having to use the toilet to run off to the bathroom to wash his face.

When he got his emotions under control and came back out, Duan Shu Tong was still sitting on the sofa in the room, but there was already a cup of warm milk on the coffee table.

“Uncle Sun had it sent over.”

Xi Yu was very sensitive right now, and Uncle Sun’s concern touched his unstable emotions, which made him want to cry all over again.

The teenager forcibly held back his tears, picked up the cup, raised his head, and drank it all. Then he sat down opposite Duan Shu Tong with reddened eyes.

“Thank you, Duan-ge.”

“Since you’ve figured things out, go talk openly with your uncle to clear up the previous misunderstanding, all right?”

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Xi Yu nodded, looking at Duan Shutong expectantly, “Duan-ge, can I ask you to help me with one thing?”

“Say it.”

“Before, when I didn’t know anything, someone said some bad things to me, and I took it seriously.” The boy blushed in shame and looked down, at a loss, “I had a fight with my uncle, I said that he would drive me out of the house once he got married…”

That was the essential crux of the argument, but the words that he had used back then were much worse. However, he was too ashamed to say it.

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  1. Aw, poor kid
    I understand how he feel, there was an important person to me who died recently from stage 4 cancer and he hides the severity of it for months and I only knew the truth through his father after he passed away.
    He was an amazing content creator and I miss him dearly. I am ashamed of myself for having felt anger towards him for hiding how sever his state was, the announcement was so unexpected like, “what do you mean dead? He said he was recovering the last time! What do you mean stage 4?! He said it was not a grave cancer!! He lied!”
    As I felt that anger I also felt guilt at the same time because I was aware that I was angry for nothing and that it was also normal to feel that way, but I still couldn’t stop being mad about it.
    My father is arson like that rn, i eel like he is hiding his issues to me. I know I am not a reliable person even at 24 but still… I feel so useless and stupid

    1. Some people are like that. They don’t want to rely on others even when they’re having a hard time. It might be due to pride, or maybe they just don’t want their loved ones to worry.
      There was a period of time when I was unemployed and felt very useless and worthless, but I would smile and pretend that everything was okay whenever my family or friends ask. It took some time, but I eventually found a job and got out of the rut.

      1. Yeah, I think for my dad it’s both. I personnel am trying to write a book or two to be able to bring a bit of money home and am also self-studying to write an essay or something gain some fame for my parents. I dropped out of university so I believe they are a bit ashamed. I want my dad to be proud. Don’t care about my mom, she’s a Karen ?

        1. I think our parents’ generation is too caught up in the prestige of graduating from a university. It’s true that a university degree meant more during their time, but times are changing. Nowadays, lots of people can do well in life even without a university degree. You can do it if you put your mind to it. Fighting! Try to educate yourself on finances with the internet or books. That’s something they don’t normally teach in school, but it’s so important once you’re out in the working world.

  2. Xi Xun is growing up!?
    ML did a great job at raising him, it’s just that little Xi Xun needed someone to open his eyes to see how much ML loves him.
    Thanks for the update!?

  3. Ну…теперь мы узнали настоящую причину того, почему Си Дуань в книге сказал, что никогда не женится. Гг(ж) походу была просто предлогом.

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