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Chapter 70 – To Live With Another (Sangeng)

Ever since using Spring Flower No. 1, Feng Ran’s skin has gotten better and better, and she was not afraid to go out without makeup, so she has become a diehard Spring Flower fan.

When the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog announced the release of Spring Flower No. 2, she immediately placed an order. Then she learned that it was for scar removal. She was annoyed, but she was not too angry.

Since she bought it already then that was that. It’s not like she couldn’t afford to pay 888 yuan for it.

But looking at the abusive comments that kept multiplying on the Internet, she couldn’t be angrier. She couldn’t stand the fact that the skincare product line she supported was being mocked like this!

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She rolled up her sleeve and looked at the scar on her forearm, which looked like a long scratch. In a fit of anger, she posted on Weibo: When the goods arrive, the scar removal effect will be broadcast live.

Then she attached a photo of the scar on her arm.

When the fans saw this, they all felt distressed for her and asked her how she got the scar.

Feng Ran felt that she was truly a big fan of the Spring Flower series. She was even willing to go live and show everyone such an ugly scar. She got this scar when she was a child. She had gotten cut by broken glass. At that time, the medical conditions in her hometown were not good, so she could only hastily sew it together with a needle. It’s already been more than ten years since the incident.

It would be great if Spring Flower No. 2 could effectively reduce old scars as the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog said.

The things happening online did not affect Duan Shu Tong. He was already inquiring about experiment equipment and facilities.

The Spring and Autumn Hall had enough space. The key was to buy new experiment equipments.

He compared the products of several medical device companies and chose a company named “Cuckoo”, which was an old-fashioned company with excellent product quality and a guaranteed reputation.

When he contacted them to inquire about their products, the Cuckoo Company actually said that they would not carry out a transaction if the purchase were for less than ten apparatuses.

There were only five laboratories in the Spring and Autumn Hall. If he bought five sets of equipment, then that was still acceptable. But the company said you had to buy ten sets? What were you supposed to do, buy ten of them and pile the extra ones in a warehouse?

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The Director of the Purchasing Department had a sharp tongue, but the Cuckoo Company was not willing to back down. They even mocked the Spring and Autumn Hall for being a small company that didn’t even have ten laboratories.

Director of the Purchasing Department: …I’m going to shut myself up.

In desperation, he could only report the results to Zhai Jun. Zhai Jun became angry when he heard what happened. What kind of dumb manufacturing company was this? People were bringing business right to their doorstep, yet they were refusing the money?

Just because they didn’t have ten laboratories right now, did not mean that there wouldn’t be ten laboratories in the future!

The Cuckoo Company had successfully angered and fired up Zhai Jun’s fighting spirit. Zhai Jun went to find Duan Shu Tong and He Run. He said fiercely: “We need to recruit more people! When we earn money in the future, we will expand the laboratory!”

Duan Shu Tong couldn’t help laughing and comforted him: “Okay, we’ll make Cuckoo regret it later.”

But He Run frowned, “I’ve been in contact with people from Cuckoo before, but I’ve never heard of such rigid regulations. Moreover, Cuckoo’s CEO and Yalan’s chairman should have an in-law relationship.”

Zhai Jun: “…So it turns out that Yalan is behind this!”

Zhai Jun was seething yet he was at his wit’s end. He could only look at Duan Shu Tong.

He couldn’t figure it out. Young Master Duan’s identity was not a secret, nor was it a secret that the Duan family was standing behind the Spring and Autumn Hall. So why does Yalan insist on going against the Spring and Autumn Hall? Or were Yalan’s management people too willful and unruly?

Duan Shu Tong said: “It’s not like we have to buy from them, if Cuckoo doesn’t want sell to us. Let’s look around some more.”

Zhai Jun sighed. There was nothing else that they could do.

After returning to the laboratory, Duan Shu Tong was about to pack up his implements and go to the cafeteria to eat when he received a call from Lin Man Man.

“Miss Lin?”

Lin Man Man got straight to the point: “I heard that Spring Flower No. 2’s scar removing effect is wondrously efficient, is that true?”

“It’s true.” Duan Shu Tong smiled, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Man Man hesitantly said, “Does it also work on scar growth after skin grafting?”

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Although modern medicine allowed for the treatment of scar hyperplasia through surgical operation, it was only to cover up or reduce the visibility of scars, not to eliminate them. Also, surgical treatment still required future repair and maintenance.

The effect of Spring Flower No. 2 lied in this.

For example, if a person underwent a skin graft operation due to facial burns, he would still need to use scar removal medicine for prevention or repair after the operation.

Spring Flower No. 2 could effectively prevent postoperative hyperplasia, and could also repair the skin after hyperplasia occurred.

For most people, a bottle of 888 yuan repair ointment was much easier to accept than tens of thousands of yuan for surgery. And there was no need to worry about sequelae.

Duan Shu Tong briefly explained this to her, but Lin Man Man was still skeptical: “Is it really that miraculous?”

Having seen too many customers who didn’t trust the product, Duan Shu Tong was not affected by her skepticism at all. He just said gently: “It’s not a loss if you try it.”

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