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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 75

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Chapter 75 – Father Duan is the Matchmaker (Wugeng*) (29.1)

[*T/N: 五更 wugeng – fifth of the five night watch periods 03:00-05:00]

As promised, Duan Shu Tong developed the specialized ointment in three days and brought it back from the lab to give to Lu Shi.

“There is a manual. Just follow it and you’ll be good.”

Lu Shi nodded and went back to his guest room. After applying the medicinal ointment, he picked up his mobile phone to watch a live broadcast.

Nowadays, there were a lot of live-streamed videos on the Internet. Lu Shi enjoyed watching them and his phone was never far from hand.

Ever since his debut, these past three days have been the most satisfying time for him.

He went through all the live-streamed videos about Spring Flower No. 2. Some streamers broadcasted old scars. Some streamers broadcasted new scars. Old scars required more time for the effects to show, while new scars showed results rather quickly.

The manual for Spring Flower No. 2 was very clear. The streamers could determine the number of days needed for live broadcasting according to the instructions in the manual and the time they got their scar.

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But there were some people purely doing it for the sensationalism. They deliberately gave themselves a small cut with a knife and then applied the cream to live broadcast the scar removal effect.

For those small cuts, human skin tissue could completely recover on its own. There was no need to remove any scars. It was only those wounds that were deeper that had more obvious scars.

After watching several live broadcasts, Lu Shi suddenly felt a little tired, so he quit the live broadcast software. After thinking about it for a bit, he opened Weibo and got ready to see the online evaluation of Spring Flower No. 2.

Due to the popularity of the live broadcasts, the Spring and Autumn Hall made waves again, and the discussion on Weibo remained high. We he clicked on the official blog of the Spring and Autumn Hall, he found that the official blog actually had millions of fans. It seemed like Spring Flower No. 1 had attracted a lot of fans for the Spring and Autumn Hall, and their national popularity rose rapidly.

He originally wanted to click into the comment area under the official blog, but he accidentally clicked on the follow button.

He was stumped over what to do for a moment, but then decided to just leave it be. In any case, his popularity has waned for a long while already. No one would care.

With Lin Man Man as a precedent – as she was also following the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog – he had nothing to fear.

The Spring and Autumn Hall had millions of fans. The comment area in their official blog was very lively, and most people were discussing the effects of Spring Flower No. 2.

There were even bloggers who claimed to be professionals in medicinal chemistry. They said that they were going to buy a bottle, go to the laboratory to analyze the product ingredients, and publish the analysis results. Thus, these people have garnered a lot of attention.

He browsed through the comments, but he didn’t know that the fans under his Weibo had started to explode with comments.

By the time he knew it, it was already the next morning. The topic of “Disfigured Film Emperor is Following the Spring and Autumn Hall’s Blog” was widely searched.

This kind of headline… Most people who saw it thought it was too maliciously phrased.

Although Lu Shi felt a little nervous, he’s gotten used to it over the past two years and didn’t take it to heart. When he saw Duan Shu Tong at breakfast, he couldn’t help laughing, “Is this because of the recent popular search query on the Internet?”

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Duan Shu Tong nodded. He did indeed hoped to use Lu Shi’s following to promote Spring Flower No. 2, but that was only after Lu Shi’s recover. He found no joy in the current situation at hand.

“It doesn’t matter. It was much more fierce than this two years ago.” Lu Shi was calm.

Thinking of those malicious comments on the Internet, Duan Shu Tong said seriously: “In two months, they will see a brand new you.”

Although the recovery is not a hundred percent, the remaining blemishes could be covered with a little makeup skill.

Based on Lu Shi’s appearance, even if the results did not look as good as when he was at his peak, he would still be far superior to others.

Most people thought the former Film Emperor Lu Shi was crazy for wanting to recover his face. For him to go so far as to put his hope in Spring Flower No. 2.

Loyal fans expressed their distress and prayed every day.

The keyboard trolls sneered and hurled abuse every day.

But it didn’t get much attention – who would be interested in a disfigured Film Emperor?

The popular search query topic was short-lived, and most people didn’t take it to heart. However, President Xi, who was busy everyday, paid close attention to the topic.

It could be said that he was very attentive to matters related to the Spring and Autumn Hall.

Off to one side, Cen Ning tried hard to resist the depressive atmosphere. He secretly complained in his heart: What happened to President Xi? He’s been depressed for the past two days.

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