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Chapter 76 – Father Duan is the Matchmaker (Wugeng)

“Have you purchased Spring Flower No. 2 yet?” Xi Duan asked suddenly.

Cen Ning nodded hastily, “I have already informed the purchasing department. They will be ready for distribution next week.”

Xi Duan nodded and asked, “Do you know Lu Shi?”

Who? Why did this name sound so familiar?

Cen Ning racked his brains and suddenly a light bulb went off, “Is President Xi talking about Film Emperor Lu?”

“En.” Xi Duan said with an expressionless face. “Do you know about his facial injuries too?”

Since seeing the popular search query, he has reason to suspect that the person living with Duan Shu Tong right now was precisely this Lu Shi.

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Cen Ning was feeling a little frantic on the inside. His boss has never cared about what’s going on in the entertainment industry, so why was he suddenly asking about an actor?

“I know about it. President Xi, why are you asking about him?”

Xi Duan’s expression was dim. “I heard that Director Lu of Jinshi Jewelry has a son who is an actor.”

[T/N: Jinshi 金石 is literally “gold and stones,” as in precious stones.]

Cen Ning nodded, “Lu Shi is indeed the youngest son of the Lu family.”


Xi Duan decided that he would not personally do any business with Jinshi Jewelry in the future.

Things continued to get more intense online.

The outbreak of all things takes time to ferment.

And the frenetic wave of Spring Flower No. 2 came a week later.

The cause of the outbreak came from the personal written account of a blogger.

The blogger said that the nature of his occupation was relatively dangerous. It just so happened that his arm was burned by fire not too long ago. After diagnosis and treatment, it was determined that the injury would definitely leave behind unsightly scars. He didn’t care about having scars on his arm, and he didn’t want to do any cosmetic surgery.

After a friend of his who was in the pharmaceutical-related industry found out about his burn injury, the friend gave him a bottle of Spring Flower No. 2, and he tried it…

When the netizens saw this blog, it was at the time when their appetite [for drama and news] was at the peak. Seeing the blog come to an abrupt end, they felt grievous to the extreme. One after another, they went to the comment section to ask how the follow-up was going.

After about five hours, the blogger came back and posted another Weibo: Had to go to work just then. I’m posting the pictures now.

Two pictures side by side. The same arm. Different scars.

The first one was obviously a new scar after being burned, but the second one looked much better. If what the blogger said was true, then Spring Flower No. 2’s “exaggerated” effect was absolutely divine!

It’s not that no one questioned the validity of this post, but after the blogger posted the date and results of the hospital diagnosis, most people shut up.

But this was only the effect on new scars. The effect for old scars has yet to be observed.

The popular search query about the “disfigured Film Emperor” from a few days ago has long sunk into some quagmire and been forgotten.

As for Lu Shi, he was leisurely and carefree, and continued to live his days like a salted fish*. He was thinking about how he had to leave Shan Quan County the next day, and he was a little reluctant to go.

[*T/N: A “salted fish” describes someone that does not or rarely spends energy and time participating in activities to improve themselves.]

As evident by proof, Duan Shu Tong’s ability was legit. Within a week, there was improvement to his face. When he video called Lin Man Man, she was shocked by the change.

It didn’t mean that there was a big change, but his face looked more harmonious than before, and the texture of his skin was gradually becoming more natural.

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When he heard the door opening, Lu Shi immediately got up and went downstairs. He wore a thin and loose long-sleeved T-shirt and lead gray casual pants. He was a tall man. He stood at the head of a flight of stairs and looked at Duan Shu Tong, who was in the entrance hall.

The young man was carrying a bag in his hand and Lu Shi couldn’t see what was inside it.

Duan Shu Tong smiled when he saw Lu Shi and said, “The one-week observation period has passed. Lu-ge can go back to Yan City tomorrow.”

Lu Shi glanced at the bag. He laughed and joked, “I can share the housework [with you]. I think I did well with the chores these past few days.”

Duan Shu Tong was amused by him. He put the bag on the coffee table.

“A gift for someone?” Lu Shi asked curiously.

Duan Shu Tong nodded, “A friend.”

“President Xi of the Xi family?” Lu Shi asked, like a curious baby.

“You know him?” Duan Shu Tong felt stupid as soon as the question left his mouth. For someone like Xi Duan, there were way too many people who knew him.

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