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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 92

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Chapter 92 – Gift Giving + New Technician (35.1)

After returning to Shan Quan County, Duan Shu Tong stayed at home for a day, and his cold symptoms finally disappeared.

He still had gifts to give out, but he hesitated over whether or not he should give them out, and what occasion should he use to give out the gifts?

The Mid-Autumn Festival was coming soon, so how about giving it as a Mid-Autumn Festival gift?

At nine o’clock in the evening, he saw the lights of a car flashing in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Duan Shu Tong hurriedly sat up from the sofa. He breathed in deep to calm down and in the end he decided to give out the gift. Clutching the gift bag in his hand, he left his house.

Xi Duan has helped him so much, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to give him a gift, right?

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The car stopped in front of the Xi family’s house. As soon as Xi Duan got out of the car, he saw a familiar figure waiting in the courtyard. He went over in big steps and the first sentence out of his mouth was: “Is your cold better?”

Duan Shu Tong nodded, “I’m fine now.”

He subconsciously wanted to avoid Xi Duan’s gaze, but he tried his best to return Xi Duan’s gaze calmly. He handed him the gift bag, “It’s a gift for you. I made it myself.”

Surprise flash through Xi Duan’s eyes and he quickly reached out to receive the gift. The tiredness of a day’s work seemed to be swept away, leaving only great joy. “What is it?”

“I heard that you don’t sleep well,” Duan Shu Tong shifted his eyes to look at a tree off to the side. “Moreover, your work is very busy. So you must be very tired. This is the aromatherapy I made myself. It helps with sleep.”

Xi Duan has been an over thinker since he was young. Insomnia or shallow sleep was the norm, and he has become accustomed to it after so many years. That said, who didn’t want to have a good night’s sleep?

A deep sleep once in a while was refreshing.

The sleep aid aromatherapy that Duan Shu Tong made was one of a kind in this world. Xi Duan might not know the value of this aromatherapy, but he could deeply feel that this kind of friendship was rare.

No one was unwilling to be loved. Once infected, it was way too difficult to give up.

The young man’s face, under the soft halo of the street lamp, was gentle and quiet, indistinct and hazy, making Xi Duan’s usually cold and hard heart suddenly soften, turning into a pool of gurgling water.

Xi Duan smiled, “Thank you.”

Duan Shu Tong shook his head, “You helped me so much. I also want to do something for you, he added in his head.

The two stood facing each other, and the atmosphere was silent for a while. Duan Shu Tong was about to say goodbye when Xi Duan said, “Helping you is within my duties.”

He did everything for the youth willingly and never wanted anything in return.

Duan Shu Tong smiled, “En, me too.”

After saying goodbye, Duan Shu Tong went home. With the gift in hand, Xi Duan walked into the entrance hall of his home with a happy expression on his face.

When Cen Ning saw that Xi Duan was in a good mood, he boldly asked, “President Xi, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. Are we going back to Yan City?”

He also wanted to go back, reunite with his family, and have a family dinner.

Xi Duan paused for a moment. He had forgotten about this, and he also did not know if Shu Tong would be going back to Yan City or not. He thought for a bit and then said, “Let’s go back.”

In any case, Xi Yu would be in Yan City.

He strode upstairs with the gift, entered his room, and opened the delicate gift box, which contained a small bottle.

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The bottle was lavender and very textured. When he brought it close for a sniff, he could only feel the subtle fragrance lingering and that his mood was soothed.

Before going to bed, Xi Duan deliberately used Duan Shu Tong’s aromatherapy. The fragrance floated and drifted in the room. Lying in bed, all the chaotic thoughts in Xi Duan’s head gradually drifted away, and only the young man’s elegant face was left in his mind. He quickly fell into a deep sleep.

It was hard to tell if it was the effect of the aromatherapy or the young man.

When Xi Duan woke up the following day, he felt relaxed and alert. This was a joy that could only be felt after a sound sleep. All of his exhaustion from before has been swept away, and even his work efficiency improved a lot. The entire day he was in high spirits and glowing with health and vigor.

While Xi Duan was busy with work, Duan Shu Tong was also not idle.

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