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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 95

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Chapter 95 – Beginning the Pursuit (36.1)

Yalan’s new products brought great panic to consumers, and its reputation plummeted overnight.

Yalan’s Public Relations Department even wanted to pour that dirty water onto others, dragging Spring Flower No. 1 down with them. They wanted to shift everyone’s attention onto Spring Flower No. 1, but the public was not stupid.

Regardless of what happens with Spring Flower No. 1, the most important thing right now was how were they going to resolve the harm caused by Yalan’s new product?

When this incident happened, everyone in Yalan panicked, but in the end, they weren’t just some small start-up company. After calming down, they rapidly displayed the resolution of a big company.

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All new products on the market were recalled, apologies and compensations were made to consumers, and the R&D and testing personnel of new products were held accountable.

When it came to accountability, Xu Ya Ze bore the brunt of it.

When his father rushed into the office and scolded him passionately, Xu Ya Ze was still in a stupor over the whole situation. When his father finished speaking, he finally realized that things might be really serious.

With a guilty conscience, he hurriedly tried to shift the blame elsewhere.

“Dad, even though I’m the so-called leader of the R&D team, it’s not like you don’t know that I’m just a figurehead. I don’t really participate in any of the research and development. You might as well go to those technicians and take it out on them. And also, I’m not in charge of product testing at all.”

Chairman Xu was so angry and anxious. He straight up smacked Xu Ya Ze over the head a few times. “You actually have the gall to say that?! The primary R&D member has already quitted!”

Xu Ya Ze: “…When did that happen?”

He seldom paid attention to such things. If someone wanted to quit, it’s not like he could stop them, right? He was the magnificent crown prince of Yalan. Where would he have the idle time to care about such small things?

Chairman Xu felt like he was going to have a brain hemorrhage one of these days. He pointed at Xu Ya Ze’s nose and scolded him, “You were the head of the R&D team back then. If something happened, then naturally you would be the one called on. If you’d paid more attention, would such a thing happen?”

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Seriously, if Xu Ya Ze weren’t always trying to extol his own virtues, then matter wouldn’t have been linked to him. All these years that he’s been in Yalan, he’s been putting his name as the leader of the R&D Department multiple times. As long as a quality new product came out, his name would always be the first one on the list of participating technicians.

There were several researchers who had no background or backing and they could not easily leave Yalan for various reasons, so they could only swallow down their anger.

After all, those who left directly like He Run were a minority.

“Dad, it’s useless for you to scold me now,” Xu Ya Ze rolled his eyes. “Have you questioned the Quality Inspection Department yet? And what about the researcher who resigned? Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence?”

A dead pig doesn’t fear scalding water. Xu Ya Ze has nothing more to lose, so he would go to any lengths, regardless of the consequences.

Chairman Xu sighed, “After this incident passes, you should admit responsibility and resign. We must give the company a proper explanation after all.”

Xu Ya Ze: “…” He didn’t do it, so why was his dad pushing all the responsibility onto him? This was too unjust!

But he had no choice but to obey his father’s orders, and he also understood that he had really slipped up this time.

After Yalan officially announced several measures, consumers who have already bought the new product but haven’t used it yet went to online and offline stores to return it. Those who have already used the product and have not experienced side effects yet hurriedly went to the hospital to get examined. As for consumers who have had side effects, they have already entered the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

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Yalan said that they would cover all of these expenses. The resolution they showed in this incident helped them save a bit of face in the end.

At this point, there was nothing more that the consumers could do except to bad mouth Yalan a few times. But some people decided to shift the topic onto the Spring and Autumn Hall at such a time. Those consumers who have used the Spring Flower series could not help but feel uneasy.

Seeing that the Spring and Autumn Hall was about to be splashed with dirty water, the official blog of a certain well-known university came on the stage to set the netizens’ minds at ease.

The official blog said that their laboratory has studied the products of the Spring Flower series no less than dozens of times, and they have not found any harmful ingredients to the human body.

Due to the Spring Flower series being so popular as of late, naturally lots of different people decided to look into it. But like Han Ling, they could not puzzle out the reason why it worked so well, only that the ultimate result was harmless.

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