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Pleasing Start-Over 1

T/N: Hello! Some of you may be familiar with Vanilla Muse as the translator of The Big Landlord, which is another Chinese BL project that I am working on. It’s a transmigration story set in historical times. I hope you’ll also enjoy Pleasing Start-Over, which is a fast transmigration novel set in different times and space.

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Prologue – The Starting Cause
Chapter 1

Qiao Chen went to the kitchen and got out a pot of congee that he had prepared the night before. He filled up a bowl with the congee, made a few refreshing side dishes, and then set everything on the dining table.

Even if he was living in another world, he still kept some habits from his past life. In the morning, if there was time, then he had to have a bowl of hot congee along with a few side dishes. This will insure his good mood all throughout the day. Moreover, the technology in this word was much more advanced, so no matter what dishes he wanted to make he didn’t have to do it himself. He’d only have to set things up. It was convenient and fast and the taste was not bad.

After a leisurely enjoyment of breakfast, Qiao Chen drove his own suspension car to the hospital for work.
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He has been a doctor for two lifetimes. Why two lifetimes you say? That’s because he transmigrated into this world.

Qiao Chen was an orphan in his last life. He completely relied on his own efforts, working while studying to complete his medical school studies and became a doctor. He went through many hardships during that period. On occasion, he would still recall those days.

In the previous world, after a twelve hour long surgery, Qiao Chen, who was unable to take a break, immediately jetted off to the bathroom. After using the toilet, he was washing his hands as usual when the mirror on the wall suddenly became a vortex and sucked in his soul. As his soul was being sucked away, he clearly saw his own body limp on the bathroom floor.

When he woke up, he was once again a baby in an orphanage. But unlike his previous life, this was an interstellar era. In this space and time there was no planet called Earth. Perhaps once upon a time Earth existed, but it has already long been forgotten.

In this space and time, almost everyone had a specific ability. A person’s power attribute determined the work he or she will do in the future. Qiao Chen’s ability was to cure, so in this world he was destined to be a doctor. Also, his ability index was pretty good, so this led to preferential treatment in the Imperial Star’s orphanage.

The rarer something is the greater its value. This doesn’t just apply to objects, but people as well. There were very few people who have a healing power by nature, so the profession of doctors was still very respected in this world. Qiao Chen, who had a moderate ability index, was already able to become a doctor in a very good public hospital on the Imperial Star.

After Qiao Chen visited the ward, he checked over the case in the office.

Qiao Chen’s assistant, Mary, placed a cup of coffee on his desk and reminded him, “Dr. Qiao Chen, the family members of the patient in VIP room four have made an appointment with you at 10:10 today.”

“I remember.” Qiao Chen pulled up the files for the patient in VIP room four onto the screen monitor.

When Qiao Chen was in the Imperial Star Orphanage, he had no name, only a number. The orphanage could help the children get a name after they had reached a certain age. Qiao Chen was too lazy to think up a new name, so he used the name of his previous life. As an orphan, you could choose whatever name you liked. If you wanted to, you could even call yourself ‘Fighter.’

This was really not a joke. A boy who shared the same room as him in the orphanage really took that name for himself, because he was obsessed with the fighter (aircrafts) of ancient times.

Yes, ancient times, for fighter aircrafts were already a thing of the past. Nowadays, battles were fought with warships (aka starships) and mechas.

Qiao Chen looked over the case file of the patient. He felt that this family had too much money to burn. There were no big problems with this patient. He’s living in the hospital as if it were his home. It’s already been several months and he still refused to leave the hospital.

It should be known that it cost quite a sum of money to stay in a VIP room for one day, but what can you say to rich people?

Qiao Chen felt that no matter the time and space, if you had money then it was a good time. Suddenly the door to his office was opened and more than a dozen soldiers rushed inside.

Qian Chen took a quick glance at the clock. There was still half an hour before the appointed time. Moreover, the family members of the VIP patient were considered business people, and there was no talk of them being related to the army. The reason for this visit might not be a good one. Qiao Chen stood up cautiously and looked at them.

Based on the attire, it was easy to tell that the last person who entered the room was the head officer of these soldiers. The soldiers then closed the door to his office. These actions were all carried out in one breath.

“You are Dr. Qiao Chen, correct?” The person who posed the question had a temple of gray hair and lots of wrinkles on his face, but his standing posture and the military uniform made him look very refined.

“Yes, that’s me, and you are?” In his head, Qiao Chen quickly combed through all his patients trying to find one related to the military.

“We are from the First Legion. We have some things that we need to trouble you about. Please come with us.” Although the words were polite, the tone was irrefutable. After that, they looked at Qiao Chen sideways.

First Legion? Qiao Chen was shocked. The First Legion was the highest administrative office of the Imperial Military Power. When did he ever provoke these people?

Although Qiao Chen didn’t want to go, he also knew that he did not have the power to refuse. These people could kill him in his office, and then arbitrarily passed the crime onto someone else. No one would dare to pursue the matter over an orphan with no background.

Qiao Chen rode in the suspension car of the elderly officer and arrived at the First Legion’s base. In both his lifetimes, he never thought that he would be able to see such a spectacular sight with his own eyes. In his previous world, movie blockbusters would have computer-generated images of such a scene, but those couldn’t even compare to one percent of the magnificence of the scene here. Although he was only able to glimpse the scene for a few short seconds, it was still enough to shock him.

He followed after the officer to a huge automatic door. When the double doors opened to either side, Qiao Chen could see a semi-circular laboratory-like place. It was big enough to accommodate thousands of people. There were hundreds of display screens on the wall showing different data. There were dozens of people who looked like scientists busy working on the screens. The sudden entry of the officers and Qiao Chen had no effect on them. They continued working away.

The officer took Qiao Chen into a circular glass pillar in the center of the room. The glass pillar lifted them up like a syringe. At the top of the pillar, the wall, which did not look like it have a single crack, opened up, and they entered into another room.

It was a super luxurious bedroom separated by a large pair of curtains. The outside was a gorgeous living room, and the inside, after the officer parted the curtains, Qiao Chen could see a big bed, and beside the bed were various medical instruments.

There was an unusually handsome man lying on the bed, and the shape of his stalwart figure could be seen through the thin quilt. Even if he was just lying there quietly, he could feel his majesty. Qiao Chen guessed that he must’ve fallen into a serious coma, and that he needed so many medical instruments and equipment to continue his life.

“This is General Aonan Andri. He was injured in the last battle and has been in a coma for more than a year,” the officer told Qiao Chen.

There was no way for Qiao Chen to suppress the shock in his heart. The calmness of his face was completely disintegrated and crushed. He looked at the man on the bed with incredulity.

General Aonan Andri was the highest person in charge of the imperial military’s power, and he was the only person in the empire who could pilot an AA-class mecha. He was the protector of the empire. Because of his existence, other countries in the universe did not dare to rashly invade the empire.

More than a year ago, the Fingara Empire developed a very powerful weapon against the AA-class mecha. The general crushed that weapon in battle and the Fingara Empire ended in disastrous defeat. But it seems that General Andri, who was known as the war god of the empire, has also fallen in that same battle.

If this news was spread, the entire empire was sure to fall into panic, and other countries were likely to take the opportunity to invade.

“Why are you telling me?” This was the most puzzling thing after Qiao Chen recovered from the shock. The Imperial General had been in a coma for more than a year. This was definitely the biggest military secret of the empire. He was just an ordinary doctor. Why would they purposely let him know about this matter?

“Because in order to save the general, we need your help.” The officer’s expression was serious and his eyes were firm, not at all like he was lying to him.

“My ability index is only medium. I can’t manipulate these high-level equipments. I am afraid I can’t rescue the general.” Qiao Chen said this because he knew that the First Legion had definitely gotten the military doctor with the highest ability index to treat the general already. And those busy people below were definitely working hard to rescue the general. If even they could not succeed, what could he possibly do?

“Since we looked for you, then it must be because you can do it. We don’t need you to control these devices. You have another thing you must do.” The officer took Qiao Chen to the sofa outside the curtains and sat him down in preparation for a detailed conversation.

“After the general fell into a coma we used all kinds of methods to treat him. The general’s physical injuries have been healed, but no matter what we couldn’t get him to wake up. We invited the most powerful scientist and doctors of the empire to research ways to rescue the general. After dozens of efforts by the people most brilliant in their respective fields for half a year, they found that the reason why the general could not wake up was because the general’s soul was trapped in a different time and space and could not come back. We need you to go to these different time and space to bring back the general’s soul.”

If Qiao Chen’s soul had not transmigrated, he would not believe this kind of statement at all. How could you possibly go through different time and space to bring back a person’s soul?

“Why do you people think that I can do it?” Qiao Chen’s inexplicably guilty conscience; did they know that he was a transmigrating person?

“Six months ago, we began to compare the brainwaves of the entire empire’s population with the brainwaves of the generals in different time and space. After repeated comparisons, only you are the most suitable. In the entire empire, only you can smoothly pass through to different time and space to encounter the general’s soul.”

No wonder six months ago, his hospital started running brainwave tests on their doctors every other month. So they’ve already locked onto him since then. The thought made Qiao Chen shudder.

Qiao Chen wanted to refuse. Even though he transmigrated once before, he did not know what circumstances had caused the event. Now they’re saying they will artificially forced a soul transmigration. Who knew what could happen? What if there was some accident? But the officer told him everything, which was he must be prepared to do what they said. They were not asking for his opinion, but just telling him about it.

“You said go to different time and space, but how do I go? Is there any danger?” Qiao Chen knew that he had no power to refuse. He already knew the biggest secret of the empire. Even if he were not willing, they would find a way to make him agree. But he should still be clear about the specifics, so he will ask.

“In order to enable the soul of the most qualified person to go to different time and space, we created a soul shuttle system for traveling back and forth. And in this system, there are a lot of programs that you can use to help you bring back the general’s soul, such as the hundreds of millions years worth of knowledge in the universe. This system will connect with your brain. As for safety, you don’t have to worry. After all, in the entire empire, only you meet the requirements. In order to save the general, we will do our utmost to ensure your safety.”

“Can I refuse?” Qiao Chen asked with the last shred of hope he had left. He wasn’t some noble person. Rescuing the general was equivalent to rescuing an entire empire. He did not have that kind of lofty spirit. Although he normally treated people with gentleness, he knew himself well. In his heart, he was indifferent.

“As far as our investigation into your past goes, I know that you are a smart person. Whether or not you can refuse, you clearly know the answer. If you can successfully bring back all of the general’s souls, I can promise you that after the general wakes up, I will ask the general to have the emperor give you a title of nobility. Also, we added a program to the system that will increase your ability index. Every time you go to a different time and space and successfully complete the task, your ability index will increase.”

Qiao Chen sighed in his heart. It was the carrot in the beginning. If he still did not agree, next will be the stick. Either way, the final result would definitely be the same. There was no need to shed all pretense of cordiality.

“Then, instead of having a title, you can just directly give me a sum of money.” Although the title may be glorious for ordinary people, Qiao Chen did not intend to climb to the upper class. It was better to take a sum of money, quit work, and travel around the universe.

“Yes. When the mission is complete, money or title, you are free to choose.”

The officer readily agreed with Qiao Chen’s request. It seemed that this officer was an influential person by the general’s side.

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