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The Big Landlord 56

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Chapter 56 – Evidence

Soon there was movement on An Chang De’s side.

This time, in addition to Qian You Hao, there were two more people. They were all Jiang Zhong Ting’s trusted aides.

In the letter, An Chang De wrote that he was very certain that the other party was a mere businessman. But they were still not at ease, so they were ready to investigate again. Although Jiang Zhong Ting was an official, it was still impossible for them to strike the An family immediately.

Right now, in An Yuan County, the An family’s prestige would not lose to County Magistrate Zhang.

“These past few days, have there been any changes within the An family?” When Qian You Hao entered the door, he unceremoniously sat down in the main seat of the great hall, taking up the position of master of the house as if nothing was wrong.
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An Chang De was too busy tripping over himself to please the other party, so of course he wouldn’t oppose this action.

An Chang De immediately reported what he had heard. “Qian da ren, there has been no big change in the family. There is only one thing to say. Some time ago, many people in An Yuan County borrowed rice from the An family, so yesterday they went out and bought a lot of grains.”

“As far as I know, some rice fields in An Yuan County are almost ready to be harvested. Is there any other purpose for purchasing a large amount of rice at this time?” Qian You Hao have also heard about this matter, but he has more considerations.

An Chang De thought for a moment, “It shouldn’t be. The area affected by this year’s snowfall is bigger than ever. Even when it comes to the harvest, the An family will not receive much rice.”

Qian You Hao nodded and accepted this explanation.

An Chang De smiled obsequiously and said, “So, Qian da ren, when will you be ready to target the An family?”

Qian You Hao shot him a contemptuous glance. “The An family is not loved by the people of An Yuan County. The method that you used before is no longer suitable. We can’t use any old reason to arrest the An family. An Zi Ran has only took over the An family for a short time, and have not yet revealed any weaknesses that we can exploit, so we can only start from An Chang Fu’s angle.”

“Um…” An Chang De was dumbfounded. “But isn’t he already dead?”

Qian You Hao said impatiently, “He is dead, but there might be evidence of his misdeeds from the past. If there is evidence, then the government can hone in on this angle to attack.”

An Chang Fu was not an honest businessman. He must have committed a lot of illegal acts in the past. This method was much more useful than deliberately trying to frame the An family. At that time, even if the man from Jun Zi City wants to intervene, there would be no way. No one can fight against the law in Da Ya, unless he wants to throw himself into the mess along with his male-wife.

“That is indeed a good method.” An Chang De thought about it and then realized abruptly.

Although there was no way to directly target An Zi Ran, as long as the wealth of the An family is proven to be obtained through illegal means, then the government could confiscate the property of the family.

The more he thought, the more excited he was. He completely forgot that when the wealth of the An family was taken over by the government, it would be impossible for a nobody like him to pocket any portion of that wealth. It was a gamble with a tiger.

Qian You Hao looked at An Chang De’s excited expression and his eyes were full of ridicule. He was only a mere xiu cai*. But An Chang De did not notice it at all.

[*T/N: a person who passed the county level imperial exam]

Inside the house, the schemes of the occupants were different. Outside the house, there was someone who carefully remembered every word of their conversation.

When the sound of footsteps approached his hiding place, the man quietly made his exit.


Steward Su went into the study room. Fu Wu Tian, who often stayed in the study room, was not there this time. The study was quiet. There was only An Zi Ran sitting at the desk and drawing up a plan. “Young Master, there is news from Ah Ye* again.”

[*T/N: Nickname for Xiao Ye, the one spying for AZR]

An Zi Ran looked up from his writing. “What is the situation?”

“They want to dig up evidence on the late Master’s crimes.” Steward Su’s expression was a bit complicated. He followed the late Master for many years and was the most trusted person of the Master, so he was well aware of all of the late Master’s actions. If the other party managed to dig up evidence, it would indeed be detrimental to the An family.

An Zi Ran was silent and did not speak.

Steward Su knew that the young master was not aware of certain things within the family. Worried that he would misunderstand, he explained, “Young Master, in the past the late Master did indeed commit unscrupulous acts, but it’s definitely not to the point of ruining the family. I can guarantee this point. What I’m worried about is the other side falsifying evidence and making things go out of control.”

“I understand. It is useless to pursue the past.”

Steward Su thought that the young master really wasn’t concerned about the past, and then asked, “Then, what do we do next?”

An Zi Ran tapped his pen lightly against the table top. He said, “No matter what the evidence, it would not be good for the An family. We can’t give them any excuse to target the An family.” The internal affairs of the family have not been resolved. He did not want to have even more troubles.

“Then I will have Ah Ye continue to monitor them, and if they find any evidence, we’ll snatch it?”

“Inappropriate!” An Zi Ran shook his head. “This matter is very important. I still don’t know whether we can trust Ah Ye or not. We must find someone trustworthy for this task. Furthermore, they must know martial arts.”
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Steward Su immediately thought of a potential candidate.

At this moment, Fu Wu Tian’s leisurely figure came in.

The eyes of the master and servant both fell on him.

Fu Wu Tian was not surprised at all. He had already heard their conversation from outside. “Since wang fei trusts this prince so much, it seems that this prince will have to personally take up the task to live up to wang fei’s trust.”

The corner of An Zi Ran’s mouth turned up lightly. “Wang ye, I just want to borrow one of your subordinates.” He couldn’t afford to employ a prince.

Fu Wu Tian sighed. “What a pity.”

An Zi Ran’s face revealed no expression. “It’s not a pity at all!”

“…Wang fei is really heartless.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

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The Big Landlord 55

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Chapter 55 – Tribute Rice

An Yuan County was a small county in Hong Prefecture, and Hong Prefecture was known as the land of rice.

The area of An Yuan County was small, but the land was fertile. It had sufficient water sources and the soil quality was good. The climate was also better than most of the other counties, so it was a good place to grow rice. It was also suitable for the cultivation of gong mi* and black rice.

[*T/N: gong mi literally translates to “tribute rice”]

For the precious rice varieties like gong mi, the manpower and financial resources required were not affordable for the average family. Therefore, the amount produced in An Yuan County was not much. The gong mi produced by the An family accounts for nearly half of its total production, but the amount was still small. However, the wealth that these gong mi brought to the family was far higher than other types.

An Zi Ran only knew about this after having reviewed the ledgers.

The gong mi produced by the An family was not for sale, but for giving away (as a gift).

Gong mi was a kind of high-quality rice that has been carefully selected. The appearance of this rice was as crystal clear as pearls. In the early days, it was mainly dedicated as a tribute to the emperor.

However, as the output of gong mi increased, some high-ranking officials also began to eat it.
Translations by, if you find this anywhere else, then it was stolen
The An family’s gong mi existed to please these types of people. An Chang Fu used gong mi as a way to pave the path to fortune. The results were not bad. It could be seen that the An family charged a high amount for renting out land, and also gave out a lot as disaster relief funds. It was no wonder that things have always been smooth and steady for the An family. An Chang Fu’s means of doing things were not honest, but he could still be regarded as a successful landlord.

This year the rice seedlings were planted in April, so there was still some time away from the harvest.

However, not all rice was harvested in the same period, and the precocious varieties could be harvested in about seventy days. This rice was commonly called “jiu gong ji” or “hou xia ji.”*

[*T/N: Literal translations are “rescuing public hunger” and “urgently going down the throat”]

Just from listening to the name, one knew that the quality of this type of rice was not too high, but this was precisely what made the people of An Yuan County most happy.

The climate in Hong Prefecture was warmer than other places all throughout the year, and the chances of snow were low.

But this year there was a rare heavy snowfall in the winter. The snow covered the rice fields. The rice that could’ve been harvested in just a few more months, half of it was frozen to death. Although the rest survived tenaciously, the harvest was not expected to be too much.

This was also the reason why the people were borrowing such a huge quantity of rice.

After a round of inspections, it seemed that the growth of rice was quite prosperous.

Although the rice paddies of the An family were also affected (by the snow), their response was relatively timely, so the damage was not large.

An Zi Ran didn’t know much about rice paddies, so he just spent an hour to give them a cursory inspection. When the sun was about to climb to its zenith he got ready to return.

Just as they were preparing to enter the county, a crying voice not far away caught their attention.

In the middle of the road a woman was kneeling on the ground and looking towards the fields with dull eyes.

The person who made the cry was a peasant standing in the field. There was a cow in front of him. He looked at the situation and it seemed that the cow had a problem. Many people were gathered around him and whispering.

“It’s too bad for the Zhou Laohan’s family. The harvest day is coming soon, but the cow died of sickness. Without the cow how can they cultivate their land? They will certainly starve to death!”

“That’s just the way it is. Due to the snowfall a large part of their fields were destroyed. It has been very unlucky. Now even the cow is dead. I don’t even know how we’ll survive through this year. My family still has three children waiting for food at home.”

“It looks like they can only borrow rice from the An family this year.”


Almost every household in An Yuan County had cattle. In order to buy a cow, they spend a family fortune. Some don’t even hesitate to borrow a large amount of money from the An family. As a result, the debts get bigger and bigger until it was almost impossible to repay. If it weren’t for An Zi Ran waiving their debts, some people might have to sell their daughters to repay the debts.

Now their days were a little better, but they still had to depend on a cow to survive. The cow was more important than their lives. Now that it was dead, it was like their lifeblood was dead.

“The young landlord is here.”

Someone saw An Zi Ran standing now far away, and suddenly shouted out loud.

Everyone’s attention immediately shifted to him, including Zhou Laohan* and his wife. Zhou Laohan immediately stopped crying. He was not an old man. He was only thirty years old this year, but he looked like he was in his forties, so everyone called him Zhou Laohan*.

[*T/N: The “Lao” in Zhou Laohan means “old” and it’s used like a nickname. I guess you could think of his nickname as “old Zhou Han” in English.]

An Zi Ran came over and took a look at the cow collapsed on the field. April was beginning to warm up, so the cow couldn’t have frozen to death. The only possibility was like the farmers had said, the cow died of illness. There was really no solution for this kind of thing.

Seeing the young landlord frown, the Zhou couple had looks of mourning on their faces. They thought that because the young landlord was no longer charging them high rent that their family could finally have a better life. But they didn’t expect the cow to die. How will they go on living now?

“Zhou Laohan, if you and your wife do not use cattle to cultivate the land, how many acres can you cultivate yourself?” An Zi Ran suddenly said.

Zhou Laohan raised his head and showed his red eyes. He didn’t know why the young landlord had to ask this question. He thought and thought and replied, “If my wife and I are diligent, when it comes time to transplant rice seedlings, we should be able to cultivate five acres of land.”
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An Zi Ran thought for a bit, “Then, I suggest that you change the ten acres of land you contracted to six or seven acres. After the autumn harvest, you don’t have to trouble yourself over cow feed or grazing fields. In your excess time you can grow other things in other places, for example, crops such as beans and vegetables. This should be able to offset some losses.”

Zhou Laohan and his wife were stunned, but they never thought about it.

Although a cow could farm the land faster than people, it was also very troublesome and laborious to keep the cow. They had to consider the cost of water and grass feed, and accidental death or old life (of the cow).

If they follow the advice of the young landlord, they may be able to make up for the loss of losing a cow.

Zhou Laohan and his wife no longer frowned, and they all saw hope in each other’s eyes.

In the past, they were too dependent on cattle and never even thought about other means of survival.

The onlookers also realized that this was true. In An Yuan County, not every household can afford a cow to cultivate the land. Some farmers who live in poverty have problems feeding themselves, but everyone always thought that Hong Prefecture was the hometown of rice, so they weren’t flexible enough in their thought pattern to think of other methods.

“Young Landlord, then the ten acres of land that we contracted…” Zhou Laohan said vaguely. They had contracted ten acres of land from the An family for five years. It was only the second year. If the left over fields were deserted then it would be a wasteful pity. The most important point was that the previous landlord didn’t care if there was unused land or not, the rent would still be the same.

An Zi Ran knew what he wanted to say. “You can rest assured that if you plant a few acres of land, you will receive a few acres of land, but it is a pity that the other places are abandoned. If you have no objections, I will find people to look after them.”

Zhou Laohan and his wife agreed without saying anything. Anyways, their cow had already died; they couldn’t take care of those extra fields by themselves. If it weren’t for the young landlord’s advice, they wouldn’t have thought to plant other types of crops in the fields. After the crops ripen, maybe they could even bring the excess to the market and sell them. Thinking about the prospects, they suddenly felt that even though the cow died, there was nothing to regret.

Wang ye, wang fei is very capable,” Shao Fei, who saw the whole thing, couldn’t help but say.

Fu Wu Tian’s eyes have been staring at An Zi Ran and he has not moved away. Hearing those words, he said in a seemingly proud tone, “Whose wang fei do you think he is.”

Shao Fei felt himself sweating. He must have heard wrong. How could the general be proud? He has always been arrogant.

It didn’t take long for An Zi Ran’s proposal to spread throughout An Yuan County.

The farmers who did not have cattle also followed the example of Zhou Laohan’s family. Later, they found that the effect was really good, and the rent collected by the landlord of this area was low, so the days of some poor households gradually improved.

The living standards in An Yuan County have also improved a little.

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I see the phrase “to hug a thick thigh” a lot, but does anyone know the Chinese characters for that phrase?

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 4

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Chapter 4

“Daniel, do you want to shoot me?”

Wayne whispered softly. His expression calmed down. His tone even held a hint of mild gentleness.

Of course Su Shi didn’t want to pull the trigger.

The occupation of the high-end bureau was very detailed. Su Shi was not a high-level fighting type. He was not familiar with the use of firearms. He didn’t have the confidence that he could shoot a bullet to just graze Wayne’s hair to scare him.

If he misfired, that one bullet would cost him thirty thousand experience points.

He couldn’t afford to pay. Not uh.

The alarm for directly threatening the protagonist’s life sounded in Su Shi’s head, making his mind spin. It’s not like he could say: ‘oh sorry, I pointed the gun at the wrong person.’ He just took the gun away.
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After hesitating for a moment, Wayne suddenly exploded into motion. He snatched the gun from Daniel’s hand, and ruthlessly pulled him in front of him. He pushed the muzzle up against Daniel’s temple.


The lieutenant stepped forward and shouted nervously. A murderous aura covered his entire body. His gun was pointed at Wayne’s forehead.

Wayne didn’t move. A faint pain was spreading silently from his chest.

After closing the distance between them, Wayne could clearly feel that Daniel’s breathing was shallow and short, and his stance was too weak, almost like an ordinary person who had never been trained.

But it was impossible for Daniel to not have received training.

Daniel was one of the top graduates from the Imperial Military Academy. He was once at the peak of countless people. Even if Wayne was the opponent, Wayne did not necessarily have complete confidence in his victory.

The only reasonable explanation was that the other person’s body has indeed reached the point where it was unable to cover up the weakness.

Wayne’s gaze grew even deeper as he quietly stared at the other person’s paleness.

Was it because Daniel’s body had been so bad that he was unable to dodge that shot, or was it because he was shot that he became so weak?

No matter which one was the answer neither was what he expected.

He couldn’t continue thinking about it anymore.

It would seem that Daniel now had a considerable say in the government run by Terence. It was not only military operations, but also political maneuvers and the implementation of government orders have gradually relied on the young marshal who was deeply trusted by the president.

If Daniel were indeed a traitor, as long as he was eliminated, at least half of the government operations would be paralyzed. It would be far more effective than scattered assassination attempts on the enemy.

If the other party did indeed have unspeakable difficulties, then even if he continued to investigate further, it would only ruin the other party’s painstaking efforts.
Translations by
Whatever the case, now was not the time to explore the truth.

“Yes, I am very disappointed. I was not able to personally avenge teacher and get rid of this glorious imperial marshal…”

It was clearly a disdainful sneer that was no different than usual, with a penetrating coldness that left behind a hidden wound.

The misunderstanding level finally stopped falling, and when he heard those familiar cold words, Su Shi discreetly let out a sigh of relief.

“Put down the gun, Wayne!”

Even if he understood the marshal’s painstaking efforts, protecting the marshal’s life was still his first priority. The lieutenant took another step forward and his tone revealed a faint killing intent.

“Nathan, you first put down the gun.”

This hot potato was getting hotter and hotter. Su Shi had a terrible headache. He knitted his eyebrows and then opened his mouth to speak. He took a deep breath and then held onto Wayne’s wrist. “You want to hold me hostage in order to escape. This is really the dumbest thing I have ever seen you do. Wayne, there is strict security just outside this door. Do you think you can really hold a gun at me and escape beyond ten meters?”

The body that was pulled into his arms was so thin that it was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Although Daniel held his wrist, it was clear that there wasn’t much strength in the grip. He did not make any attempt to break free.

The ice-cold hollow of Daniel’s palm was pressed against his wrist bone. Wayne didn’t know if Daniel was unwilling to exert strength or if he simply wasn’t strong enough. The power behind Daniel’s grip was so light that it made Wayne’s heart feel sour.

The lieutenant turned the muzzle of the gun away from Wayne and stepped back a few steps, but his eyes still threatened with sharp vigilance.

Wayne remained unmoved. The gun in his hand was pressed firmly to Daniel’s temple. His arm was still wrapped tightly around the youth’s neck. “My life in exchange for yours. That’s not too bad, wouldn’t you say?”

Hearing his words, sparks of fire nearly shot out from the lieutenant’s eyes. “Wayne! Marshal, he clearly-”


Su Shi shouted for the lieutenant to stop. He finally understood Wayne’s purpose for seizing him. He felt his stomach sinking. “Wayne, what exactly is it that you want to do?”
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Wayne was truly worthy of being the protagonist selected by the plot. It was obvious that the man has been seriously injured and tortured once, but the arm around his neck was still very strong. He almost couldn’t breathe.

“I just want to figure out one thing.”

Seeming to be aware of Su Shi’s discomfort, Wayne lessened the strength in his arm inconspicuously, and whispered into his ear.

Wayne’s warm breath hit the shell of Su Shi’s ear. The chest behind him was strong and wide, and because the arm had relaxed its strength a little, it had moved slightly downward.

If one ignored the gun, it would look like a very scandalous hug.

“Daniel, why did your body deteriorate to this degree?”

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Author’s Corner

Gong: You have changed. You were not so weak before.

Su Shi: Shut up. =_=

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 3

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Chapter 3

This kind of warm gaze, it used to not be such a foreign thing.

They graduated from the Imperial Military Academy together and gathered a group of companions from scratch. Gradually they expanded their sphere of influence, and overcame countless obstacles together.

But when the government, which was under Terence’s thumb, took notice of their group and began to suppress and even ruthlessly squashed them, Daniel personally killed a teacher who cultivated them and was absorbed into the government shortly afterwards.

From there, Daniel’s career skyrocketed. He received promotion after promotion, and within five years he became the grand marshal and a person that the president heavily relied on.

Wayne never investigated the reason behind Daniel’s sudden betrayal. A traitor didn’t need a reason for their actions. It was enough just to get rid of them.

In the last battle, he personally sniped Daniel down.

Blood spilled quickly through the lens of his sniper rifle. The thin and wasting body fell to the ground without a sound. The government army, which was originally powerful enough to raze the insurgents to the ground, fell into disarray without their head. He was then able to safely withdraw his men.
Translations by, if you find this anywhere else then it was stolen.
Wayne didn’t even have time to doubt. Based on Daniel’s military quality, how could he not have avoided such a hasty and obvious sniping attempt?

All this time, it seems that he have ignored some very obvious hints…

Suddenly, ambiguous conjectures started forming in his head. Wayne stewed in his thoughts in torturous silence. He almost couldn’t breath.

His fists clenched so tightly that his arms began to tremble, but he couldn’t seem to feel them at all.

The door was suddenly pushed open.

Wayne lifted his head. He positioned his body, ready to attack. His eyes flashed with a fierce and murderous light.

After he saw who was coming in, the tension in his body loosened instead.

Daniel’s hand was still on the edge of the door when he lifted his head to look at Wayne. Following behind him was the lieutenant bearing a tray with food for dinner.

Under the bright light, the paleness of that man’s face became much more obvious. His body was hidden beneath a big cloak, concealing its thinness.

Su Shi never had any combat awareness. He also did not feel anything when faced up against the other man’s imposing aura. In a steady pace, neither too fast nor too slow, he strolled to one side of the room and sat down. The lieutenant placed the dinner tray on the table.

Wayne’s eyes followed the lieutenant’s meticulous actions, and then he looked at the food on the tray, each dish was nutritious and could even be rated as sumptuous. He was silent for a moment before raising his head. “Daniel, do you have nothing to say?”

“I do. Right now I should be interrogating you for information on the insurgent army, but you won’t say anything anyways, so I might as well save my strength.”

This hot potato could not be eaten. It could only be flung far away. He will need to send Wayne back to the insurgent army in two days. Su Shi did not intend to waste any more time on him. He leisurely looked over the medical records on the side and answered Wayne without lifting his head.

Wayne did not anticipate the other side’s response and he stared blankly, stumped for words. His eyes subconsciously fell upon Daniel’s body.

The Daniel in his memories was proud. Proud and dazzling. His dark eyes always shone with a sharp light as if there were no impurities within them.

But the youth in front of him was leaning back with a relaxed air. With his claws retracted, he did not feel threatening at all.

Up until now, Wayne hadn’t realized that he did not understand the other person at all.

Perhaps because of his intense gaze, the originally laidback youth became alarmed. Daniel’s body suddenly tightened. His eyes flashed with turbulent lightning as he looked at Wayne, and his gaze became frigid.

It was a look that pushed the other party away at a distance.

Wayne’s chest roiled, but he did not look away.

Their eyes met without a sound. Su Shi remained taciturn on the surface, but inside his heart was pounding madly.

Just now, he actually received a warning that the protagonist’s misunderstanding value was on the edge of the alarm.
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Wayne was the biggest victim of Daniel’s betrayal, and of course, he was the first to misunderstand him. After Daniel was appointed as marshal, Wayne’s misunderstanding value reached eighty-nine, and Su Shi stopped wasting energy on him.

But just now, the degree of misunderstanding suddenly dropped sharply, and it has almost fallen to the edge of the precarious line.

Although he hasn’t had time to figure out where the misunderstanding points leaked away, he still had to deal with it as soon as possible.

“Daniel, has your injury gotten better?”

An ineffable urge pushed Wayne to open his mouth and speak in a low voice. The hand hanging to the side subconsciously tightened up.

“That’s right. Thank you for reminding me, I almost forgot, I still owe you a bullet…”

After receiving the warning from the system, Su Shi was super alert, putting in a hundred and twenty percent. His gaze turned cold once again. He smirked and held the table to slowly prop himself up. He looked down at Wayne condescendingly.

He twirled the exquisite gun lightly in his hand. Su Shi held Wayne’s shoulder with one hand and leaned in close to his ear. He pressed the muzzle of the gun up against the other man’s brows. “I am still alive. Are you disappointed?”

The gentle and languid youth from before seemed to be just an illusion. Right now the youth was icy cold. The muzzle of the gun pressed against Wayne’s skin. The cold feeling of the metal tied his heart into knots.

This was correct… This was how it was supposed to be.

Those eyes should be indifferent and arrogant. They should hold disdain for his defeated foe. It should be the arrogant ambition of betrayal.

Wayne tried hard to convince himself of this, but his mind couldn’t help lingering on the warmth of that moment.

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  1. Can someone explain ‘dog blood’ or is it ‘dog blood drama’ to me? Is ‘dog blood’ used as an adjective to describe anything, or does it have to be used in the phrase ‘dog blood drama?’
  2. What is ‘dog food’ in the context of Chinese novels?
  3. What does ‘chicken blood’ as in ‘injected with chicken blood’ mean?
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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 2

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Chapter 2

Su Shi’s mission in this world was: to suffer in silence, become the dog of the government, and let the insurgent army misunderstand Daniel, believing that he betrayed them for wealth and status.

If the leader of the insurgent army dies while under his command, then the current advantageous war situation could be reversed, and the misunderstanding would become a reality. This would equate to the direct failure of his mission.

Su Shi couldn’t afford to pay the penalty fee of failure. With worry heavy in his heart, his speed became faster and faster. His stomach rolled and his eyes flashed a deep black for a moment.

“Marshal!” The lieutenant whispered and quickly stepped forward to support him. “Marshal, your last injury has yet to fully recover, you can’t force yourself too much.”

“I am not important…”

Su Shi leaned against Nathan and waited for his bout of dizziness to pass. Then he took a deep breath and stood up again.

The interrogation room was just up ahead.

It was a matter of life or death. He must rush inside and save himself from the danger of failing his mission, and prevent the punishment of a penalty fee.

Standing outside the door to the interrogation room, Su Shi’s entire demeanor suddenly changed.

His eyes became cold and indifferent, and the lines of his face turned sharp. The body that was tortured by pain slowly straightened up, and his footsteps became aloof and proud.

The door was pushed open. Hearing the sound, the man inside the cell raised his head and looked at him with a silent gaze.

He only delayed for a moment, but the man’s body was already covered in injuries. There were wounds all over his person. Yet in this difficult situation, his grand aura was still visible.

Su Shi couldn’t help but acknowledge that the royal’s elite education was perfectly reflected in Wayne’s body.

The man’s body was tall and strong, with powerful and graceful muscles. Half of his handsome face was hidden in the shadows. He was obviously trapped in the dark, but within his unfathomable eyes there was still an indomitable light.

Su Shi stopped at the threshold. He let out an inconspicuous sigh of relief.

Fortunately, his experience points were still safe.

Su Shi hid the relief deep within his eyes and turned his gaze cold. He raised his hand and took over the whip from the subordinate. He slowly bent the whip in his grip, and curved the corner of his lips into a cold smile.

“How is the interrogation going? Did he say anything?”

The whip was made of a special alloy and it had a sharp barbed edge. If a person was hit with the full force of this whip and did not receive timely treatment, it was entirely possible to be beaten to death.

Su Shi handed the whip to the lieutenant behind him, and nodded slightly in a discreet manner.

Nathan silently took the whip. He approached the restrained man and brought down the whip. The force was well controlled. On Wayne’s back bloomed a visually impactful wound, but it was not deep enough to hurt the bones and internal organs.

The whip roared with the sound of a sharp wind, and the blood seeped silently from the wound.

Now he only needed to find a chance for Wayne to faint. Using the excuse of wanting to interrogate Wayne for more information, he could have people treat the man’s injuries, and then he’ll inadvertently leak intelligence to the insurgent army and have them come rescue the prisoner.

Then he will throw his hot potato as far away as he could.

“He said nothing, Marshal.”

The subordinate quickly stepped forward and bowed respectfully. “If you will allow, we intend to impose a more cruel torture on him until he gives information that will satisfy you.”

“There is no need for heavier punishment. He is far more important than you think.”

Su Shi arbitrarily waved his hand. In a low voice he said, “We have too many things to dig out from him. If he breaks, it will be troublesome…”

He was still speaking when the chain suddenly sank and Wayne fainted without a word.


The timing of the faint was indeed perfect.

He had prepared lines ahead of time, but he didn’t have to use them now. Su Shi clasped his hands behind his back and turned around. The lieutenant understood intuitively. He circled around Wayne once, checking over his injuries. Then he stepped forward and broke the silence at the right time.

“Marshal, he seems to have a very serious old injury. If you want to continue to torture him for information, I am afraid that I will have to administer some treatment first.”

Although it was clear that the lieutenant was telling the truth, the subordinate was unwilling. After all, a meritorious deed was right in front of his face, waiting for him to claim. “Marshal! Actually, we can inject him with a wakening agent. The medicine’s effectiveness can last for three days-”

“Better to give him treatment first. He is still a highness after all. You still have to give the royal family some face.”

Su Shi said lightly. At the sound of the cold voice, the subordinate was instinctively unable to speak. He quickly looked for someone to send Wayne to the medical room.

The injury on the body was real and the fainting was also true. Wayne was pushed to the medical room and his old wounds finally received consummate treatment.

Temporarily got rid of the cold cell and the cruel torture. The contrasting warmth made him faintly relaxed.

Quietly lying on the examination table, Wayne recalled the hurried glimpse he got of those eyes.

That perfect pair of eyes were arrogant and cold, but at the moment when Daniel just stepped onto the threshold, there was a flash of something in those eyes that Wayne couldn’t avoid taking notice of.

There was something very close to relief, could even be called gratified… it was some kind of warmth.

His chest felt faintly hot.

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Translator Rambles

Hey there! Just letting you know that I am also translating The Big Landlord. It’s a Chinese BL transmigration story set in historical China, and also my main project at the moment, thus more frequently updated. Go ahead and take a peek at it while you’re waiting for updates on this story.

Also, I noticed that it takes me much longer to translate LMStB than it does for me to translate TBL. I feel like this author has more flowery prose, so it takes a lot more head scratching to puzzle out the meaning. (TAT) But I read the first two arcs of this story and I love how the ML dotes on the MC, so I would like to persist in translating this story, even though it takes more time.

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The Big Landlord 54

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Chapter 54 – To Acquire Foodstuff

An Zi Ran’s plan to stockpile provisions was passed down to his subordinates as an order. Manager Feng and the other shopkeepers were doubtful at first, but they still carried out their orders.

Manager Feng and the other managers have been immersed in the rice business for over two decades now. The least experienced shopkeeper that worked under An Chang Fu still had a minimum of five to six years of experience. An Chang Fu had once sent out disaster money and instructed his managers to make connections with a number of rice merchants. Now that An Chang Fu has passed away, those contacts remained in the managers’ hands.

Buying large amounts of grain would definitely attract the attention of others, but in the case of the An family, there was no big problem.

A while ago, the An family had undergone some major reforms.
Translations by, if you find this anywhere else, then it was stolen.
Not only did they waive the debts of the denizens of An Yuan County, but they also overhauled the interest system when it came to borrowing rice. In the past, it was so scary. Any farmer that borrowed rice would be deep in debt, but nowadays it wasn’t even one-tenth as bad.

The farmers who couldn’t eat rice because the rice paddies were not yet ready for harvest were very happy. So there was a frenzy of rice borrowing, and the specific amount of rice borrowed was only known to An Zi Ran himself.

However, the advantage was that many people knew that there was not much rice left in the An family’s rice shops.

An Zi Ran had the managers use the excuse of restocking the rice shops to purchase grains for storage.

This move not only did not attract the attention of those rice merchants, but also got their understanding and sympathy. This result really surprised the managers.

Manager Feng could not help but think of the conversation he had that day with Boss Chen when he went to collect grains.

“Old Feng ah, since An Chang Fu’s death, the reins of the An family changed hands to the young landlord and things went from bad to worse. Not much money is made; instead a lot of things were given away. I am really worried about you!” The owner of Da Guang Rice Shop, Chen, said to Manager Feng.

Manager Feng only smiled without speaking.

They had no right to interfere with the landlord’s decision. As long as the landlord could pay their salaries on time, then they had no objections. The young landlord’s actions did seem to harm the interests of the family, however, from the perspective of long-term development, his actions were not only not harmful to the family, but also beneficial.

Boss Chen thought that he was being considerate, and he advised, “Manager Feng, the An family is beginning to go downhill, and there is no future in staying there. Instead of being instructed by some wet behind the ears child, why not come here to help? You are a personal talent. I guarantee that you will never be treated badly.”

“Thank you for your consideration, Boss Chen, but I have been working for the An family for over twenty years now, and I’m a bit reluctant to leave,” Manager Feng said with a sense of pride.

Boss Chen laughed. “Manager Feng does not have to worry about it. You can think about my offer for a while. Da Guang Rice Shop will welcome you at any time.”

“I will take your offer into careful consideration. Ah, that’s right, how much rice can Boss Chen sell to me?” Manager Feng switched the topic, but he did not wait for Boss Chen to answer before letting out a sigh and putting on a face of worry. “The young landlord gave each of us a quota, if I cannot meet that goal in one trip then I will have to run around to other places.”

Boss Chen hesitated and thought about it. “How much rice does Manager Feng need?”

Manager Feng lightly gave him the number.

Boss Chen narrowed his eyes until they nearly became invisible, and revealed the deceitfulness of an unscrupulous businessman. “The appetite of the young landlord is too great. Can he really swallow this number*?”

[*T/N: “Can he really pay for this much rice?”]

Manager Feng said helplessly, “To be honest, I can no longer guess what the young landlord is thinking. I can only carry out the orders that he gives.”

Boss Chen did not think about it too much. An Zi Ran made a lot of decisions that seemed absurd in their eyes ever since he took over as landlord, and now he wanted to buy a large quantity of rice. He was still young and not very experience. He had no vision. Since Boss Chen did not know about the things happening in Chang Province, he naturally did not think about it.

“Very well, I will sell it to you for your sake Manager Feng.”

If one is not willing to part with their child then they cannot lure the wolf. In order to move Manager Feng and have him come work for him, Boss Chen decided to help him reach his quota. Da Guang Rice Shop was one of the largest rice shops in Wan Shan County, and that amount of rice was still available.

Manager Feng’s face showed a look of joy. “Thank you very much, Boss Chen.”

Boss Chen smiled and said, “As long as Manager Feng thinks about my proposal.”

Manager Feng nodded, “Yes, I will consider it.”

Manager Feng paid for half of the rice as deposit. The money was taken from the An family’s cellar. It was all real money and silver. It had accumulated for many years and was more than enough to buy food. Boss Chen also promised to send the rice to An Yuan County in ten days.

Manager Feng walked out of the rice shop, when he looked back at the shop the smile on his face had already disappeared.

Boss Chen’s generosity was within his calculations. His mouth said that he admired Manager Feng’s talent, but what he was really after was the contacts in his hands. Who didn’t know that back in the day when An Chang Fu wanted to dredge up money, he went all over the place to clear the way? Now that he was dead, there were only a few left who still knew the way.

Manager Feng worked the longest for the An family. An Chang Fu rarely treated him badly. Although he didn’t trust him as much as Steward Su, he trusted him almost as much, so he held quite the information in his hands, and it was some of the best.

Boss Chen knew how to calculate. Obtaining Manager Feng was the same as obtaining the knowledge in his hands.

Manager Feng could see the situation very clearly in his heart. If the young landlord was still that fat one of before, then he would definitely consider Da Guang Rice Shop, but now the young landlord was more far-sighted and more appealing than An Chang Fu. He wanted to follow him and see how things panned out. If problems arise in the future it wouldn’t be too late to leave then.

The situations of the other managers did not go as well as his.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t get any rice at all, but there weren’t many big rice shops like Da Guang Rice Shop.

When it came to the rice-selling business, no matter which rice seller it was, they would want to keep some grains in reservoir, so it was impossible to sell out all their stock. Therefore, several of the managers had no choice but to run around making several trips.

But these were all just postscripts.
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After the conversation with Fu Wu Tian that day, Ge Qian An was ordered to go to Chang Province.

This trip wasn’t for managing the disaster. It was only an investigative trip. In accordance with An Zi Ran’s words, they only needed to send one person. Shao Fei was not a careful person, so he could only listen and stay behind.

After lunch, An Zi Ran took a break and prepared to go out.

Fu Wu Tian had completely turned into a leisurely person since he arrived at An Yuan County. He had not seen to any official business during this period, so Fang Jun Ping was more and more certain that he may be a businessman of some small business. However, ever since An Zi Ran laid down the law with them, they’ve temporarily settled down and behaved.

An Zi Ran did not pay too much attention to them. On the contrary, it was Wang Qing Lan that he must take note of. This woman was too clever. He suspected that the death of the original An Zi Ran might have to do with her, but there was no evidence, so he could only let Steward Su keep a better eye on her.

“Where are we going?”

Fu Wu Tian came up beside him. Following behind step for step was Shao Fei.

An Zi Ran straightened his sleeves, and then answered, “I’m going to patrol the An family’s fields.” In addition to renting farmland to farmers, there were still many fields belonging to the An family. Those fields were taken care of by hired help. A portion of it was Japonica rice while the rest were glutinous rice. The price of glutinous rice was generally higher, and more for the wealthy people to enjoy.

When An Chang Fu was still alive, he attached great importance to this piece of land and he went to the field two or three times a month. He was relived to see that the growth of rice was very good.

In the end, a line of one person became a line of three people.

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Hey wonderful people! Good news for the Chinese BL community. I recently picked up a new translation project titled Let Me Shoulder this Blame! It’s a fast transmigration story. I’ve been hooked on those ever since I finished FOD, and I MTL’ed a couple of stories on jjwxc even though it hurt my brain, but it was enough to understand the general contents of the story.

Some of the stories were okay. They had elements that I liked, but overall didn’t quite hit the spot for me. I might translate teasers for some of them if anyone is interested. Even if a certain story is not my exact cup of tea, it could still be someone else’s favorite.

Then I found stories that I liked. LMStB is one of them. I’ve only read two arcs so far, but I really like how doting and supportive the ML is. I’ve decided to pause in my MTL, and read the rest of the story as I translate, because as I am translating LMStB I’m picking up on details that made me go “ohh, so that’s what was happening.” I feel like knowing these little things made me appreciate the story that much more.

Chapter 1 of LMStB is now up. Chapter 2 will be up tomorrow in celebration of the new year. I hope next year will be a wonderful year. Cheers! 🍺

~ Muse

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 1

Standard Info: Abbreviation for “Let Me Shoulder this Blame!” is LMStB. A title page with information on the story can be found here, under the Translations tab in the menu bar, or by clicking on the title of LMStB in the side bar under the Updating Schedule box.

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Chapter 1

The night was deep, but the lights within the Imperial Marshal’s office were still lit and occasionally one or two low coughs could be heard.
Translations by, if you find this anywhere else, it was stolen
The coughs were smothered to the point that the sound would dissipate into the cold moonlit air if one did not pay attention to it.

The door creaked opened and the lieutenant came inside carrying a cup of hot cocoa. He carefully placed the cup on the table for fear of disturbing the marshal who was working at the desk.

If one does not see it with their own eyes, perhaps most people wouldn’t believe that the rumored callous and haughty marshal of the Canta Empire would be so young.

And also so thin and weak.

“Marshal Daniel, according to your orders, the arrested insurgent generals has been locked in cell 149.”

The lieutenant hesitated for a while. Then he mustered up the courage to step forward and leaned in towards the marshal to whisper a sentence.

Hearing the sound of his approaching lieutenant, the marshal raised his head and the warm yellow light of the desk lamp fell upon his face.

As the marshal of the Imperial Empire, his facial contours were obviously too delicate and soft. If it weren’t for the dark eyes that flashed brilliantly, he could almost be regarded as a gentle and harmless youth.

“Understood, Nathan.”

Daniel paused as if thinking of something else. After a moment of silence he nodded to himself. Then he took out an exquisitely carved box from the drawer and handed it to Nathan. “Secretly put this into their dinner. Don’t let others find out.”

The lieutenant’s breath caught and his eyes suddenly turned red. He eagerly stepped forward, “Marshal, this is something that the president specially gifted to you, said it’s for you to nourish your body-”

“Nathan, you should also understand that right now it better to let someone else have it than to waste it on me.”

Daniel looked at him and suddenly smiled faintly. His tone was calm and gentle. It was completely different from the one that he used in public. “Let’s talk about the interrogation matter. I trust your torture skills. What did they say?”

His smile was very mild. It spoke of a deep exhaustion. If you look closely, it was not difficult to find that his face seemed particularly pale.

The lieutenant bowed his head awkwardly. His face revealed conflicting emotions. After a long while, he finally opened his mouth, “They… they don’t know about your painstaking efforts, Marshal…”

“Look at your reaction. I bet they didn’t say a single good thing about me, this traitor.” Daniel chuckled. There was relief in his eyes. He sat up straighter, “This is good. I was worried that there might be a couple of stubborn ones in there. It seems that I underestimated them…”

He had yet to finish speaking when the ringing sound of an emergency report sounded from the table.

The two men looked at each other, their expressions both changing at the same time. Daniel raised his hand and pressed down on a button. An excited voice floated up to them.

“Marshal, finally someone couldn’t bear it! Originally we thought that we only caught a few ordinary senior generals, we didn’t expect that their leader Wayne would be hiding his identity among them. We have already identified him!”

“…Well done, I will go over immediately.”

Daniel gave a word of praise, and then he released the button with a sigh. At first he was alarmed then nervous, but in the next blink of the eye he restrained his emotions. Then he shook his head with a bitter smile. “Next time, if I’m about to say something inappropriate, remember to stop me, Nathan.”

“Marshal, you want to go personally to protect His Royal Highness Wayne?”

Seeing him trying to stand up while supporting his body, the lieutenant took an anxious step forward and raised his hand to hold on to the marshal’s arm. “It’s not easy for you to come to this step (in your plans). If you want to save His Royal Highness Wayne, it may ruin all your carefully laid out plans-”

“Besides him, anyone can be sacrificed. Of course, this includes me. Nathan, you must keep this in mind.”

Daniel interrupted his words in a weak voice. Then he had Nathan help him don his cloak. His gun was strapped to the side of his body. Together they rushed to the interrogation room.

There must not be any mishap with Wayne. Not only was it to ensure the success of the rebellion, it was also for the sake of his world mission.

The current year of this world was 3497 and President Terence was brutal to the extreme. On the one hand, the royal family that had already handed over their political power was forced into a corner with nowhere to run. On the other hand, the people were also subjected to a special style of ruling, which was bloody and repressive. The whole country complained, hoping that the royal family could stand up again and overthrow the regime of Terence.

Wayne was the protagonist that everyone pinned their hopes on.

As for him, his real name was not Daniel, nor was he some imperial marshal.

His name was Su Shi, and he used to be a platinum-level host with the highest survival rate. He specialized in shifting the blame onto others and attacking his enemies from the shadows. He was one step away from the king player, but unexpectedly his deeds were reported and he was denounced in a very grandiose manner.

Su Shi, who had all of his experience points frozen, was banished. He was also forced to bind with an Automatic Blame Shouldering System. Now he had to return to the lower-level worlds, and re-experience the unfortunate feeling of shouldering a blame that was not his and being unjustly accused by others.

Even worse, not only did he have to take any blame that came his way, but he must also shoulder it in a reasonable and movingly tragic way. And the best result was to have a tear-jerking life and death parting at a suitable time. If he could successfully carry the blame till death, then he could get an extra five thousand experience points as a reward.

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Translator Rambles

There are two ways that translators write Chinese names.
Method 1: An Zi Ran
Method 2: An Ziran

I usually go for method 1, but if I wrote the name of this novel’s protagonist using method 2, his name could’ve been Sushi. 🍣 If I were his gong/seme I would totally eat him. 😏

But just for clarification, his name is 苏时. Su 苏 is a Chinese surname, and shi 时 means “time.” Sushi, the food, in Chinese is actually written as 寿司 shou si, completely different characters and pinyin.

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The Big Landlord 53

This bonus chapter is brought to you by the lovely people over on ko-fi. Shout out to refrigerator for topping up the counter this time. ☆◦°˚\(^∀^)/˚°◦☆

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Chapter 53 – Storing Provisions

In the end, Fang Jun Ping and Zheng Bi could not win against An Zi Ran.

But they weren’t going to obediently eat just congee and salted vegetables. Later, they went to look for Chef Wang, but Chef Wang has always disliked them, and now that he has An Zi Ran’s support he was able to stand up to the women with a straight back and firm voice.
Translations by, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.
The four women had no choice but to dip into their savings and send servants out to procure the food that they want. For ten days straight they refused to eat plainly. As a result, those ten days of spending exceeded their monthly allowance. In an instance, they lost several months worth of allowance money. It was even more painful for Fang Jun Ping who had an extra month’s worth of allowance deducted.

Now let’s go take a look at An Chang De’s side.

Just after a day of travel, owing to their fast speed, they should’ve just arrived in Yong Province.

Knowing their plans, An Zi Ran was not in a hurry to deal with them. No matter what they intended to do to obtain the An family’s assets, he no longer had to waste time and energy thinking of ways to handle them.

“Young Master, I have already passed along your commands.” Steward Su ran straight to An Zi Ran as soon as he came back. Because it was an important matter, he made sure to visit each place personally.

“You’ve worked hard, Steward Su.”

An Zi Ran had the maid, Xia Lan, pour a cup of tea for the steward to quench his thirst.

Steward Su took the cup of tea and downed it in one gulp. “You praise me too highly, Young Master. It was not hard work at all. If there is nothing else, I will leave first and attend to other matters.” It was likely that they would get busier in the following days.

An Zi Ran nodded.

Wang fei, what are you planning?” Fu Wu Tian, who had been bored for the past two days and was always following An Zi Ran around, finally opened his mouth after Xia Lan also left the room.

An Zi Ran had no intention of concealing things from him. This matter he was planning would require more clout than what he currently had, so he might have to ask for Fu Wu Tian’s help in the future. “The farmers we met in the tea shed before, they were villagers from Yi Ping Town in Chang Province. Natural disasters often occur in Yi Ping Town. Although it is only April, drought has already occurred, but the details have yet to be verified.”

Fu Wu Tian instantly understood his plan, and there was a strange interest in his eyes. “So wang fei plans to first store provisions?”

An Zi Ran nodded. “Yes. Although refugees won’t necessarily pass through An Yuan County on their way from Chang Province to Maple City, it is not far away. Every year, when natural disasters occur in Chang Province, some merchants from Chang Province will go to nearby civilizations to buy grains, and An Yuan County is one of those places.”

One of the reasons that An Chang Fu collected high rent from the farmers was due to the natural disasters in Chang Province. Therefore, a big part of the An family assets was made up of money from catastrophe.

“Then, wang fei wants to…?” Fu Wu Tian asked.

An Zi Ran quietly looked at him for a while and wondered if the other man thought that he was planning to stock up on provisions in order to make a profit from the natural disaster. Unfortunately, he could not read the man at all.

“I’m going to send someone to go to Chang Province to investigate. If my guess is correct, then maybe it can be prevented in advance, which would be good for you too.”

The last part of the response carried an implication.

Being clever, Fu Wu Tian did not need An Zi Ran to say the rest.

Preventing natural disasters was nto a simple matter. There was no successful case in the history of Da Ya. There was no such thing as prevention. And afterwards, there would be problems everywhere. Each time a natural disaster occurs, the royal family would wait for it to pass and then provide disaster relief. Then they would discover some corrupt official pocketing money from the relief fund. This cycle continued without end. There were basically no preventive measures. So Chang Province became a place with frequent occurrence of natural disasters.

Fu Wu Tian already had outstanding military achievements. If he added the credit for disaster prevention and relief on top of that, even if the emperor wanted to do something to him in the future, he would have to re-evaluate whether he had the confidence or not to do such a thing.
Translations by
Although he was the God of War in Da Ya, he was guarding the territory of Da Ya for many years from foreign enemies. But it was not enough to leave a lasting image in the people’s hearts. If he were to personally pull them out of the mire when they were in trouble, then the impression would be more profound.

Fu Wu Tian discovered that his wang fei has just married into the Fu Palace, but he was already thinking for his benefit.

This was worthy of celebration!

When An Zi Ran saw Fu Wu Tian’s expression change, he asked, “I’m talking to you about this matter, but what are you thinking about?”

Fu Wu Tian looked at him and said cheerfully, “This prince is thinking, I am glad that your sister fled the marriage, otherwise this prince would have to think of another way to get you to marry into the Fu Palace.”

Black lines descended across An Zi Ran’s face. (T/N: Like those anime expressions of despair.)

Fu Wu Tian’s words were too honest; An Zi Ran did not feel glad at all!

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