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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! – Contents

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Arc 1 – The Admirable Traitor
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Arc 2 – Innocent Perpetrator
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Let Me Shoulder this Blame!

Title: Let Me Shoulder this Blame! [Quick Transmigration]
Author: 三千大梦叙平生 (Three Thousand Big Dreams to Narrate One’s Life)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shounen Ai
Status in COO: Completed
Translation Status: Ongoing
Raws: jjwxc
Novel Updates: Link

Table of Contents

Su Shi was once a platinum-level host with the highest survival rate. One day, his misdeeds of constantly shifting his blame onto others was found out and reported. Convicted of violating the rules, he was bound to an Automatic Blame Shouldering System and exiled to lower-level worlds.

Now, not only does he have to take the blame from others and shoulder it himself, he must also carry that blame and rush to his death in order to earn enough points to quickly unbind from the system.

Su Shi only wants to get rid of the system by shouldering the blame until death. However, he finds that trying to hold onto the blame is even harder then passing it on, and rushing to his death is even harder than running for his life.

As Su Shi lies dying in the protagonist’s arms with red-rimmed eyes and a weak and helpless countenance, an uninvited third guest suddenly rushes out to explain the misunderstanding for him.

Su Shi: “I beg you, just let me shoulder this blame, otherwise, it will all be a waste of effort…”

Protagonist shou, 1v1, gong is the same person!

[Overbearingly Pampering Gong x Desperately Shouldering the Blame Shou]


Translations in Other Languages
Indonesian by BlackFox_-


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The Big Landlord 52

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Chapter 52 – To Bring Under Control

The next morning, only An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian were at the quiet and clear dining table.

The An family did not have breakfast at a considerably late time, but for Wang Qing Lan and them to wake up at six a.m., especially during the cold early hours of the winter, it was practically impossible.
Translations by
However, in order to find an opportunity to please An Chang Fu, Wang Qing Lan and them would get up early every morning and some would personally cook breakfast for him, but ever since the death of An Chang Fu, such a thing has never happened again. Even An Qiao E and An Ke Xin would often find excuses to eat in their rooms. An Zi Ran acquiesced to this behavior because he did not want to see their faces at the dining table.

Chef Wang put the reheated breakfast on the table.

The An family usually started to eat breakfast at seven a.m. But today An Zi Ran woke up late. When he appeared at the dining table, the breakfast was already cold.

As for the initiator, he sat very calmly next to An Zi Ran holding the eggs in the big bowl and began to peel the shells, so leisurely that it caused one to raise eyebrows.


Chef Wang was about to return to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the women, but An Zi Ran suddenly shouted for him to stop.

Chef Wang took a moment before he realized that the young master was calling him. The young master had a terrible expression on his face, and he thought that he had done something wrong. His heart was very apprehensive. “Young Master, is there something else?”

An Zi Ran asked, “During the time that I was away, why were the food expenses for the family even higher? I don’t understand how this can happen when there was ten less people to feed.”
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Chef Wang thought that the young master suspected him of stealing from the food expenses and his legs were scared soft. He collapsed onto the cold floor and hurriedly explained, “Young Master, it was not me. I don’t have it. It was Concubine Fang and them who ordered me. And there was also the Eldest Miss and Second Miss.”

An Zi Ran calmly said, “Stand up and talk.”

Chef Wang saw that the young master looked calm and suddenly realized that he had overreacted. The young master did not suspect him. Most likely, he was going to take this up with the concubines. Thinking so, his words came out much smoother.

“Young Master, the day after you left, Concubine Zheng and Concubine Fang went to Su Zi to ask for money. Su Zi refused, saying that no one can ask for more money without your approval. In a fit of anger they beat Su Zi. Then later they said they were the masters of the house, and they had this servant cook chicken, duck, bird’s nest, and such for them. This servant refused, so Eldest Miss and Second Miss would come to cause trouble every day. This servant had no choice and finally can only cook it for them.”

Every so often the An family would send some servants to the markets to buy the ingredients needed to make their masters’ meals.

What the masters ate would naturally be the best. Even poultry like chickens and ducks were raised within the family and fed with high quality grains. Each one was tender and fat. The poultry sold outside couldn’t even measure up to two-thirds the quality of the An family poultry. However, the concubines and their daughters ate all these high-quality poultry in less than ten days.

Su Zi tried to stop them, but he was only a servant after all.

Fortunately, all the money spent within the family was recorded in ledgers that An Zi Ran revealed every night. Sooner or later, he would notice the excessive use of funds.

“Go and summon Su Zi.” An Zi Ran said calmly to Chef Wang.

Chef Wang licked his lips. He couldn’t tell if the young master was angry or not, but he knew that there would be a good show next, and that he should go out quickly.

When he left, only An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian were left in the room.

An Zi Ran looked down and saw two more peeled hard-boiled eggs in his bowl. After a moment of silence, he put an egg in Fu Wu Tian’s bowl. “This is for you. One is enough for me.” He was still dieting, and most of the fat in the egg was concentrated in the egg yolk. It was not advisable to eat more.

Wang fei is so good to this prince,” Fu Wu Tian said with joy.

An Zi Ran became silent.

The two men finished their breakfast at a much faster speed than the women. After they ate, they moved into the great hall and arrived at the same time as Su Zi. When he heard that the young master wanted to see him, and that it was about the late master’s two concubines, he would have hurried over at once if his father hadn’t stopped him.

“Young Master, you called for me?”

An Zi Ran wasn’t very willing to eat the piece of pastry that Fu Wu Tian stuffed in his face. After eating it, he forgot to wipe his mouth, so Fu Wu Tian used his fingers to wipe the crumbs sticking to the corners of his lips.

Su Zi saw this scene just as he was coming in, and was stunned into silence.

An Zi Ran calmly pushed Fu Wu Tian away, picked up the ledgers on the table, and handed them to him. “The food money for Concubine Fang, Concubine Zheng, and their daughters have exceeded the limit this month. Deduct two months of allowance from them. You don’t have to give them any money on the first of the month. Furthermore, Concubine Fang had to replace some furniture in her room. Deduct another month of allowance. If they have any objections, have them come to me.”

“Yes, Young Master!”

It was hard to hide the excitement in Su Zi’s tone and expression. He couldn’t wait to see how their faces would change from this announcement. But what disappointed him was that Wang Qing Lan was very peaceful during the time when the young master was absent, so they couldn’t bring her under control this time.

An Zi Ran continued, “Also, tell Chef Wang that this month he won’t have to make any extravagant dishes for Concubine Fang, Concubine Zheng, and their daughters. Congee and salted vegetables will suffice.”

Su Zi gave an affirmative sound and left the great hall at mach speed.

An Zi Ran turned his head and saw Fu Wu Tian looking at him. Those black jewel-like eyes were like whirlpools sucking him in. He tried to resist, but couldn’t help saying, “What are you looking at?”

Fu Wu Tian took his hand and said with emotion, “Wang fei looks so good when he is being serious.”

An Zi Ran immediately pulled back his hand. He shouldn’t have asked.

After a while, there was a sudden loud noise from outside the hall. Fang Jun Ping and Zheng Bi came in with their daughters. Zheng Bi’s noisy voice could be heard before they even entered the hall.

“An Zi Ran. What is the meaning of this? What right do you have to deduct our monthly allowance?”

The four of them appeared in the great hall. They were so angry that their necks were bulging with fury. The way they glared at An Zi Ran, it was as if they wanted to swallow him with their eyes. An Qiao E and An Ke Xin were also there. They were not too distressed by the monthly allowance, because they didn’t get much money anyways. An Chang Fu had set the amount when he was alive.

The girls in the family rarely went out, and the cost of food and clothes were counted under a different budget. They didn’t get to spend much money every month. Although they felt that it was unfair, they saw that An Yu Zhi also got the same amount as they did.

What were really unbearable were the three meals.

It was easy to adapt from poor to rich, but it was hard to become frugal after becoming accustomed to luxury.

They were accustomed to having lavish meals with generous amounts of meat and fish every day. From eating and drinking well, how could they still eat congee and salted vegetables? Almost feeling nauseous from the food, they spat it out. An Ke Xin even knocked the bowls over on the spot.

“By the right that I am head of the family.”

The four met An Zi Ran’s indifferent eyes, and they all shuddered.

Lan Xiang Courtyard (Fragrant Orchid Courtyard)

Wang Qing Lan stood in the yard and looked at the beautiful scenery of budding spring. She heard the maidservants talking about the news of Fang Jun Ping and them going to seek An Zi Ran. She cheerfully curled the corners of her lips, revealing a smile of ecstasy.

They were a group of stupid women with no brains. She knew that An Zi Ran would definitely rectify them after returning. That’s why she didn’t act like them and take advantage of An Zi Ran’s absence to tyrannically abuse the servants.

If it weren’t for An Chang Fu dying early, she could’ve easily used her little tricks to eradicate these unsightly people, including Liu Mei Xiang.

Thinking of this, a shadow flashed across Wang Qing Lan’s eyes.

It was a shame, he died too early.

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Pleasing Start-Over

Title: Pleasing Start-Over
Author: 橘子 (Tangerine Boat)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Yaoi
Total Chapters: 103 (completed)
Translation Status: Ongoing (by Eggtranslates)
Raws: jjwxc
Novel Updates: Link

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Qiao Chen strangely enough transmigrated into an interstellar-age world and grew up once again. Then again, for some strange reason, was requested to go to different worlds and search for the soul parts of this world’s military general.

As he hopped into different worlds with the help of a system, he unexpectedly discovered that he transmigrated to his other self in every world.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a coincidental chance or destined arrangement, since he has the chance to start-over, why not, while he is doing his task (of finding the soul pieces), try to get revenge and fulfilling his other self’s wishes?

Since God gave him the opportunity to change his fate, why shouldn’t he live a pleasing life?


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The Big Landlord 51

Reminder: There is a character list available under this story’s info page. You can also access the info page by clicking on “The Big Landlord” title in the side bar under “Updating Schedule.”

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Chapter 51 – Plan Revival

Next day. Afternoon.

An Xue Yan returned home and found both of her parents in the main hall. Furthermore, the expressions on their faces were very ugly. She thought that they had found out about her sneaking out of the house, and was thinking of sneaking back to her room when she realized that they didn’t notice her at all.
Translations by
She knew that recently her parents have been fretting over the son of her uncle, An Zi Ran. As for her own personal feelings towards An Zi Ran, she disdained him. He was ugly and fat. If it weren’t for the fact that consanguinity couldn’t be severed, she wouldn’t even want to recognize him as a relative. An Xue Yan didn’t want her parents to take their anger out on her, so she decided to take another route back to her room.

As she was turning around the corner of the hallway, she happened to encounter An Yao Zong who was acting sneakily.

An Chang De and his wife gave Yao Zong that name because they hoped that someday their eldest son would accomplish something great. They wanted him to pass the imperial exams like his father and bring honor to his ancestors. Instead, not only did he not like to study, but he also liked to gamble.

No doubt the allowance that he got every month was all lost to the gambling houses. He even racked up quite the debt behind his parents’ backs. Only An Xue Yan knew about this, and the only reason she didn’t say anything was because he bribed her.

“(Older) Brother, are you going out to drink and play around* again?” An Xue Yan saw that he was gaudily dressed and immediately guessed his intentions. It was already getting late. Going out at this time meant that he was definitely going to be hanging out with his scoundrel friends at brothels and such.

[*T/N: 花天酒地 is an idiom meaning “to spend one’s time in drinking and (sexual) pleasure”]

An Yao Zong was hiding from his parents, so when he saw that it was his sister, he breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, it’s you, Xue Yan. You scared me. I just told father and mother that I would be burning the midnight oil (studying), and to not bother me. You absolutely must not tell father and mother that I am not home.”

An Xue Yan opened up her palm and extended her hand towards her brother. “Sure. This time I want one tael.”

An Yao Zong swatter aside her hand. “Don’t try this with me again. You snuck out today too. I have yet to report you to father and mother, and you dare to ask me for a silencing fee. Today, you’re out of luck.”

An Xue Yan thought about the consequences of her parents finding out and knew that they would ground her at home, so she did not persist. Instead, she said with enthusiasm, “Brother, guess what I heard today while I was outside. I bet you can’t guess what it is.”

“What else can it be? It must have something to do with An Zi Ran.” An Yao Zong gave her a blank look.

An Xue Yan stared. “How did you know?”

An Yao Zong said, “Just now father and mother were talking about it. I heard that An Zi Ran got married to a man.” His eyes were contemptuous and his tone was mocking.

A man marrying himself off to another man. His status must be some lowly official. And the man could only be a concubine. Their status was lower than that of a prostitute. When people spoke of them, there was usually disdain in their eyes. But An Yao Zong did not know that An Zi Ran had married Fu Wu Tian, and that his status was higher than that of some big landlord by several hundred times.

“Is that all?”

An Xue Yan blinked her eyes.

An Yao Zong did not bother to hear what else she had to say. With an impatient expression he said, “I have a previous engagement. If there is nothing else, then I will go first.”

An Xue Yan said with a smile, “Brother, yours is already old news. Father and mother are no longer talking about An Zi Ran’s marriage to some official from Jun Zi City. But do you know the identity of the man that An Zi Ran married?”

An Yao Zong heard schadenfreude in her words, and his eyes brightened. “(Little) Sister, are you saying that An Zi Ran did not marry some official?”

An Xue Yan nodded proudly. “Of course. How can a man like him nab an official? Although he did not marry the other person as a concubine, I heard the marriage partner is a businessman.”

“Is that true?” An Yao Zong was excited.

An Xue Yan enunciated each word individually. “It! Is! Absolutely! True!”

An Yao Zong slammed his fist into his palm with a thud. He hurriedly changed directions and headed for the great hall instead. An Xue Yan saw his sudden change in attitude. He no longer wanted to go out. She quickly gave chase.

“Brother, didn’t you have a previous engagement?”

“Your brother, I, just thought of a good plan. Not only would it eat up our parents’ time so that they can no longer hover over me, but we might not have to worry about spending money in the future.” An Yao Zong’s head revolved around this thought. He was truly short of money. His debt must be paid off within a stipulated period of time, and if he sold the An family’s land there would be money, so he was supportive of the idea of engulfing the An family property.

An Xue Yan was very curious about the plan he spoke of, so she followed.

An Change De was just drinking some tea to moisten his throat when he choked and sprayed the tea out everywhere. But he couldn’t be bothered to wipe it. He stared at his eldest son with rounded eyes. His expression was very comical.

The first one to react was Wu Zhi. She was so excited she stood up and walked up to An Yao Zong. She grabbed his arm and asked, “Yao Zong, is what you said true?”

The strength of her grasp was starting to hurt An Yao Zong, but he understood her feelings. “Of course it is true. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Sister. This is what she heard when she was outside.”

Inadvertently, he had thrown his sister under the bus.

When An Xue Yan heard her brother say so, she knew that she was in trouble, but she wasn’t fast enough to prevent him from saying it. She turned around and thought of making a run for it when her mother, like a hunting lion, had already shouted out her name. But the following words made her halt in a strange way. It would seem that her mother was not going to reprimand at her for sneaking out of the house.

Although she couldn’t quite understand the matter, she felt that she had done something meritorious.

An Chang De had already returned to his senses.

In the face of her parents’ questions, An Xue Yan recounted the tale of how she came upon the information. At the end, she still had to swear that what she’d said was true.


An Change De was so excited that his face was red as he slammed his hands against the table. Although his hands turned red from the force, he did not feel the pain. Ever since An Zi Ran took his younger brother and sister to Jun Zi City, he was so worried that An Yu Zhi would marry some big shot official from there. But now he learnt that it was only some businessman. Then there was nothing to worry about.

“Chang De, we must quickly tell this news to Prefectural Magistrate Jiang.” Wu Zhi’s face shone. The plans that they had to put on hold due to unclear circumstances could finally be re-implemented. She had already had enough days of financial hardship.

“Yes, you’re right. But just in case, we still have to get someone to verify this information, and make sure it is not a rumor,” An Chang De said, feeling a little uncertain.

An Xue Yan didn’t understand what they were saying. “Father, Mother, what are you talking about?”

The couple realized that their daughter still didn’t know what they were planning. This matter could not be known by too many people, so they sent her back to her room, but had their son stay behind.

An Xue Yan was afraid that her mother would realize that she had snuck out and punish her, so she did not dare to ask further.

This information was no longer a secret within the An family. In addition, some people were deliberately spreading the news out. An Chang De and his wife almost did not have to put in any effort to find out, and it seemed that the facts were not that different from what their daughter had said. An Zi Ran actually married a businessman. They couldn’t wait to fly to Yong Province and tell Prefectural Magistrate Jiang the news.

The next day, they reluctantly hired the only horse keeper in An Yuan County.

The horse keeper had a very fast horse. It took only two days to go back and forth from An Yuan County to Yong Province. But they didn’t even need two days. The carriage was often used to help people deliver stuff around, so the horse keeper was familiar enough with the roads to take shortcuts and shorten the distance.

The horse keeper felt that their demands were too high though. After all, the horses needed to rest, so they had to pay extra.

When An Chang De and his wife thought about their plans coming to fruition and them sitting on the An family property, they didn’t even nitpick about paying extra fees and handed over the money without fuss. The horse keeper was surprised for a while. This couple was rather infamous. Everyone in An Yuan County knew about them.

Their every move made throughout the day was recorded and placed onto An Zi Ran’s desk by the day’s end.

An Zi Ran did not relax his surveillance of the An Chang De couple just because he left An Yuan County. On the contrary, he had the man named Xiao Ye continue to monitor them.
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Yesterday, Xiao Ye reported to An Zi Ran about everything that happened during his time away. There were no superfluous words used and only the key points were delivered. This made An Zi Ran felt that he was a person of talent.

The paper in his hand was suddenly taken away.

When An Zi Ran looked up, he saw that it was Fu Wu Tian. He had no idea when the man had appeared in his study. He couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t even notice it, but he didn’t think his own alertness had dropped. The only possibility was that Fu Wu Tian was even more skilled than he’d imagined. Still more mysteries.

“Return it to me.”

An Zi Ran reached out and snatched the paper back. He didn’t let Fu Wu Tian see the embarrassment from him having to monitor his own uncle. He believed that Fu Wu Tian had already investigated this matter.

Fu Wu Tian placed one hand on the edge of the chair and there was a feeling of shrouding An Zi Ran under his body. He sincerely said, “This person is not bad.”

An Zi Ran gave him a look. “Yes, not bad.”

When the matter at hand comes to an end, he planned to interview this person. If his background checked out okay, then he wanted to have this person continue to aid him in important matters.

Wang fei, you actually said that another man is not bad, you’re making this prince jealous.” Fu Wu Tian suddenly leaned down, his body pressing against the front of the other’s body. His exhaled breath just so happened to brush the other’s neck. That patch of skin suddenly became pink at a rate visible to the naked eye.

An Zi Ran silently gave him a look. He refused to discuss this stupid topic.

Fu Wu Tian almost laughed at him.

Wang fei was getting cuter and cuter.

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Pleasing Start-Over 2

T/N: I finally finished reading the much lauded “Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil” and I absolutely loved it! Reviews said “Pleasing Start-Over” is similar to FOD so I had to check it out. Sadly there weren’t any translated chapters on the NU page when I checked, so I started translating this story myself about two weeks ago. I didn’t expect to find that another translator had picked up this project when I checked back today.
I’m so excited! ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽ Thank you to EggTranslates! Since I already translated up to chapter 2, I thought I might as well put it up to help shorten the wait a bit. Happy reading everyone, and I look forward to Eggtranslates’ work in the future.

Previous Chapter

Arc 1 – Powerful Turtledove Occupy the Magpie Nest
Chapter 2

Qiao Chen was in the bathroom performing a quick wash up of his person. In the room outside they were already making preparations for his soul crossing. At that time, he would fall into a coma state like General Andri. He had no idea when he would be able to wake up, so he wanted to clean himself up a bit first.
Translations by
On the counter there were three sets of clothes laid out for him to choose from. One was a set of loose hospital garments. One was a set of pajamas. And the last one was a set of casual at home wear. Qiao Chen didn’t have a habit of wearing pajamas and even as a doctor he didn’t like wearing hospital garments. It was a bit superstitious, but there was a feeling of cursing himself if he chose the hospital garments, so he put on the casual clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

The general’s bedside was filled with a lot of new equipment. Qiao Chen lay down beside the general and he could see the empire’s war god only half a meter away from him.

Various equipments were attached to his head and his arms, which lay outside of the quilt that covered him. The officer named Mutter Folly had already explained to him about the system connected to his brain and how to operate it. With this system he should have no problem surviving no matter what world he landed in. It might even be a very wonderful thing, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous.

When everything was set up and ready, everyone else left the room. Folly went over to the bed and said to Qiao Chen, “Don’t worry, our equipment and system are perfect. Just pretend you’re going on a trip to another time and space, but don’t forget to bring back the general’s soul.”

Qiao Chen chuckled. Going on a trip to other time and space with such a big responsibility on his back, in the entire universe, he was probably the first person.

Gradually he fell into a drowsy state, but Qiao Chen still maintained a sense of lucidity. His brain suddenly felt dizzy. It felt like he had been riding on a bus for a long time, and experiencing motion sickness from the starting point to the destination. The discomfort of dizziness and chest tightness made him feel a little nauseous.

Qiao Chen slowly opened his eyes. His vision was a little blurry. When the scene in front of him gradually became clear, he saw a completely unfamiliar room.

He supported his still dizzy head as he sat up. After looking around the room he guessed that his soul had crossed over successfully, but he did not know whose body he occupied.

Qiao Chen was preparing to get out of bed, but suddenly dozens of images assaulted his head like a reel of film. He had to lie back down and process the information with his eyes closed. This was due to the system connected to his brain. It automatically read the body and the world for him.

The name of this body was Qi Bei Chen. He was accidentally swapped with another baby called Qi Yu Xuan at the hospital when he was born. The families of the two babies were as different as night and day, so they grew up in completely different environments.

When the two children entered their twenties, Qi Yu Xuan had an accident and needed blood transfusion. That was how Qi Bei Chen’s biological father knew that Qi Yu Xuan was not his child. Upon investigation they found out that the babies were accidentally swapped, so they found Qi Bei Chen and brought him back.

Qi Yu Xuan’s biological parents died a long time ago in an accident. Qi Bei Chen’s birth mother was sickly and died when Qi Yu Xuan was very young. His current mother was his stepmother. The mother and father have raised Qi Yu Xuan for so many years, so there were deep feelings among them. Qi Yu Xuan was a child that they were proud of since his childhood, so even if Qi Bei Chen was brought back, they had absolutely no intention of sending Qi Yu Xuan away, and they intended to continue to treat him as if he was their biological son.

When Qi Bei Chen returned to the Qi family, that was when his tragedy began, and the main culprit of these tragedies was Qi Yu Xuan, who wanted to inherit the Qi family property and assets.

Qi Yu Xuan deliberately introduced Qi Bei Chen to some rich young masters who only knew how to fool around and enjoy the pleasures of life. And many times he designed to frame and guide Qi Bei Chen to do the wrong thing. This caused the mother and father to lose patience with Qi Bei Chen and generated feelings of disgust.

In a kidnapping case set up by Qi Yu Xuan, the mother and father chose to save Qi Yu Xuan and give up Qi Bei Chen, so Qi Bei Chen died tragically in the hands of the kidnappers.

Qiao Chen cried when he saw the scene of Qi Bei Chen’s tragic death. Qiao Chen felt a bit strange. He has been a doctor for many years and he was long used to witnessing death and partings. He thought he was numb to the tragedies of others, but he was sympathetic to the general resentment and sorrow of Qi Bei Chen’s experience, as if these things were all his own experience.

However, Qiao Chen did not think much of it. He thought that this might be one of the system’s functions, so that he could bring this physical feeling into the world to better integrate into this time and space.

He went into the bathroom and stuttered to a silent halt when he looked into the mirror. Reflected on the glass was a head with a mane of non-mainstream yellow hair like that of a lion. It would seemed that he crossed over on the second day after Qi Bei Chen was brought into the Qi family. It wasn’t strange for Qi Bei Chen, who worked at the hair salon, to have this kind of hairstyle.

He brushed back some yellow strands of hair that fell into his eyes, and carefully observed the face of the person in the mirror. To be honest, this face was still very good. There were some similarities to how he looked like in his previous life. Furthermore, their names both shared the ‘Chen’ character. To have crossed over into this body, it meant that the two of them have some fate together.

In his heart, Qiao Chen spoke to the person in the mirror. Since I am using your body I absolutely won’t let you repeat the tragedy of before. I know there is hatred in your heart, but with just your abilities even if you repeat your life again you still can’t beat Qi Yu Xuan. So let me help you get revenge!

After Qiao Chen’s soul occupied this body, Qi Bei Chen’s consciousness completely disappeared. A body could not have the consciousness of two people at the same time, but Qiao Chen could clearly feel the hatred that could not be dispersed in his heart.

Qiao Chen went out to find a very high-end barbershop. He had his yellow lion’s mane dyed back to black, and then he got the hairdresser to give him a refreshing short hairstyle.

After the cut, the barber satisfactorily appreciated his own handiwork. He told Qiao Chen, “When you first came in I thought you ran out of a zoo. It was a waste of such a good face. Isn’t it much better now?”

Qiao Chen ran his hand through his newly cut hair. The hairdresser’s craftsmanship was good. This was indeed getting what one paid for. The results were much better than those cheap, small alley barbershops.

“It’s very good. Thank you.” Qiao Chen unreservedly took out one month of Qi Bei Chen’s prior salary to pay the bill. Now that his brain was connected with a system like a cheat, it was easy to make money. The stock market was the fastest place to do so. This system could manipulate the stock market. He would be staying at the Qi family house for a period of time, but he did not intend to use their money. Since he promised to help Qi Bei Chen get revenge, he did not want to owe them anything.

Qiao Chen went out and bought two new sets of clothes. He threw his colorful t-shirt and shredded jeans in the trashcan of the clothing store. Qi Bei Chen had very little savings. He did not get to save much money from his job these past few years. Just a haircut and two sets of clothes nearly dried up all his available funds. No matter what he still needed some liquid funds. Even if he could manipulate the stocks he still needed starting capital.

When he returned to the Qi family house, it was just in time for mealtime. Moreover, the entire family was present. Qi Mother and Qi Father saw that the wild lion mane Qi Bei Chen from yesterday had become the gentle and elegant Qiao Chen of today, and where shocked speechless.

Qi Mother and Qi Father looked at each other. Then they smiled and waved Qi Bei Chen over. “Bei Chen? Quickly come and eat.”

In accordance with how Qi Bei Chen acted in his previous life when he first arrived at the Qi family, Qiao Chen lowered his head, approached the table, and sat down silently.

Qi Yu Xuan looked Qi Bei Chen up and down. Then he smiled and said, “You went and bought clothes? I was planning to take you shopping in two days.”

Qi Yu Xuan’s words were not false. In the past life, he did bring Qi Bei Chen out to buy clothes, but the main purpose was to introduce him to Shu Wen Jie. Then the two of them bought him a lot of old-fashioned and tacky clothes.

When they returned, Qi Yu Xuan told their parents that Qi Bei Chen had chosen these styles of clothes himself, and that no matter how much he persuaded and advised, Qi Bei Chen did not listen to his opinions and insisted he buy these clothes for him.

Between a son that they raised for many years and a son that they just brought back a few days ago, of course their parents chose to believe in Qi Yu Xuan. Not to mention, that ghastly yellow mane that Qi Bei Chen sported. It was not difficult for them to doubt his aesthetic sense.

This was just the first step for Qi Yu Xuan to smear Qi Bei Chen in front of their father. Later, Shu Wen Jie became the biggest helper in blackening Qi Bei Chen’s name in their father’s eyes.

Qi Yu Xin came downstairs, saw Qi Bei Chen at the table, and was also stunned. Ridicule and disdain flickered through Qi Yu Xin’s eyes. “Mom, did you give him money to buy new clothes? I also want to buy clothes.”

Qi Mother looked at her daughter with doting and helpless eyes. “You already have a few closets full of clothes. You still want to buy more? Your big brother Bei Chen just came back to us, of course he needs some new clothes to change and wear.”

“Those clothes are out of date. The season just changed and new styles of clothes just came out.” Qi Yu Xin continued to act like a spoiled child with her mother.

“Just let her buy it. Our Qi family doesn’t lack money for a few sets of clothes,” the father said.

“Thank you, Dad.” Qi Yu Xin thanked her father happily. Then she dismissively glanced once more at Qi Bei Chen before sitting down and beginning to eat.

Qi Yu Xin was Qi Bei Chen’s half-sister. She has been admiring Qi Yu Xuan since she was a child. After learning that she and Qi Yu Xuan have no blood relationship, the happiest person was her, because now she has the opportunity to marry Qi Yu Xuan.

As for Qi Bei Chen, her half-brother, she loathed him. She always felt that he was an intruder who suddenly broke into their happy family. In the past, when Qi Yu Xuan did away with Qi Bei Chen, Qi Yu Xin also put in a lot of effort.

“Bei Chen, in the future, this is your family. You don’t have to be too restrained. If there’s anything you need, just tell me. If there’s something you want to play with, you can also tell me.” Qi Yu Xuan added a pair of chopsticks to the table for Qi Bei Chen. He spoke to Qi Bei Chen with a very gentle and considerate voice.

“That’s right.” Their father nodded. “In the future, the two of you will be like blood brothers. You can support each other. Bei Chen, you should follow behind Yu Xuan more and learn from him. Out Qi family is one with status and prestige. You have to change your quailing habits.”

“En.” Qi Bei Chen answered in a small voice.

“What blood brothers? There’s absolutely no blood relation at all.” Qi Yu Xin looked at Qi Yu Xuan with a shy look. Then, afraid that he would misunderstand her, she said quickly, “I think that big brother Yu Xuan is more like a member of our family. Even if there is no blood relation, he’s still more like a member of our family than a certain person who is like thin spare ribs. Just look at our tall and powerful Dad.”

Receiving the praise of his beloved daughter, Qi Father laughed out loud.

“Oh, you,” Qi Mother patted her daughter’s arm, but she didn’t really blame her. She also added a lot more food to Qi Bei Chen’s bowl and said, “Bei Chen, eat some more.”

Since he was a child, Qi Bei Chen never got enough to eat, so his body was lacking in nutrition. Naturally, he could not keep up with Qi Yu Xuan’s tall and strong body, but he still wasn’t just some thin spare ribs like Qi Yu Xin had said.

Just look, this type of family, there really is nothing to recall fondly. So even when I avenge you don’t think of my methods as being too severe. In his heart, Qiao Chen spoke to the body he now occupied and to the departed soul of Qi Bei Chen.

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T/N: The author keeps mistyping Qiao Chen’s name as Qi Chen. It’s super confusing considering how similar it is to Qi Bei Chen. Translator wants to say: Author, please keep your characters’ names straight… 😓

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Pleasing Start-Over 1

T/N: Hello! Some of you may be familiar with Vanilla Muse as the translator of The Big Landlord, which is another Chinese BL project that I am working on. It’s a transmigration story set in historical times. I hope you’ll also enjoy Pleasing Start-Over, which is a fast transmigration novel set in different times and space.

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Prologue – The Starting Cause
Chapter 1

Qiao Chen went to the kitchen and got out a pot of congee that he had prepared the night before. He filled up a bowl with the congee, made a few refreshing side dishes, and then set everything on the dining table.

Even if he was living in another world, he still kept some habits from his past life. In the morning, if there was time, then he had to have a bowl of hot congee along with a few side dishes. This will insure his good mood all throughout the day. Moreover, the technology in this word was much more advanced, so no matter what dishes he wanted to make he didn’t have to do it himself. He’d only have to set things up. It was convenient and fast and the taste was not bad.

After a leisurely enjoyment of breakfast, Qiao Chen drove his own suspension car to the hospital for work.
Translation by
He has been a doctor for two lifetimes. Why two lifetimes you say? That’s because he transmigrated into this world.

Qiao Chen was an orphan in his last life. He completely relied on his own efforts, working while studying to complete his medical school studies and became a doctor. He went through many hardships during that period. On occasion, he would still recall those days.

In the previous world, after a twelve hour long surgery, Qiao Chen, who was unable to take a break, immediately jetted off to the bathroom. After using the toilet, he was washing his hands as usual when the mirror on the wall suddenly became a vortex and sucked in his soul. As his soul was being sucked away, he clearly saw his own body limp on the bathroom floor.

When he woke up, he was once again a baby in an orphanage. But unlike his previous life, this was an interstellar era. In this space and time there was no planet called Earth. Perhaps once upon a time Earth existed, but it has already long been forgotten.

In this space and time, almost everyone had a specific ability. A person’s power attribute determined the work he or she will do in the future. Qiao Chen’s ability was to cure, so in this world he was destined to be a doctor. Also, his ability index was pretty good, so this led to preferential treatment in the Imperial Star’s orphanage.

The rarer something is the greater its value. This doesn’t just apply to objects, but people as well. There were very few people who have a healing power by nature, so the profession of doctors was still very respected in this world. Qiao Chen, who had a moderate ability index, was already able to become a doctor in a very good public hospital on the Imperial Star.

After Qiao Chen visited the ward, he checked over the case in the office.

Qiao Chen’s assistant, Mary, placed a cup of coffee on his desk and reminded him, “Dr. Qiao Chen, the family members of the patient in VIP room four have made an appointment with you at 10:10 today.”

“I remember.” Qiao Chen pulled up the files for the patient in VIP room four onto the screen monitor.

When Qiao Chen was in the Imperial Star Orphanage, he had no name, only a number. The orphanage could help the children get a name after they had reached a certain age. Qiao Chen was too lazy to think up a new name, so he used the name of his previous life. As an orphan, you could choose whatever name you liked. If you wanted to, you could even call yourself ‘Fighter.’

This was really not a joke. A boy who shared the same room as him in the orphanage really took that name for himself, because he was obsessed with the fighter (aircrafts) of ancient times.

Yes, ancient times, for fighter aircrafts were already a thing of the past. Nowadays, battles were fought with warships (aka starships) and mechas.

Qiao Chen looked over the case file of the patient. He felt that this family had too much money to burn. There were no big problems with this patient. He’s living in the hospital as if it were his home. It’s already been several months and he still refused to leave the hospital.

It should be known that it cost quite a sum of money to stay in a VIP room for one day, but what can you say to rich people?

Qiao Chen felt that no matter the time and space, if you had money then it was a good time. Suddenly the door to his office was opened and more than a dozen soldiers rushed inside.

Qian Chen took a quick glance at the clock. There was still half an hour before the appointed time. Moreover, the family members of the VIP patient were considered business people, and there was no talk of them being related to the army. The reason for this visit might not be a good one. Qiao Chen stood up cautiously and looked at them.

Based on the attire, it was easy to tell that the last person who entered the room was the head officer of these soldiers. The soldiers then closed the door to his office. These actions were all carried out in one breath.

“You are Dr. Qiao Chen, correct?” The person who posed the question had a temple of gray hair and lots of wrinkles on his face, but his standing posture and the military uniform made him look very refined.

“Yes, that’s me, and you are?” In his head, Qiao Chen quickly combed through all his patients trying to find one related to the military.

“We are from the First Legion. We have some things that we need to trouble you about. Please come with us.” Although the words were polite, the tone was irrefutable. After that, they looked at Qiao Chen sideways.

First Legion? Qiao Chen was shocked. The First Legion was the highest administrative office of the Imperial Military Power. When did he ever provoke these people?

Although Qiao Chen didn’t want to go, he also knew that he did not have the power to refuse. These people could kill him in his office, and then arbitrarily passed the crime onto someone else. No one would dare to pursue the matter over an orphan with no background.

Qiao Chen rode in the suspension car of the elderly officer and arrived at the First Legion’s base. In both his lifetimes, he never thought that he would be able to see such a spectacular sight with his own eyes. In his previous world, movie blockbusters would have computer-generated images of such a scene, but those couldn’t even compare to one percent of the magnificence of the scene here. Although he was only able to glimpse the scene for a few short seconds, it was still enough to shock him.

He followed after the officer to a huge automatic door. When the double doors opened to either side, Qiao Chen could see a semi-circular laboratory-like place. It was big enough to accommodate thousands of people. There were hundreds of display screens on the wall showing different data. There were dozens of people who looked like scientists busy working on the screens. The sudden entry of the officers and Qiao Chen had no effect on them. They continued working away.

The officer took Qiao Chen into a circular glass pillar in the center of the room. The glass pillar lifted them up like a syringe. At the top of the pillar, the wall, which did not look like it have a single crack, opened up, and they entered into another room.

It was a super luxurious bedroom separated by a large pair of curtains. The outside was a gorgeous living room, and the inside, after the officer parted the curtains, Qiao Chen could see a big bed, and beside the bed were various medical instruments.

There was an unusually handsome man lying on the bed, and the shape of his stalwart figure could be seen through the thin quilt. Even if he was just lying there quietly, he could feel his majesty. Qiao Chen guessed that he must’ve fallen into a serious coma, and that he needed so many medical instruments and equipment to continue his life.

“This is General Aonan Andri. He was injured in the last battle and has been in a coma for more than a year,” the officer told Qiao Chen.

There was no way for Qiao Chen to suppress the shock in his heart. The calmness of his face was completely disintegrated and crushed. He looked at the man on the bed with incredulity.

General Aonan Andri was the highest person in charge of the imperial military’s power, and he was the only person in the empire who could pilot an AA-class mecha. He was the protector of the empire. Because of his existence, other countries in the universe did not dare to rashly invade the empire.

More than a year ago, the Fingara Empire developed a very powerful weapon against the AA-class mecha. The general crushed that weapon in battle and the Fingara Empire ended in disastrous defeat. But it seems that General Andri, who was known as the war god of the empire, has also fallen in that same battle.

If this news was spread, the entire empire was sure to fall into panic, and other countries were likely to take the opportunity to invade.

“Why are you telling me?” This was the most puzzling thing after Qiao Chen recovered from the shock. The Imperial General had been in a coma for more than a year. This was definitely the biggest military secret of the empire. He was just an ordinary doctor. Why would they purposely let him know about this matter?

“Because in order to save the general, we need your help.” The officer’s expression was serious and his eyes were firm, not at all like he was lying to him.

“My ability index is only medium. I can’t manipulate these high-level equipments. I am afraid I can’t rescue the general.” Qiao Chen said this because he knew that the First Legion had definitely gotten the military doctor with the highest ability index to treat the general already. And those busy people below were definitely working hard to rescue the general. If even they could not succeed, what could he possibly do?

“Since we looked for you, then it must be because you can do it. We don’t need you to control these devices. You have another thing you must do.” The officer took Qiao Chen to the sofa outside the curtains and sat him down in preparation for a detailed conversation.

“After the general fell into a coma we used all kinds of methods to treat him. The general’s physical injuries have been healed, but no matter what we couldn’t get him to wake up. We invited the most powerful scientist and doctors of the empire to research ways to rescue the general. After dozens of efforts by the people most brilliant in their respective fields for half a year, they found that the reason why the general could not wake up was because the general’s soul was trapped in a different time and space and could not come back. We need you to go to these different time and space to bring back the general’s soul.”

If Qiao Chen’s soul had not transmigrated, he would not believe this kind of statement at all. How could you possibly go through different time and space to bring back a person’s soul?

“Why do you people think that I can do it?” Qiao Chen’s inexplicably guilty conscience; did they know that he was a transmigrating person?

“Six months ago, we began to compare the brainwaves of the entire empire’s population with the brainwaves of the generals in different time and space. After repeated comparisons, only you are the most suitable. In the entire empire, only you can smoothly pass through to different time and space to encounter the general’s soul.”

No wonder six months ago, his hospital started running brainwave tests on their doctors every other month. So they’ve already locked onto him since then. The thought made Qiao Chen shudder.

Qiao Chen wanted to refuse. Even though he transmigrated once before, he did not know what circumstances had caused the event. Now they’re saying they will artificially forced a soul transmigration. Who knew what could happen? What if there was some accident? But the officer told him everything, which was he must be prepared to do what they said. They were not asking for his opinion, but just telling him about it.

“You said go to different time and space, but how do I go? Is there any danger?” Qiao Chen knew that he had no power to refuse. He already knew the biggest secret of the empire. Even if he were not willing, they would find a way to make him agree. But he should still be clear about the specifics, so he will ask.

“In order to enable the soul of the most qualified person to go to different time and space, we created a soul shuttle system for traveling back and forth. And in this system, there are a lot of programs that you can use to help you bring back the general’s soul, such as the hundreds of millions years worth of knowledge in the universe. This system will connect with your brain. As for safety, you don’t have to worry. After all, in the entire empire, only you meet the requirements. In order to save the general, we will do our utmost to ensure your safety.”

“Can I refuse?” Qiao Chen asked with the last shred of hope he had left. He wasn’t some noble person. Rescuing the general was equivalent to rescuing an entire empire. He did not have that kind of lofty spirit. Although he normally treated people with gentleness, he knew himself well. In his heart, he was indifferent.

“As far as our investigation into your past goes, I know that you are a smart person. Whether or not you can refuse, you clearly know the answer. If you can successfully bring back all of the general’s souls, I can promise you that after the general wakes up, I will ask the general to have the emperor give you a title of nobility. Also, we added a program to the system that will increase your ability index. Every time you go to a different time and space and successfully complete the task, your ability index will increase.”

Qiao Chen sighed in his heart. It was the carrot in the beginning. If he still did not agree, next will be the stick. Either way, the final result would definitely be the same. There was no need to shed all pretense of cordiality.

“Then, instead of having a title, you can just directly give me a sum of money.” Although the title may be glorious for ordinary people, Qiao Chen did not intend to climb to the upper class. It was better to take a sum of money, quit work, and travel around the universe.

“Yes. When the mission is complete, money or title, you are free to choose.”

The officer readily agreed with Qiao Chen’s request. It seemed that this officer was an influential person by the general’s side.

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The Big Landlord 50

For those of you concerned about polarbearadise’s broken link to chapter one, I have re-translated the chapter, and it is now available on this site.

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Chapter 50 – To Intimidate

The entire hall was quiet because of Shao Fei’s words.

Wang Qing Lan’s vision started to go black. An Zi Ran was actually married to this man? An Zi Ming was only four months old (so he couldn’t inherit the family). Doing this, doesn’t it mean that An Zi Ran was taking the entire An family with him in marriage (like a dowry)? Without the An family, what would become of her?

Fang Jun Ping and Zheng Bi’s faces twisted. They were thinking the same thing as Wang Qing Lan. In addition, they had to consider their daughters’ dowries. If the An family became this man’s, who knew if he would give them a dowry or not.
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“An Zi Ran, you shameless person. You are willing to fall like this and marry yourself to a man as his concubine? If your parents knew about this they would be rolling in their graves.” Zheng Bi’s mean voice was sharper than Wang Qing Lan’s. Her eyes were so fierce that they were starting to turn red. All she knew was that if her daughter had no dowry, after marrying in the future, they will be looked down upon by the husband’s family, and then their beautiful future will be ruined.

An Zi Ran had long since expected such a reaction.

He had learned from Steward Su that An Chang Fu had already prepared a dowry for his two daughters, but had never told them. So it was easy to guess the thoughts running through their heads right now.

But there was another person who was not as calm and collected as him.

Fu Wu Tian’s eyes showed a hint of coldness, and the hall seemed to be covered with a suffocating pressure.

His gaze made Zheng Bi’s hair stand on end, but knowing that he was only a mere businessman she was not as afraid as before. Her eyes were still glaring at An Zi Ran with hatred, as if she wanted to flay the skin from his bones.

“Who told you that he was my concubine? If you say one more bad word about my wife, whether you’re a woman or a man, I will parade you through the streets like a prisoner. Don’t think that I am joking.” Fu Wu Tian’s expression was calm, but his words were laden with strength, striking against Zheng Bi’s heart. Her eyes widened into saucers.

An Zi Ran couldn’t help but tilt his head and give him a glance.

To speak like this to a woman in her 30s and 40s, one needed skin that was thicker than usual*.

[*T/N: Having thick skin means to be shameless.]

Shao Fei and Ge Qian An were used to it. Paraded through the streets like a prisoner, that was considered a light sentence. Compared to when they were on the battlefield at the borders, some people ran around naked in front of enemy troops. The feeling of having one’s birthday suit exposed to the world, only those who have been punished could understand the feeling.

Zheng Bi didn’t believe that he would dare do such a thing, but she was still intimidated by his imposing aura, so she did not dare to scold An Zi Ran anymore. Her face burned red hot.

“An Zi Ran, your parents died not too long ago, yet you were in such a hurry to get married, where is your filial piety? I would like to see, when everyone knows that the young master of An has married himself off so soon after his parents’ deaths, what would they think!”

Fang Jun Ping, who has been relatively silent this whole time, but still harbored the same thoughts, suddenly spoke up at this time. Her character has always been rather inflexible and her words rather clumsy. Unlike Zheng Bi, she was not quick with her words, but once she got started she was not the kind of person that willingly gave in.
Translations by
An Zi Ran’s expression did not change. “Da Ya has clear regulations, one may not marry within one hundred days of a family death. My parents have been gone for over four months. A hundred days have passed. There is nothing wrong with me and him getting married.”

“What about the consummation of the marriage? Da Ya also has regulations concerning that. Children may marry within one hundred days of a family death, but they must practice asceticism for half a year to show respect for the deceased relative.” Still not willing to resign, Fang Jun Ping toughened her skin and asked. She wanted to seize onto any shortcomings of An Zi Ran that she could. To even be able to ask about such manners, it was a demonstration of her determination.

When the others heard this sentence, their faces all morphed into different expressions.

Except for Zheng Bi and those who did not know, everyone from the Fu palace, including Steward Su, thought that the young master and Fu wang ye had already consummated their marriage. They couldn’t help but worry about it. If this information was spread about, then it would not be good for the young master’s reputation.

“Even Concubine Fang herself said that she would abstain from indulgence for half a year, then naturally we have not yet consummated the marriage.” An Zi Ran answered immediately. He did not expect that things would develop to this point, but he immediately thought that this was a good opportunity to clarify rumors, so he did not hesitate to answer.

Ge Qian An and them were all surprised.

They actually didn’t do it?

Then they understood that rumors could not be fully believed. With An Zi Ran’s personality, since he was only acting as a replacement bride, then he would definitely not let the wang ye act out everything. Wang ye will have to make extra effort to win him completely.

Fang Jun Ping sneered, “Of course you can say whatever you want. Anyway, only the two of you know the truth. Other people can’t be certain.” The implication was that she thought that An Zi Ran was lying.

“Whether you believe it or not, that is up to you. But if there is anymore unreasonable troublemaker, then I will mete out the family punishment without mercy!” An Zi Ran was actually not angry.

Those who met the cold gaze of his eyes jumped in fright, especially Fang Jun Ping. She finally remembered that An Zi Ran was a man of strategy. Although he was only sixteen-years-old, his method of doing things was like that of an adult, and he could be ruthless when he needed to be, even if he’s up against his own uncle. With just a few days of effort, he ruined his uncle’s reputation. Now his uncle was like a little mouse. He didn’t even dare to leave his house. So how could An Zi Ran let them go?

Realizing this, they didn’t dare to say anything. They could only wait for another opportunity to talk later.

Subsequently, the three concubines along with their daughters returned back to their quarters.

When they left, Zheng Bi and Fang Jun Ping were still indignant.

An Zi Ran came back to An Yuan County under the guise of visiting his parental home after marriage, but he was not ready to return to Jun Zi City with Fu Wu Tian. Everything of the An family was here in An Yuan County, if he left for too long, then sooner or later some incident was bound to occur. So he already discussed with Fu Wu Tian to spend a few more days in An Yuan County. In exchange, he had to let Fu Wu Tian sleep with him in the same bed. Originally, he wanted to lie out a mat for the man on the floor.

Steward Su couldn’t help but rejoice. “Fortunately, Da Ya’s law on filial piety was changed a year ago. Any later, and those women would certainly grasp onto some weakness to use against us. If they spread gossip that would be bad.”

When Shao Fei walked past, he heard these words and suddenly turned around. “Some people’s playthings may not be able to endure.” After saying this sentence he walked away and left a befuddled Steward Su.

[T/N: Yeah, I’m confused by that sentence, too.]

Speaking of the six-month rule of abstinence, this matter has to start from a year ago.

Previously, Da Ya paid more attention to filial piety, so there was a law that stated when a relative passed away, the children must be filial for three years, and abstain from indulgence during this time. As the emperor, Fu Chong was supposed to lead by example, but he was a lascivious emperor. Out of thirty days, twenty-nine of those would be spent with a concubine on her bed.

The Empress Dowager was the emperor’s biological mother. After her death, Fu Chong ought to refrain from indulgences for half a year, but he didn’t. He couldn’t even hold out for seven days before he was found playing around in his concubine’s chambers.

Later, there was even news of an official trying to petition the emperor against his behavior but was killed for it. Then, in order to satisfy his own lists, Fu Chong tried to use high-sounding reasons to change three years to six months. This incident had always been a scandal in the royal family, so few people knew about it.
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The officials who knew the truth at the time did not dare to speak of this scandal, because it wouldn’t be just the royal family losing face, it would also implicate the old ministers.

After Fu Chong’s succession, there were many occurrences of such absurd incidents. If he didn’t have a few smart sons, and a capable nephew who protected the country’s borders, then Da Ya would have crumbled under his rule.

It was normal for Steward Su to not know this.

After that farce with the concubines, calm returned to the An family again.

Later that day in the afternoon, An Chang De and his wife learned that An Zi Ran was back.

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The Big Landlord 1

Muse: It has been brought to my attention that polarbearadise’s link to chapter one of TBL was broken. So I’ve re-translated the chapter. My version might differ from polarbearadise’s version a little, but the general contents remain the same.

Go to The Big Landlord information page for the Table of Contents, a Character List, and a list of Notable Locations. You can find the info page in the menu bar up above, in the side bar under Updating Schedule, or click here.

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Chapter 1 – The An Family

Chong Ming Emperor’s 27th Year, January, Big Snow

Many places in the Da Ya Dynasty were covered with heavy snow. The crystalline snowflakes sparkled in a beautiful way. The weather was cold, but it could not cover up the lively atmosphere of the New Year’s celebration. In towns big and small, almost every household had red lanterns.
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An Yuan County was one of the small county towns of the Da Ya Dynasty. The third day of the New Year was a festive holiday. Every family was happily celebrating, but there was one big family with white lanterns hanging on their front doors. The entire house was covered in a gloomy atmosphere.

This family was the largest landlord family in An Yuan County – the An family!

An Family Residence

The sky was still dark. The sun had yet to rise. Occasionally the sound of a crying rooster could be heard.

A maidservant dressed in plain white clothes got up early in the morning. She carried a pot filled with hot water and ran through the long corridors quickly.

Other maidservants also woke early, and all of them were busy bustling about. The supposedly busy atmosphere was very quiet, however. Almost no one spoke. The servants all bowed their heads. When they crossed paths they did not nod or speak to each other. They just carried on, rushing about with their work.

The maid carrying the basin of hot water walked through the main house and then into a side yard on the left. She passed through a garden blanketed in snow and arrived in front of a room. She knocked on the door, waited for permission to enter, and then pushed the door open to walk in.

The maid placed the steaming basin atop a wooden shelf and then went to the folding screen. She covertly glanced at the teenager still lying on the bed and calmly said, “Young Master, the hot water has been brought over.”

The young boy responded with a faint sigh. “Understood. You first go out, ba.”

The maid did not dare to say more. She was already used to the young master’s new attitude, which was slightly indifferent. Not to mention, after the occurrence of that incident, even if the young master did not want to change, he still had to adapt to circumstances and change. Otherwise… the maid shook her head and did not continue the thought. Then she exited the room on light footsteps.

When only the teenager was left in the room, he sat up awkwardly from the bed and spent a quarter of an hour wearing clothes and shoes. Then he walked over to the basin of hot water the maid had brought in.

The youngster saw his face reflected upon the clear water. It was a fat face that seemed as if one could wring oil from it. Although he has been looking at this face for three days now, he still couldn’t help but stick out his lower lip in a pout.

The once handsome face was replaced by a pig’s face. No once could accept it immediately.

The youth was named An Zi Ran. Born into the An family, he was sixteen this year, and was the eldest son of the family. He also had biological siblings born from the same father and mother: a beautiful younger sister… and brother.

The boy at this time was not the real An Zi Ran. Even he himself did not know why he had become An Zi Ran. He simply woke up three days ago and found himself in this person’s body.

Now, he has finally accepted the reality that he has become someone else, but that did not mean he accepted the state of An Zi Ran’s body. Only sixteen years old and he already weighed 78 catty. From top to bottom his body was covered in fatty meat. Exceeding the standard, it was very difficult for him to do anything now. Otherwise, why would it take a quarter of an hour just to put on clothes?

Therefore, on the first day in this world, An Zi Ran already declared a personal goal – to lose weight!

However, before he could implement his weight lost plan, a bunch of other problems have already come knocking on his door.

The An family was the largest landlord family in An Yuan County. The family was very wealthy. An Chang Fu was An Zi Ran’s father. He was the one with the most authority in the An family. If he said one, no one would dare say two. And he was someone with a lot of clever tricks up his sleeves. His figure was portly, but he was not ugly. It could be said that he singlehandedly built up the big family business of the An family.
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An Chang Fu had a total of four wives. The main wife was An Zi Ran’s birth mother, Liu Mei Xiang. She was with An Chang Fu from before his success. She witnessed the An family’s development, growing from a small thing into a big family business. Together they had two sons and one daughter.

In her entire life, the most successful thing she did was giving birth to two sons for the family. Because among the four wives, she was the only one who gave birth to sons, thus continuing the family line. Therefore, she was very respected by An Chang Fu. The relationship between husband and wife was very harmonious for over ten years. Even though An Chang Fu later married a second, third, and then fourth wife, his feelings for Liu Mei Xiang never changed.

According to reason, An Zi Ran should live a very fortunate life.

Things were still very happy three days ago, until death came for An Chang Fu and Liu Mei Xiang. This kind of happiness was like a mirror, and it is broken once it falls.

Since then, the An family fell into an abyss of suffering.

And likewise, An Zi Ran also fell along into that abyss.

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The Big Landlord 49.2

T/N: I’m changing up Fu Wu Tian’s pronoun starting with this chapter. Before he used 本王 ben wang to address himself, which meant “this prince,” and I translated it as “I” for simplicity, but here he actually uses 我 wo to refer to himself, which is the neutral “I” to hide his status in front of the concubines.

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Chapter 49.2 – Homecoming Crisis

An Zi Ran took note of their expressions. “Why did she run away from marriage? You can ask her that yourself if you have the opportunity to see her in the future. But there is something that I must announce, An Yu Zhi is no longer the Third Miss of An. Even if she returns in the future, no one is allowed to let her in the door without my permission.”

That serious?
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Several people were stunned. An Yu Zhi was his blood related sister after all. To drive her from the family just because she ran away from marriage, An Zi Ran couldn’t possibly be that heartless. To not care about blood ties, did something big happen during the time that they were in Jun Zi City?

“But, since Yu Zhi escaped from the marriage, how come this gentleman says he is the An family’s son-in-law?”

The shrewd Wang Qing Lan immediately remembered Fu Wu Tian’s words. Since the two did not get married how could he still be considered a son-in-law? An Qiao E and An Ke Xin didn’t have any marriage prospects yet so it couldn’t be them either.

An Zi Ran’s expression darkened.

He shouldn’t have let Fu Wu Tian speak just then.

Fu Wu Tian said faintly, “Who said that I am the husband of the Third Miss? The An family has more than one child after all.”

When realization struck the women could not help but look at one another. Could it be what they were thinking? Due to An Yu Zhi fleeing the marriage, this man now wants to choose another young miss from the An family as a replacement? If that was so…

An Qiao E and An Ke Xin were so excited that their faces became red.

They could tell with one look that this man was no simple person, and he even came from Jun Zi City. After marrying him, one could move to Jun Zi City and network with even more people. Maybe even meet the influential officials there. That would be like hitting the jackpot.
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Fang Jun Ping and Zheng Bi were not as optimistic as them. Instead they were wondering what caused An Yu Zhi to run away from the marriage.

No matter how you looked at this man he was impeccable. If not for some special reason, how could a sheltered girl like An Yu Zhi have the courage to flee?

In the future, their daughters would be their meal tickets, so they must give this matter careful consideration.

“I wonder what kind of business does this gentleman do in Jun Zi City?” Zheng Bi asked anxiously. This way of asking was very abrupt and rude. But she didn’t want her daughter to marry and then end up having regrets. Just because one lived in Jun Zi City it did not automatically meant they had a high status. So she must be shameless and ask. However, her wording was still quite skillful. At the very least, she knew that she could not directly ask people what status they had.

The two young misses immediately perked up their ears.

This was related to their future, they could not be careless!

Ge Qian An, who was standing to the side, swept his cold gaze across them. In a frost-covered tone he said, “Our master does business, as for what kind of business, that is not something that you married women can know.”

Like a basin of cold water being dumped over their heads, all of their schemes and ambitions were doused.

An Qiao E and An Ke Xin could not help feeling disappointed, so much so that they could not keep the emotion from creeping onto their faces. Da Ya placed importance on agriculture and looked down on business and commerce. In general, the status of a businessman was not high. Although they won’t lack for clothes or food, they’d much rather marry some bigwig or official, and become a noble woman. This was the future that they felt that they should have.

The expressions on their faces were very obvious. They did not know how to conceal their emotions.

The atmosphere in the great hall grew cold.

Fang Jun Ping and Zheng Bi took note, and could not help feeling anxious for their daughters. Even if they looked down on businessmen they still shouldn’t be so obvious about it. They promptly gave their daughters covert glares. Feeling the sting of their mothers’ gazes the two young girls withdrew the looks of distaste on their faces.

“You want to marry our master, but you don’t even know your own value. For daughters of concubines, you’re not even worthy of being our master’s concubines. Furthermore, our master has already married the young master of An.” Shao Fei, who was in a bad mood from listening to them prattle, couldn’t help but speak out. He sneered at the women until their expressions turned black. They had yet to think of a proper rebuke when those words practically shocked their souls from their bodies.

“What are you talking about?!” Wang Qing Lan’s sharp voice suddenly screeched.

The other four were shocked into silence. The young master of An was married* to someone? What a joke!

[*T/N: English just uses the word “marry,” but in Chinese there are two ways of saying “marry” that connotes gender. 嫁给 jia gei implies a woman giving herself to a man in marriage, and 娶亲 qu qin implies a man taking a wife. The text here uses the former.]

[In the case of two men I guess we can say the former is the shou/uke and the latter is the gong/seme. XD]

Shao Fei saw that his master and wang fei were not stopping him. He was not stupid. He knew that someday they would have to let these women know (about the marriage). It must be too embarrassing for the wang fei to say it himself, so it was necessary to have someone else come out and say it. His courage became bolstered. “I’m not speaking nonsense. The young master of An married our master two days ago. Today is the day he returns to his parental home.”

Fang Jun Ping and them felt like they were struck by lightning. Shock split their faces.

How could An Zi Ran be married to someone!

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