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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 146

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Chapter 146 (46.1)

“Don’t worry, I didn’t kill Dr. Dark. He is your prey. I’m leaving him for you to take care of personally.” Yuan Zheng said.

When he met Su Shi’s gaze, the trace of bloodlust in Yuan Zheng’s eyes faded away. He carefully carried Su Shi into the car and told him to rest his head on his shoulder.

Before the guards could chase after them, the deputy team leader had already deftly changed directions. He stepped on the accelerator and rushed out of Base B. The deputy team leader was still in shocked. He looked at the captain through the rearview mirror. The captain was currently coaxing Su Shi to sleep.

“Captain, when did you rise to S grade?”

After fighting side by side for so long, they were all familiar with Yuan Zheng’s abilities. To blow up an entire laboratory at such a distance, yet still accurately leave the person inside alive, that was something that was impossible to do with Yuan Zheng’s original strength.

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They couldn’t brazenly drive into the base with an armored vehicle while staging a rescue operation, so they had stolen a car at the last minute. The windows on the car were broken, and with the car going at full throttle, cold wind kept rushing into the car.

Su Shi was mostly wrapped up in Yuan Zheng’s arms, and thus avoided the cold wind. When he heard what the deputy team leader had said, he also raised his eyes and looked at Yuan Zheng.

There was a warm glow of concern in his dark pupils.

Yuan Zheng lowered his head to look at him, rubbed his head with a smile, and said in a soft and low voice, “It’s thanks to the crystal core you gave me. Originally, I still had some ways to go before leveling up, but when I woke up, I found out that your crystal core helped me break through that layer of barrier.”

Wood could make fire. Then the strength of the fire element would increase and the light element would naturally become stronger.

Su Shi nodded with satisfaction, closed his eyes, and leaned back again. After a while, he couldn’t help dozing off.

Yuan Zheng sat upright and held him motionless. He couldn’t help stroking the ends of Su Shi’s soft hair with his fingertips again. He lowered his gaze pensively and looked at the person who had suddenly dropped all his defenses and was dozing peacefully in his embrace.

Yuan Zheng abruptly remembered that vague dream again.

At that time, he was sitting on the cusp between life and death, and it was hard to tell if it was some fractured memory or merely a hallucination.

He could feel like he was remembering something, but it was as if he had bumped up against some kind of restriction or rule, and that memory was erased again, leaving behind only vague memories.

The body has memories. The soul has memories. It felt like something in his body had been completely reset, and the thing that was missing was recovered. As a result, the entire person became unprecedentedly complete and real.

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Yuan Zheng didn’t know if Su Shi was also aware of it, so he suddenly stopped guarding against him and avoiding his embrace.

He touched a soft kiss to the dozing young man’s slightly fluttering eyelashes. It was a quick thing, there and then gone.

They had a smooth journey. The Bloodthirsty Forest seemed to know who they were and did not create any obstacles to block their path, letting them return to the Unbounded City safely.

Su Shi did not wake up during the ride back, and he continued to doze after they got back.

Yuan Zheng did not ask anyone else for help. Alone, he carried Su Shi back to his room and gently laid him down on the bed.

Su Shi was dead to the world. He did not stir at all when Yuan Zheng transferred him from his arms to the bed and then wrapped him up in a blanket.

Su Shi had long exhausted all his energy. He had gone through a fierce battle and then had to endure pain all over his body. From the moment their eyes met, Yuan Zheng had noticed Su Shi’s exhaustion. In those black eyes filled with unguarded surprise, there was also a deep tiredness that said he has long been on the verge of hitting his limit.

In the face of such fatigue, nothing seemed to matter anymore.

Yuan Zheng sat by the bed and looked at Su Shi until the sky gradually darkened. Warm light fell on the young man’s delicate countenance, casting a faint shadow. Suddenly, all of Su Shi’s sharp edges and aloofness seemed to be blurred.

The throbbing within him finally broke through the limit of his reason. Yuan Zheng couldn’t help but hug the body that was quietly curled up under the blanket. He held his breath and leaned down.

The person who was sleeping suddenly opened his eyes.

Moist, black eyes looked at Yuan Zheng seriously. Su Shi did not avert his eyes, but he also was not taking the initiative to meet the other man’s gaze. It was as if he was still trying to confirm something.

Yuan Zheng’s movements stopped. He saw that Su Shi had suddenly woken up and quickly pulled back: “I’m sorry…”

Su Shi suddenly opened his mouth, “Can you make hot cocoa?” His throat was a little hoarse after sleeping for a long time. He carefully pushed himself up into a sitting position.

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Yuan Zheng was already reaching out to help steady him. He then picked up the warm water from the bedside table and gave it to the young man.

Taking a few sips of warm water, Su Shi finally relieved the thirst in his throat. Su Shi looked up at him. Seeing the other person’s blank expression, he repeated the question seriously: “Can you make hot cocoa?”

All of Su Shi’s subtle alienation was gone upon their reunion this time. He already had somewhat of a hunch in mind, but he still did not dare to carelessly make such a hasty determination [without proof].

Yuan Zheng was stunned for a moment. Then his expression softened slightly, and he rubbed the young man’s soft short hair: “You want to drink cocoa? I don’t know if anyone still produces cocoa powder in these post-apocalyptic times, but I will go to the supermarket and see if I can find some.”

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 145

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Chapter 145

“No, it’s not like that! Wait a minute, I can explain-”

Dr. Dark backed away in a hurry. Just as he was trying to explain himself, Yuan Zheng struck him hard in the chest. The crisp crackling sound of bone breaking could be heard, and the taste of iron filled his mouth.

His body flew backwards and he smacked heavily against the hard instrument stand. He tried to crawl back up, but failed even after multiple tries. With difficulty, he coughed up two mouthfuls of blood. He curled up like a shrimp, trembling in fear, and shrank back.

Yuan Zheng’s chest rose and fell rapidly. He almost didn’t dare to lift the white cloth because he was so afraid of what he might find, but he still forced himself to stretch out his hand and slowly lift the white cloth with a faintly trembling hand.

The familiar face hidden below was finally revealed. Yuan Zheng’s eyes abruptly darkened, and the strength in his body immediately dissipated. He almost fell to his knees, but the person lying on the bed suddenly opened his eyes.

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Those pure black pupil clearly reflected Yuan Zheng’s image. Suddenly, it was like they were lit up with stars. The young man’s delicate eyebrows and eyes curved into a soft and beautiful arc, but it was still difficult to conceal the faint redness of the eyes.

Yuan Zheng held his breath subconsciously, and carefully stroked the young man’s somewhat pale cheek.

The temperature of the young man’s skin was warmer than Yuan Zheng had imaged, which made him calm down. He was afraid tha the other party had already suffered some cruel treatment under Dr. Dark’s hands, so he didn’t dare to move his body carelessly.

Su Shi ran out of patience. He grabbed Yuan Zheng’s hand and exerted a bit of strength to pull himself up. Then he slammed into that familiar warm embrace.

Yuan Zheng’s arm trembled violently. His hot tears almost brimmed over and fell down his cheeks. He forcefully swallowed down the choked feeling in his throat and hugged the body in his arms tightly.

The temperature in the lab was set low, and the dissection table was terribly cold. Finally wrapped up again in that fresh and warm embrace, Su Shi couldn’t help sighing in contentment. He snuggled his head comfortably into the curve of the other person’s neck. Intense tiredness surged up, and he didn’t want to move at all.

Su Shi’s intimate gestures made Yuan Zheng’s chest burn hot.

Yuan Zheng blinked back the water vapor in his eyes, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but lift upwards. He carefully wrapped Su Shi in his arms and attentively checked whether the other person was hurt or not.

“I’m fine.” Su Shi said. He was just a bit panicky because he was feeling thirsty from eating the spicy noodles. Su Shi cleared his throat and held Yuan Zheng’s arm: “Is it safe outside?”

“I closed the emergency doors on both sides of the hallway. It’s safe for the time being.”

Su Shi’s slightly hoarse voice made Yuan Zheng’s heart sink. He held Su Shi’s hand. His gaze fell onto those still reddened eyes [of Su Shi’s]. He worriedly folded an arm around Su Shi’s shoulders: “What did Dr. Dark do to you? Did he hurt you?”

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To be able to break free from such a dark past and able to face down a sky filled with artillery fire alone, just what kind of experience would make Mu Shi cry? Yuan Zheng did not dare to imagine.

Out of the blue, from the corner of the room came the loud sound of heavy objects falling to the floor.

Su Shi looked over and met Dr. Dark’s pleading eyes. He couldn’t help the corners of his lips from pulling up a bit.

Su Shi shook his head gently and said, “You came here very quickly. He didn’t have time to do anything to me.”

As soon as he opened his mouth, there was something off about his voice, and his eyes reddened all over again. Contrary to his words, his expression made Yuan Zheng feel even more stuffy and unbearable.

Yuan Zheng couldn’t bear to destroy his façade. His eyes softened again. He hugged the person in his arms and comfortingly stroked his back: “It doesn’t matter, we’re going back now. It’ll be fine once we go back…”

Both Su Shi’s mind and body relaxed. Tiredness has filled his body up to the apex of his head. Su Shi agreed in a low voice, and leaned back into Yuan Zheng’s arms, obviously no longer planning to care about what happens after.

Yuan Zheng embraced him. His eyes were soaked in a gentle and indulgent warmth. He hugged the young man firmly, and walked towards the window.

“If you’re sleepy, then go to sleep at ease. I’ll bring you back, okay?”

Held within Yuan Zheng’s arms, the last chill in Su Shi’s heart was taken away. The blackening value quietly dropped, and he simply buried his face in the other man’s warm neck and responded vaguely.

Those spicy noodles have absolutely wrecked Su Shi [in a way that Dr. Dark never could]. His voice was all nasally from the spice.

Looking down at the young man in his arms, warmth spread through Yuan Zheng’s chest and he tightened his arms even more.

Beyond the window, it was cold and windy, but within the man’s embrace, it was as warm as a gentle spring.

Su Shi closed his eyes and took the initiative to raise his hand to embrace the other man’s strong shoulders, gripping it tightly.

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The arm wrapped around his back trembled lightly. It was as if he had obtained a long awaited response, and he couldn’t wait to use all his strength. The halyard firmly clasped the protruding masonry outside the window. The cold wind whistled in his ears as he jumped down.

The vehicle was waiting below, and the deputy team leader hurried up to meet him.

Su Shi breathed a sigh of relief before closing his eyes, but the laboratory behind him suddenly burst into dazzling flames, followed by an earth-shattering explosion.

The deafening loud noise made him subconsciously tense in alarm as he raised his head. After determining that the experience points inside the laboratory was still in a human shape, he breathed a sigh of relief, but the panic had yet to completely settle.

Under the light of the scorching fire, Su Shi seemed to observe a faint trance of icy redness in Yuan Zheng’s eyes.

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The author has something to say:

Gong: Ψ(#一︿一)Ψ

#What am I to do if the protagonist blackens?

#I blew up the lab for you.

#I also blew up the pot.

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The Big Landlord 137.2

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Chapter 137.2 – I Have, You Don’t Have?

The people from the First Prince’s faction also subtly laughed at An Zi Ran’s expense.

Indeed, An Zi Ran had married into the Fu wangfu, and most people who get married into another family were women. So what Zhang Sun Shao Qi said was not wide of the mark, but his behavior could also be considered trying to pick a fight. After all, An Zi Ran was still a man, so how could he sit with a group of women? What kind of image would that make?

Fu Wu Tian glared at Zhang Sun Shao Qi, but to everyone’s surprise he did not speak up for his wangfei. However, his gaze was deep and immeasurable, and there seemed to be something strange mixed in with the emotion in his eyes. Those who were secretly observing him could not help having some misgivings.

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“Whether or not I am a man, my wangye can testify for me. But rather, Zhang Sun-gongzi, I’m really curious, how is Zhang Sun-gongzi different from me? Could it be that something I have, you… don’t have?” When An Zi Ran said the last two words, he looked down vaguely at Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s lower body, but the underlying thing that he was hinting at was obvious to everyone present.


Fu Yuan Fan was the first to cooperate with a laugh, and his line of sight was much more direct than An Zi Ran’s. His gaze directly fell on Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s crotch. His eyes were full of mirth, as if asking ‘you really don’t have [it]? Oh my, I’m really curious!’

The atmosphere suddenly took a turn for the ambiguous, and due to Fu Yuan Fan’s cooperation, many people’s eyes also fell onto Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s crotch.

Zhang Sun Shao Qi flushed beet red and resisted the impulse for violence.

He had only wanted to embarrass An Zi Ran, because if An Zi Ran were to be embarrassed, then Fu Wu Tian also wouldn’t look good. But he never imagined that this An Zi Ran was no ordinary person. When it came to glib talk, he was not inferior to him at all.

Some people were now starting to understand why Fu Wu Tian didn’t stand up and speak for his wangfei. It turned out that he knew that his wangfei was capable of dealing with it. Moreover, his wangfei was not an ordinary character. With just a few words, he embarrassed the only seedling of the Zhang Sun family in public.

“You… you’re just a…”

“Shao Qi!”

Before Zhang Sun Shao Qi could finish speaking his words, Zhang Sun Cheng De’s majestic voice suddenly boomed. His voice held no hints of anger, instead, it was very calm, but to Zhang Sun Shao Qi it was like being struck by lightning at midnight. He was so frightened that he broke out into cold sweat.

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If he said something terrible to An Zi Ran on such an important occasion, it would be like slapping Fu Wu Tian on the face. Fu Wu Tian was a member of the imperial family. You could imagine what would be the consequences of offending royalty. Offending Fu Wu Tian for a trivial matter would not be worth it.

No matter how much the emperor disliked Fu Wu Tian, he still would never allow an outsider to slap the face of the imperial family. Beside, the emperor had personally approved of their marriage. Most importantly, the competition among the three factions in the imperial court has become more and more fierce lately, and the emperor was just hounding for an opportunity to weaken the factions’ power.

However, Zhang Sun Cheng De stepped in a bit late.

Anyone with brains could already guess what Zhang Sun Shao Qi wanted to say.

Whether it was An Zi Ran or Fu Wu Tian, the look in their eyes have gained a dangerous light, and the atmosphere abruptly turned cold.

The strange atmosphere quickly attracted other people’s attention, including the emperor and the empress, who also looked over to their area.

Emperor Chong Ming’s eyes were such thin slits that it was hard to discern his expression. When the empress saw that members from her family were involved, her phoenix eyes instantly sharpened.

Everyone dispersed in tacit understanding, and no one mentioned the matter that occurred just then.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

As soon as An Zi Ran took his seat, he was acutely aware of someone’s gaze on him. When he turned his head he saw that it was Fu Yuan Cheng looking over at him. When Fu Yuan Cheng saw An Zi Ran looking at him, he gave An Zi Ran a friendly smile, but An Zi Ran did not reciprocate.

“Cousin Wu Tian, your wangfei is really impressive.” Fu Yuan Wu said.

Fu Yuan Wu, who was sitting half a table away on Fu Wu Tian’s right hand side, suddenly looked over at them with an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile. Anyone with ears could hear the ill intentions in those words. But who could blame him? Zhang Sun Shao Qi was his younger male cousin via the matriarchal line. After being embarrassed in public, it would be weird for him to be happy.

Fu Wu Tian’s indifference gaze glanced over the other man’s face carelessly. Just when Fu Yuan Wu thought that Fu Wu Tian was going to retort, Fu Wu Tian only hummed lightly in response and then looked away.

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 144

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Chapter 144

The girl glanced over in their direction. Then she leaned over and spoke softly beside the children’s ears.

The boy at the head of the group suddenly ran towards Yuan Zheng with his fists clenched tightly. He stopped in front of Yuan Zheng, panting for breath. The boy took out a handful of candy from his pocket and shoved it into the man’s hand. Then he rummaged in his other pocket for more candy.

“Big brother, I’ll give you all my candy, can you help us bring Mu Shi-gege back?”

[T/N: gege means “older brother,” not necessarily blood-related]

Yuan Zheng’s lungs stuttered. He looked into the bright, clear eyes of the child.


Looking at the figure sitting in front of his experimental table and struggling with a bowl of spicy instant noodles, Dr. Dark carefully leaned over and hesitantly tried to probe, “When is your protagonist going to come pick you up? I still have some more recovery potions. Would you like to send him a few more bottles…?”

“I took all of it already and didn’t leave any behind for you.”

Su Shi waved his hand. His throat was hoarse from the spices. He sniffed and wiped the tears from his eyes.

Next time, he definitely wouldn’t choose this flavor anymore.

Dr. Dark slumped back in an instant. After thinking for a while, his eyes suddenly lit up: “I am blinded by greed. I plotted to seize control of Base B. Just when I’m about to succeed, you came and kill me. Then Base B will become yours. What do you think [about this plan]?”

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Su Shi had no interest in the base, and was about to decline, but then he suddenly thought of the people on the patrol team.

The whole thing was a complete conspiracy from the very beginning. Base B has made up its mind to provoke everyone’s fear of themselves. The patrol team was undoubtedly the bait that has been sacrificed.

With his split second defection in the Bloodthirsty Forest, Yuan Zheng’s name has already been completely tied to the Son of Hell and Unbounded City. Even though Sun Shuo was already under Su Shi’s control, Base B has already lost all trust in the patrol team’s members.

For the protagonist, the higher you go in a world, the stronger the power that can be absorbed.

Su Shi suddenly became interested. He put down the bowl of noodles and turned around: “How long will it take?”

“Are you interested? I knew you would be interested!”

Dr. Dark raised his head as if he had been granted amnesty. His gaze was luminous. “I have already started making arrangements, and now Sun Shuo is under your command. Have him follow my orders temporarily, and I will be able to get the base in one month at most!”

The task Su Shi had accepted just happened to be [get rid of the Doctor of Hell and protect Base B]. Su Shi certainly did not intend to refuse the opportunity offered by the other party to successfully complete the task. After pondering for a while, he nodded, and handed out a pale green seed to him.

“This is my crystal nucleus. As long as you hold it in your hand, he will listen to what you say.”

His crystal core had to be compressed and formed by the power of condensation. The strength it took to do that caused Su Shi’s complexion to turn a little pale. The drowsiness, which was previously suppressed by the spiciness of the noodles, rose up again.

After fighting for a whole night, the painkiller finally took effect and numbed his aches. His body entered a sleepy, relaxed, and tired state.

Su Shi yawned, looked around, walked over to the only dissection table in the corner where he could lie down, turned over, and lay on it lightly: “I’m going to sleep, help me clean up.”

Dr. Dark’s expression flickered, but he didn’t have the courage to say the words to persuade Su Shi to come down. He crept up to clean up the experimental table, and leaned over to see if the person was asleep. Just as he walked to the edge of the dissection table, the door of the laboratory was suddenly pushed open.

Su Shi was just about to enter the land of dreams when he heard the sounds. He instinctively propped up his body, and looked towards the door.

Dr. Dark’s complexion has changed greatly, and he hurriedly pressed Su Shi back down. He hastily pulled over a sheet of white cloth and covered Su Shi with it: “Don’t move, I’m begging you, don’t move a muscle…”

For the Son of Hell to be sleeping peacefully in his laboratory, no matter who saw this sight, his villain boss character would collapse immediately. For the staff, their punishment for breaking their character settings was much heavier than that for users. Just deducting experience points would be a light punishment. He might even be banished to a more wretched world.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

After hiding Su Shi in a hurry, Dr. Dark calmed down a bit. Then he turned around and looked at the door, but the expression on his face instantly froze.

Yuan Zheng was standing steadily at the doorway, his chest heaving slightly. His body was still wreathed in the killing intent that had carried him all the way from the gates to the lab. Cold wind poured in from beyond the door, bringing with it the scent of freshly spilt blood.

Yuan Zheng’s gaze swept across the interior of the laboratory, and the corners of his eyes suddenly tightened.

The wicked doctor was standing beside the icy dissecting table, looking at Yuan Zheng with uncontrollable panic and nervousness. He was trying to cover up the dissecting table, which was covered up with a white cloth, behind him.

That layer of white cloth caused infinite fear to suddenly appear in Yuan Zheng’s chest, and the hands hanging down by his side were already trembling faintly.

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The Big Landlord 137.1

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Chapter 137.1 – I Have, You Don’t Have?

This was the first time that An Zi Ran was seeing Emperor Chong Ming and the empress, Zhang Sun Tian Feng.

The two were dressed in bright yellow clothes and they walked in slowly from the gates of the Tai Qing Palace while surrounded by palace maids and eunuchs. Due to often hearing things about the emperor, An Zi Ran subconsciously looked over at the emperor when he arrived.

Emperor Chong Ming looked no different from an ordinary middle-aged man. He was arrogant and extravagant all year round, and had developed a plump figure. Under the noble bright yellow fabric, he could not hide his protruding belly at all. His wide figure was almost twice that of the empress, perhaps even bigger.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The emperor was not ugly in his youth. Although he was not handsome, compared to most ordinary men he was considered average, and due to his high position in life, he had an imperial aura, so it was easy for people to overlook his appearance.


Since Emperor Chong Ming became the emperor, he no longer controlled his desires, and he became fatter and fatter. By now, his entire dace was full of fat. He had three or four layers of fat dangling from his chin, and his eyes – which could be considered big before – were squeezed into a thin line by the surrounding fat.

His sallow complexion, dark under eye circles, and muddy gaze indicated that the emperor has ruined his health. So much so that his days might even be limited.

Recently, the battle for the throne within the imperial court has intensified; so all the princes and court officials must also be anticipating the inevitable end of the emperor’s days.

The struggle between the three major factions has gradually moved into the spotlight. Corrupt officials were constantly being exposed, and officials were constantly being dismissed.

An Zi Ran threw the stray thought out of his mind and turned his gaze to the empress, Zhang Sun Tian Feng.

Zhang Sun Tian Feng was undoubtedly a great beauty. She had an awl face, long shapely eyebrows, and small lips. Although she was already in her forties, her appearance was very well maintained, so she did not look a day over thirty.

By logic, the lustful Emperor Chong Ming should be interested in such woman. But perhaps it was because she has been sitting in the empress’s position for too long, so she always carried a strong and inviolable majesty. Her gaze was also sharp; making the people she looked at feel as if she was scrutinizing every single inch of their person.

The crown prince has such a strong mother empress to back him, so his road to the throne must be somewhat smoother than the others.

Now that the host of the banquet has arrived, the guest all began to take their seats.

A state banquet was not like a family banquet. There was no need for men and women to sit separately for family banquets. Mothers, brothers, and sisters could all sit together. But for a state banquet they must be separated.

The concubines of the harem sat together with the female relatives of the court officials. Except for the empress, the others were arranged according to their status. They sat on the lower right of the emperor. On the left were the princes, grandsons, and civil and military officials.

Just as everyone started to find their seats according to their positions, a somewhat familiar yet unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded in An Zi Ran’s ear.

“Eh, did the junwangfei go to the wrong place?”

Fu Wu Tian was Emperor Chong Ming’s biological nephew, and he was also conferred the title of junwang, so his status was the same as that of the eldest prince. Therefore, he was ranked in front of Fu Yuan Cheng, the second prince, who was about the same age. An Zi Ran was his wangfei, so he would naturally sit next to him.

The other person deliberately did not lower their voice, so everyone around them heard him.

However, no one stood out to say anything, and some even looked between them with the mentality of watching something interesting.

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Since the other party had specifically called out his title, it would not be good for An Zi Ran to pretend as if he did not hear him, so he looked over at the other person. As expected, it was the man who was previously charging around violently on the streets, and then ended up wrecking his own horse carriage – that Zhang Sun Shao Qi. At present, he was looking at An Zi Ran with a face of Schadenfreude.

There was no need to ask for clarification to know what Zhang Sun Shao Qi was trying to say.

An Zi Ran’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he spoke calmly, “If I’m in the wrong place, then did Zhang Sun-gongzi also go to the wrong place?”

“What a joke, this gongzi is a legitimate man, unlike Fu-wangfei. Of course it is natural and proper for me to sit here, but Fu-wangfei, since you married junwang, then shouldn’t you sit with the womenfolk?”

When he said the last sentence, Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s face was full of malice.

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 108

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Chapter 108 – Stunning the Audience

Qiu Jin ignored Guan Yuquan’s provocation and explained, “Ji He is a very complicated person, but at the same time he is also very simple. The audience can interpret his behavior in many ways. But from his own perspective, there is a logic that runs through his life: gratitude and grudges must be clearly divided and repaid in turn.”

“His father wants to kill him, so he murders his father. Zombies kill humans, so he destroys the zombies. He’s only doing what he thinks is right. There is no other motive.”

As soon as Qiu Jin said these words, the smile on Guan Yuquan’s face disappeared.

Director Yi Congqing tapped the table with his index finger, showing a thoughtful expression.

Qiu Jin continued: “The second point is that these lines are too preachy. I know that these lines of dialogue are very philosophical and meaningful, but why would you make the character go against his character setting to say these lines? Why not have the audience experience it for themselves?”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

At this moment, Yi Congqing stopped drumming his finger on the table.

Guan Yuquan was stunned. He stared at Qiu Jin’s expression, but found that he couldn’t say anything to refute the other person.

The other screenwriter – the older one – Dou Gao, nodded: “It is indeed so. Instead of preaching ideas, just express them and then let the audience discover them for themselves.”

Guan Yuquan opened and closed his mouth. He said, “How can you be sure that the audience will get it?”

Qiu Jin responded: “There will always be some people who won’t understand it.”

“Then what if they misinterpret it?”

“So what if they misinterpret it?” Dou Gao suddenly laughed. “As the saying goes, if there are a thousand readers, then there are a thousand Hamlets. Works of art will always be misunderstood, but it is precisely the people’s different interpretations of the works of art that give them new life.”

Yi Congqing was persuaded. “Then delete those lines [in the script].”

Guan Yuquan nodded. Now, when he looked at Qiu Jin, there was no more contempt in his eyes.

He even took the initiative to ask: “What is the third point?”

Qiu Jin said, “I think the handling of this scene is too sensational. I recommend taking out the reminiscence scene and flashbacks, as well as the scene where the protagonists cry because of Ji He’s death.”

However, Yi Congqing disagreed: “When the curtain drops on Ji He’s character, there must be a highlight moment [for him].”

Qiu Jin replied, “A highlighting moment is indeed essential, but when he takes this action, the meaning behind it is already reflected in his actions. At this time, inserting flashback memories would just be superfluous.”

Yi Congqing frowned and tapped the table lightly with his index finger. He was finally persuaded and nodded, “Then delete the flashback memories.”

Immediately afterwards, he asked with a smile: “Are there any more?”

Qiu Jin hesitated for a moment. He felt that he was talking too much, which would probably make some people unhappy, but it wouldn’t sit right with him if he didn’t express his opinions.

The script was the most fundamental thing in a drama. Asking him not to talk about the problem when he saw it was like making him feel an itch that could not be scratched.

As if seeing his hesitation, Yi Congqing smiled: “If you don’t talk about it now, when the drama flops, we will all be suffering with you.”

Qiu Jin said, “I just think it’s a little out of place to arrange for the protagonist to cry here.”

Yi Congqing asked, “Why do you say so?”

Qiu Jin replied, “At this point, they are in a critical situation. There is no time to cry. What they should do is to cherish every minute and every second that Ji He fought for them with his life to win.”

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“There is some truth to what you say, but…” Yi Congqing frowned, “After going through the scene just now, the protagonist’s feelings must have a point of release, and the action of their crying is the fulfillment of their feelings. It is indispensable.”

Qiu Jin: “If it’s like this, then wouldn’t it be better to have the protagonist reminiscence later on in the script?”

Yi Congqing was stunned for a moment, and then he slapped his thigh and sighed, “This change is incredible!!”

Holding back tears was more moving than wailing out loud.

Grieving and still taking responsibility was more heartbreaking than hysteria.

However, humans could not always be strong. After saving the world, the warriors would not only hold a banquet to celebrate, but also think about and lament their fallen comrades.

To shed silent tears.

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 143

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Chapter 143 (45.2)

The light elemental ability could also have the effect of healing and purification, but it was much more intense than the gentle healing ability. The deputy team leader frantically wanted to stop Yuan Zheng, but he did not dare to approach his captain too rashly. His throat was choked with anxiety.

Due to the intense pain, Yuan Zheng’s muscles were pulled as taut as rods of steel. His chest rose and fell slightly, and there was some cold sweat oozing from his forehead. His voice was hoarse: “He gave me his crystal core.”

The deputy team leader looked up in amazement. He opened his mouth in disbelief. Panic colored his eyes.

Suspended in the air was a light green seed enveloped in the crystal core’s light.

The cool breath of life continued to overflow, flowing to every corner of his body and healing the body tissue that was burned and damaged by the excessive light power.

Yuan Zheng closed his eyes. The pain in his body was almost like a separate essence. He took a deep breath and stood up by leaning against the edge of the bed.

“I was just wondering… was I wrong at that time? My self-righteous meddling might have put him into danger because he could not act freely…”

Even before they had tried to contact others [outside of the patrol team], the Son of Hell had already been abandoned at the start of the post-apocalypse to live in the wilderness and ruins of a destroyed society. Yet he was able to survive depending on his own strength and power.

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Based on the Son of Hell’s abilities, if it wasn’t to save the patrol team or to save Yuan Zheng, he would not have fallen into anyone’s hands.

A sudden surge of regret overtook Yuan Zheng. Why did he have to pull Mu Shi back?

When he had hugged that body, he could feel the trembling from the body in his arms due to extreme forbearance. He could tell that if he had not stopped Mu Shi, then Mu Shi really might have chosen to take everyone down with a self-destructive death.

But even such a result was still far better than humiliatingly choosing to obey, falling into the hands of the enemy again, and being forced to experience the boundless pain and fear of being an experimental subject once again.

Yuan Zheng’s footsteps were still a little heavy, but he still pushed away the deputy team leader’s assistance and walked towards the door.

“I’m going to bring him back, or-”

Yuan Zheng looked into the deputy team leader’s worried yet complicated gaze. He took a deep breath and his eyes finally darkened completely.

“I’ll let him go.”

If Mu Shi could only survive by leaving their unnecessary warmth and reverting back into a fierce robber, then Yuan Zheng would no longer be self-righteous and bind those black wings.

Since everyone was anticipating the Son of Hell to be a powerful evildoer, then why not satisfy their wishes.

The deputy team leader hesitated to speak, and after a long while he finally sighed heavily. He stopped trying to persuade his captain, and just stepped forward to hand him the last bottle of recovery potion.

Yuan Zheng’s gaze warmed. He lightly patted the deputy team leader’s shoulder, took the potion, and drank it in large gulps.

The last vestiges of injury on his body were completely repaired, and only vague fatigue and residual pain remained, but they were not really troublesome.

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Yuan Zheng pushed open the door and walked out quickly. The bright sunlight outside made him instinctively raise his hand to block it. When his vision gradually recovered, he was slightly taken aback by the sight before him.

The Unbounded City was completely different from how the outside world had imagined it to be. It was not the nest of devils that everyone had thought it would be.

The paths were cleaned spotless. Several young children in clean clothes were running around and merrily playing. The bloodthirsty vines from the Bloodthirsty Forest that were terrifying to behold from outside were patient and tolerant in the hands of the children. They even thoughtfully picked up a child and held him up high so that he may pick the newly grown leaves from the apex of a tree.

A one-legged old man walked over on crutches and waved at them with a smile. Beside him, a girl wearing a veil took out candy from a basket and handed it out to the children.

A white cat with a missing ear jumped down nimbly from a roof. It ambled over to him, raised its head, and rubbed against his pants leg.

“This is Unbounded City.”

As if aware of Yuan Zheng’s gaze, the old man smiled and rubbed the heads of the children in front of him. He told them to go play elsewhere, and then he walked to Yuan Zheng’s side in a hurry.

“All the people and animals living in Unbounded City were abandoned by the outside world. This is the only place they can survive.”

The law of survival in the post-apocalyptic world was cold and cruel. All the weak and powerless beings were no longer sheltered. Instead, they were exiled [from the bases] to fend for themselves.

It was the Son of Hell who brought them here and settled them in the ruins that had been tidied up. As the days passed, the current Unbounded City was formed.

Yuan Zheng did not answer. He leaned over and rubbed the white cat’s head, but the light in his eyes dimmed more and more.

The old man seemed to know what he was thinking. He patted Yuan Zheng on the shoulder, smiled, and said warmly, “Don’t worry, that kid has a lot of crystal nuclei. He would give one to someone else at the drop of a hat. Even if he gave you one, a new core will form soon.”

Each ability user only had one main crystal nucleus. Once it was stripped, it could not be regenerated, which meant that person’s power would completely dissipate, so it was especially precious.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The deputy team leader looked up in amazement and met his captain’s equally astonished gaze. He hesitated for a while before carefully opening his mouth: “Uncle, could it be that Xiao Shi’s crystal nucleus… is in the shape of a strawberry?”

The old man was about to explain, but when the deputy team leader asked him this, he couldn’t help but cough twice and nearly lost his mysterious attitude. He shook his head with a light cough.

“No, his powers come from a different source compare to other humans, and not from the so-called crystal nucleus. Rather, it comes from an intact plant—he’s only giving away a few seeds. It’s not a big deal for a plant.”

With that said, his eyes turned to Yuan Zheng, and his expression softened: “Even the cruelest bloodthirsty plant still needs sunlight. I understand your confusion, but might as well figure out what he wants before making a decision, okay?”

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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 25

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Chapter 25 – Little Brother

Of course, these omegas only dared to chitchat and gossip. Just one sharp look from An Ji was enough to render them mute from fear. They could only hide to one side and criticize An Ji in low whispers, saying how he’s a terrible omega.

Scolding them was a waste of time. An Ji didn’t bother to argue with them. He lowered his head and continued to eat. Occasionally an alpha would come up to him hoping to strike a conversation, but he rejected them all.

Unexpectedly, half an hour later, those Omegas came back while weeping endlessly.

They didn’t speak. Instead, they wore the expression of a romance novel heroine that said, “I’m suffering a grave grievance but I won’t yield.” They looked at him with teary eyes as if An Ji was some heartless scumbag who played with them.

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“What are you doing here?” An Ji looked puzzled. “If you feel bullied then go home and look for your mothers.”

“Did you do it?” The blond-haired omega stepped forward and said with grief and indignation, “You, you, look at my head…!”

It was only then that An Ji noticed that the other party’s forehead was missing a piece. The originally thick curly blond hair was gone, and his entire forehead was exposed. He looked like a peeled egg, shining brightly under the venue lights.


The corner of An Ji’s mouth twitched as he tried hard not to laugh.

“My hair is gone, boo hoo hoo… It wasn’t easy for me to grow such long hair.”

Another omega also started crying.

He was born with a robust and square face, but he didn’t like it. He thought his face was too big, so he’s been using long straight black hair and thick bangs to cover up his face. But with his current short hair, his sharp face was completely exposed. Coupled with his monolid eyes and high cheekbones, he gave off an imposing aura.

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An Ji said, “Don’t you think you look quite good like this too?”

“Huh? Do… do I look good?” The omega froze for a split second and then he quickly whipped out a hand mirror to check his head.

“Xingyun, you do look pretty good like this.” An Ning smiled, and then he heaved a long sigh, “It’s just that you look too fierce, not like an omega at all.”

Hearing this, the young omega named Xingyun frowned and sided with the group that hated An Ji.

An Ning breathed a sigh of relief. Then he turned to look at An Ji.

“We all understand that you just came back from the Junk Star. You can learn etiquette slowly, but…” An Ning employed his skillful acting. He paused for two second, and then with a grief-stricken expression on his face, he said, “But how could you do such a thing?”

An Ji said coldly, “What thing?”

“Our hair!” An Ning yelled. “Just now, we were playing outside when a black shadow suddenly flashed by, and now our hair is gone!”

An Ji asked, “Which part of your hair is missing?”

“Can’t you see?” An Ning took off his hat. He had a bold spot in the middle of his head. It looked especially smooth compared to the long hair surrounding the bald spot.

“Pfft…” An Ji couldn’t bear it any longer, and laughed out loud.

An Ning’s expression changed instantly, and he quickly covered his head with his hat again.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

However, he was still a step too late. Everyone has already seen the top of An Ning’s shiny head. Many people showed embarrassed yet polite expressions and whispered behind their folding fans.

“You’re so young and yet you’re going bald already? The An family’s genes must not be very good!”

“Hey, this had nothing with do with the An family’s genes. An Ning is adopted.”

“That’s right. The other three children have thick hair, and only An Ning is bald.”

“And I was planning to have marriage talks with the An family too. Fortunately, I didn’t do it yet. Otherwise, that would be so embarrassing. I don’t want my future grandchildren to go bald at a young age.”

“An Ning is no good, but doesn’t the An family have another omega?”

“I don’t dare to do that. Look at how handsome he is? How can my kid be worthy of him?”

“That’s true. If he had not been kidnapped, then how can there be an An Ning today…”


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This Alpha’s Pheromones 107

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Chapter 107 – Stunning the Audience

As if he didn’t expect that Qiu Jin would take the initiative to express goodwill, Xiang Xi was stumped for a second. Xiang Xi withdrew his gaze somewhat stiffly and hurried into the elevator.

The place for the script reading was on the second floor of Huayi Media, inside a conference room with a round table. Both Qiu Jin and Xiang Xi arrived a bit early. Qiu Jin played on his phone and after a while most of the people have arrived.

There were no name cards on the table, so people just sat wherever they wanted. Xiang Xi sat diagonally opposite of Qiu Jin, while Jiang Ming sat next to Xiang Xi, which was directly opposite of Qiu Jin.

At this moment, a whiff of fragrant floral fragrance wafted over to Qiu Jin. He raised his head and saw an actress with wavy hair walking over. She wore ultra-black sunglasses on her face.

“Is this spot open?” The woman asked him. Her voice was very distinctive. It was low but not hoarse. It has a unique flavor to it and was highly recognizable.

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“Zhang-laoshi?” Qiu Jin immediately recognized the other person and shifted over to make room. “No one is sitting here. Help yourself.”

The woman sat down without hesitation, took off her sunglasses, and put them on the table, revealing a bright and stylish face.

The woman’s name was Zhang Qiongzi and she played another main supporting role in the drama. Her character was Empress Miluo. Her husband was a vulgar man with a messy harem. In the end, she killed him and became the first female emperor in the history of “The Rise and Fall of the World.”

People arrived one after another, and the reading session officially began.

One by one, the actors talked about their understanding of their characters. Also, those that had questions about the script or wanted to suggest changes could speak up.

When it was Qiu Jin’s turn, he did not beat around the bush and said directly: “The two scriptwriters are very professional. I just have some questions about one of the scenes and I hope to remove some lines.”

The young screenwriter Guan Yuquan frowned subconsciously, because he wrote that scene and he had spent a lot of time and effort on it.

“The Rise and Fall of the World” has two screenwriters, an old screenwriter who was good at telling stories and creating deep, meaningful content, and a young screenwriter who was good at coming up with melodrama and creating an interesting viewing experience.

Similar to shooting movies, young and good looking actors brought in viewers, while experience veterans maintained the quality of the work.

Guan Yuquan was the rookie screenwriter meant to bring in traffic with his writing. In the past few years he wrote two successful youthful movie scripts, and then he threw himself into the screenwriting industry.

Of course, this wasn’t to say that he was incompetent just because he was young. To be able to churn out two successful scripts meant that he had some real capability.

But he has three shortcomings.

One, he loved to sprinkle contrived melodrama everywhere, and including too many plot twists that sometimes ignored logic.

Two, he liked to use adjectives and adverbs rather than verbs.

Three, he liked to preach by using the characters as his mouthpiece.

The portion of dialogue that Qiu Jin pointed out was a preachy passage.

It was in the later stage of the plot, when humans fought against zombies. Ji He took the initiative to sacrifice his life in order to create opportunities for the protagonist group.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

This was his highlight moment and also the final curtain on his character.

Of course it should be taken seriously.

So the screenwriter arranged for him to have a lot of lines that talked about the family and the country. The script also had him recall the past in solid detail and only then did he finally die off.

Guan Yuquan also thought the same, so when he heard Qiu Jin’s question, his expression changed. “Which part does Qiu-laoshi have a problem with?”

As soon as Guan Yuquan said this, everyone’s eyes turned to Qiu Jin.

In their eyes, Qiu Jin was nothing more than a harlequin star without any acting experience. Saying that his acting was bad based on his previous idol drama was already merciful. His acting was a spectacle too horrible to endure, completely appalling to the eyes.

Such a person, actually wanted to change the script? Maybe he was doing it on just a whim or perhaps it was just a bid to make himself seem important.

Alas, the entertainment industry was like this. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry thought that they could just barge into the scene and shine.

Many actors cast sympathetic eyes towards Guan Yuquan.

“There are three specific issues,” Qiu Jin looked at the gathered people and said without hurry, “First, this dialogue is inconsistent with Ji He’s character setting. He is a man who killed his father, killed his brother, and even forfeited the country with his own two hands. But right before his death, you’re saying that he’s concerned for the welfare of the common people. This will cause a fission in the character setting. It also forcefully whitewashes the character. It’s not believable.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Guan Yuquan thought that Qiu Jin was just a layman who didn’t understand anything. Based on his low level, he actually wanted to point fingers and criticize others? This was such a joke. Did these people think script writing was so easy?

Guan Yuquan suddenly laughed: “Does Qiu-laoshi really understand the character of Ji He?”

Although he was laughing, everyone could hear the contempt and aggression in his laughter.

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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 89

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Chapter 89 – Is He Caring About Me?

The morning passed quickly. At lunchtime, Duan Shu Tong and Xi Duan made an appointment to eat together.

After burying his sentiments deep in his heart, Duan Shu Tong was no longer as uncomfortable as before when he faced Xi Duan. Duan Shu Tong laughed while he talked. Finally, he said a word of complaint: “In the afternoon, I have to sit in the conference room and listen to a speech.”

Xi Duan’s expression did not change as he said, “I will try to be as brief as possible.”

Duan Shu Tong: ???

He never thought that Xi Duan would speak as a representative of the company!

The young man was debating whether to apologize or not when he saw Xi Duan get up and say, “I have to go deal with something. Take your time eating.”

The man walked away on his long, lean legs.

Duan Shu Tong sighed under his breath. Whatever. If Xi Duan didn’t like him then just let it be. Anyway, he no longer had expectations of dating Xi Duan.

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Xi Duan ambled over to the manager in charge of hosting the conference. The manager had a cordial smile on his face as he shook hands with Xi Duan.

“Mr. Xi’s graceful bearing is the same as always.”

Xi Duan showed a faint smile, “I would like to thank you for your invitation, I am honored.”

The manager smiled even more, “It’s our honor to be able to enjoy your participation in the exhibition. This afternoon’s speech…”

“I was just about to talk about this,” Xi Duan cut him off. “In the afternoon, the company has an emergency video conference. I have to get back to the hotel before three o’clock. The speech may be brief.”

“Three o’clock?” The manager frowned, “The timing is a bit tight indeed.”

Xi Duan was not the only who would be giving a speech. The organizers, leading companies, as well as other corporation delegates would all be going up on stage to give their speeches.

But amongst all of the enterprises, Xi Duan was definitely the most important existence, so the manager must weigh the pros and cons.

“Then how about we limit each representative’s speech to fifteen minutes?”

Xi Duan’s eyes showed gratitude. He looked friendlier than his usual aloof and cold persona. “Thank you very much.”

The manager looked at Xi Duan’s countenance and he suddenly felt a lot better about the decision. Such a trivial matter, it was not a lost to do this favor for Xi Duan.

When afternoon rolled around, Duan Shu Tong came to the conference hall and prepared to be paralyzed all afternoon, but then he found that the organizer only spoke for fifteen minutes.

Didn’t Jiang Sheng say before that the organizer’s speech was the most long and boring?

Next to go up was the leading company Yalan.

The representative of Yalan Enterprise was Xu Ya Ze. After he went on stage, he glanced at the audience and easily spotted Duan Shu Tong sitting below in the audience. He sneered in his heart.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

So what if the Spring and Autumn Hall’s product was good? Duan Shu Tong still had to sit down in the audience and listen obediently to other people talking on stage.

Because he was too smug, he completely forgot the notice from the organizer. After the fifteen-minute mark he still kept talking without stopping. The staff kept winking at him and making gestures, but he didn’t see it at all.

It wasn’t until twenty-five minutes later that he suddenly realized the problem, and he quickly stopped talking and ended his speech.

Coincidentally, the person going up to make a speech right after him was the representative of the electronic information company, Xi Duan.

After Xi Duan took the stage, he only spoke reservedly for about two paragraphs worth of words.

“I am honored to be invited to participate in this exhibition. Thank you for your trust. I believe that the field of electronic information has developed rapidly in recent years. I believe that with your efforts, it will be more prosperous in the future. Time is limited, so I won’t go into details here.”

Everyone below in the audience lowered their heads and snickered, but Xu Ya Ze’s face was flushed with embarrassment. He wanted to find a hole and crawl into it.

Duan Shu Tong was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but chuckle.

Someone next to him said: “I used to think that President Xi was quite aloof. I didn’t expect him to be quite humorous. Did you see Xu Ya Ze’s expression? It’s so funny.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

“Haha, who’s to blame? They sent out a notice at noon and said that each person should not exceed fifteen minutes for their speech. Young people just don’t have a sense of time.”

To be honest, many bigwigs present did not take Xu Ya Ze too seriously.

He was just an ignorant brat. If it were not for his father’s sake, the organizers would not let him speak on stage.

Not only that, he completely made a fool of himself.

Duan Shu Tong’s smile gradually solidified. Xi Duan, he… he couldn’t have gone to negotiate with the organizer just because of one of his complaints, right?

It shouldn’t be. How could it be?

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The author has something to say:

Xi Duan: “I just want to know how many people think my name is Xi Rui.”

[T/N: Explaining the authors joke at the end. Xi Duan’s name in Chinese is 席端 and Xi Ruan is written as 席瑞. Duan 端 and Rui 瑞 look similar in Chinese. Duan means “end” while Rui means “lucky.” So it’s like Duan Shu Tong is lucky with Xi Duan around.]