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Hey everyone,

I’m still fairly new to the world of Chinese web novels, so there are terms that I’m not too familiar with. Can anyone explain to me what is a “green tea bitch?” I know it’s derogatory, but what does the “green tea” part mean?

Also, what is a “white lotus?” I have a feeling it’s supposed to describe a pure person, but then there are titles like Counterattack of the White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse where the white lotus character was originally an antagonist, so I’m confused.

If there are any other peculiar terms that you think I should know, then please feel free to comment.

Thanks in advance!

Edit 1: Other terms that I vaguely understand, but would like better clarification on: “slag” and “golden finger”

Edit 2: Has anyone ever heard of the term “white tea bitch” or was it “white flower bitch?” Is that even a thing? If it is, what does it mean?

Edit 3: I see the phrase “cling onto a golden thigh” a lot in transmigration novels. Does anyone know what this phrase is in Chinese (with the actual Chinese characters)? My understanding of this phrase is to find a powerful person to cling onto for protection and/or support. If there’s a better way to explain this phrase then please enlighten me.「(°ヘ°)

P.S. Special thanks to Chibi for all your prompt answers. Much appreciated.(˶′◡‵˶)
I feel a bit like a dunce though because I keep editing this post and adding more questions. I really should organize my thoughts more first. (*;´□`)ゞ

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  1. “slag” is a bad person, no good, not a good man and “golden finger” is a cheat, an incredible advantage

  2. So
    A “green tea bitch” is a female who acts all pure and good and innocent but is actually a scheming person who harms others
    A “white lotus” is the same as a “green tea bitch” someone who appears pure but actually is not
    And you got the idea down for “cling onto a golden thigh”, “golden thigh” is referring to either the protagonist in most stories or anyone with power and influence. While “clinging onto them” is just saying you stay with this powerful person in most cases to make your easier.

    1. P.S.
      I don’t recall ever seeing a term like white tea bitch or white flower bitch.
      I love that you read Counterattack of the White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse I love that novel! And this one, obviously ?
      And thank you so much for translating this story!!!

        1. Slag is generally is a another word for promiscuous.
          Like if your bf or gf cheats you’d call them slags.
          More of a derogatory word for promiscuous.

          1. I knew it was a negative term, but your explanation makes things so much clearer. Thanks! O(^▽^)O

        2. Don’t worry. You’re not being annoying. I love (positive) comments. The website looks very helpful and interesting. Some of the images had me LOLing. XD

          I love “Counterattack of the White Lotus,” too. It seems a bit weird at first because of the mishmash of genres, but it’s a really fun read. ^-^

          I’ve been informed that there’s a misconception with the term “white lotus,” and that it actually does mean someone who is pure. I recently came across the term in “The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System” and the young protagonist/ML was described as a white lotus by the MC. At this point the ML is truly an adorable and pure white bun, so I think white lotus is meant to be positive. If you like “Counterattack of the White Lotus” I think you’ll like “Scum Villain” too. If you decide to read it, let me know what you think. I have a post set up for “Scum Villain” under “Reviews,” so you can give me your opinions there. (Link to story is also included.) (^▽^)

  3. Green tea bitch is girl who pretends to be pure and innocent (like green tea) when they’re actually manipulative and calculating. In novels you’ll typically you’ll see this type of villain targeting men to get what they want and causing a great deal of collateral damage to the victimized heroine of the story. Usually no one but the heroine realizes what’s going on.

    Slag is someone who sleeps around. Derogatory term. Ex. Slag gong . Slag shou. Is also sometimes used by the readers to warn other readers of what kind story they’re getting into.

    White lotus was originally a description for a type of heroine/hero that was pure, beautiful, and untouched by the events(dirt) around them. Think of a lotus growing out of the mud. However, due to overuse, this term is slowly being co-opted to sometimes mean something similar to green-tea bitch. So someone who pretends to be a white lotus but is hiding their true self under that mask. The story will usually make it clear what type you’re dealing with by pointing out that the individual is pretending to be a white lotus.

    Golden finger is whatever cheat or power the author has bestowed on the main character. Things like having magic storage spaces, mysterious mentors, amazing ability to learn alchemy, different types of spiritual roots, etc.

    Never heard of a white tea bitch unless they’re mixing it with the negative type of white lotus.

    Cling to a golden thigh, cling to a thick thigh, cling to etc are just as you say. Just imagine you’re throwing yourself at someone’s mercy and you cling to one of their legs as you beg for help. So you’re relying on them for support or backing.

    1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, thank you for such a long and in-depth answer!
      This is super helpful to me. I shall take this glossary of terms with me and forge ever deeper into the world of Chinese web novels. Heeheehee. =^-^=

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