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Returning from Break


Thank you everyone for all your kindness and understanding while I was away. I was really touched by your supportive comments. It was definitely a much needed break. In order to not get bored or burned out on something (even if it’s something that I enjoy), I’d normally cycle through my hobbies, spending a few months on hobby 1, then a few months on hobby 2, then hobby 3, etc, before cycling back to hobby 1. I’m actually shocked at how long and consistently I been translating before my break. Thank you to everyone on patreon for keeping me accountable throughout this long journey. I’m back now, but I haven’t looked at my translation projects while I was on break, so I don’t have updates ready for you immediately. Please continue to be patient with me as I get back into the swing of things. As always, you can check here for my tentative updating schedule.

Thank you and happy reading.

-Vanilla Muse

4 thoughts on “Returning from Break

  1. Welcome Back, VM! I hope you’re feeling better, and were able to relax. No rush, and it’s wonderful to hear from you again ???? we missed you ????

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