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Sharing Rain and Dew

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life

Summary [from NU]

Ever since I was reborn ah,
I received affections from that scum* ~
This harem has three thousand beauties,
but he only favors me!
So I tried to persuade him ah, must ‘rain~ nectar~ evenly~ spread~ ‘** ,
but he just won’t listen!
He just spoiled me alone!

*Zha Gong (渣攻) means the seme who likes to treat their uke like playthings
** The title of the novel if translated directly will be Rain Nectar Evenly Spread (雨露均沾).

Personal Thoughts [spoilers in gray text]

Short and sweet is the best way to describe this novel. It’s a quick read so I really recommend it if you’re looking for some humorous fluff. The MC and ML are mutually in love. I do think this is sort of a spoiler, because when you first start reading you’re not immediately aware that the MC likes the ML, so his reactions to the ML’s actions seem even funnier. After reading through the story once, I highly recommend reading the story again to get the full effect. For such a short story there were such subtle hints and implications in the text that you just don’t realize until the second read through.

The translations by IAmABanana are also good. The words flow in English while keeping a Chinese atmosphere. When the translator leaves a Chinese word in, it is immediately followed by an explanation so the reader doesn’t get lost.

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