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Spring Once More

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Historical, Romance, Yaoi

Summary [from NU]

Ma Xiaodong was a good-natured young man content with his lot in life. He had a job, a girlfriend, and a car. In this life, he had it made. One day he had a quarrel with his girlfriend who cursed his lack of ambition, saying that he should be struck by lightning from the heavens. As he drove through the pouring rain, a dazzling lightning bolt hit his car!

Unbelievable… the heavens must have gotten something wrong!! As compensation for the mistake, the underworld’s emissary let him transmigrate into a good body with great fortune.

Thus he was reborn as a first-class prince in Ancient times. But what’s this? Why is the person in his bed a man? This is not good!

Personal Thoughts [spoiler free]

A funny story about a blundering straight man trying to navigate his unsolicited harem of beautiful men. This is a BL story that is told from the uncommon perspective of the seme. As of chapter 38 there is no papapa scene yet, but there’s been a few hot kisses.

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