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TBL 141.2

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Chapter 141.2 – To Incite Disharmony

An Zi Ran found the scene before him a little strange. The laowangye was already so old, yet he still addressed himself as erchen before the empress dowager.

“Do you find it amusing?”

Fu Wu Tian lowered his voice and whispered in An Zi Ran’s ear. There was a hint of contempt in his tone of voice.

An Zi Ran hesitated for a moment and then nodded.

Fu Wu Tian said: “In this world, there are two people that grandfather cannot go against. One of them is uncle, and the other one is the empress dowager. In front of great grandmother, even grandfather will be more ‘well-behaved’ and he won’t put up a hard front.”

The empress dowager was already over eighty years old. She was the longest-lived empress dowager in Da Ya. Due to her health care routine, she was not like most elderly people who could only lie in bed and could not move. Her mind was clear, and her energy levels were better than the average elderly person.

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But the empress dowager was indeed quite old, so the laowangye did not dare to anger her even a little bit, and he would never deliberately go against her. Even if he were reprimanded, he would endure it silently like a mute.

It was rare for four generations of the family to gather in Ciming Palace. In the end, Fu Yi also sat down after the empress dowager ordered him to. The room was full of talk and laughter. Although it was not as lively as the state banquet, the atmosphere was warmer than the state banquet.

An Zi Ran also liked the empress dowager very much. From time to time, he would say something that would cause her to laugh heartily. It was somewhat different from his usual apathetic manner.

After talking and laughing for nearly two quarters of an hour, the empress dowager reluctantly revealed a trace of exhaustion. Thus the three of them escorted her inside to rest before taking their leave.

After they left Ciming Palace, Fu Yi went to fetch the carriage, and the laowangye finally allowed his expression to go cold. He didn’t so much as glance at the pair.

“Wu Tian, back then, I told you marry the young lady of the An family. I didn’t tell you to marry the eldest young master of the An family. You know perfectly well that you’re the Fu wangfu’s sole scion. Are you deliberately trying to make your grandfather angry?”

Fu Wu Tian took An Zi Ran by the hand and walked up to the laowangye. He said slowly: “Grandfather, you are wrong. Fu wangfu still has uncle. He is also surnamed Fu.”

Hearing him mention Fu Yi, the old prince frowned, “Your uncle is forty years old, and he has no plans to marry and have children. Do you think you can count on him? Don’t think I don’t know what you’re planning. I don’t care what you think. In short, you must give me the next generation of the Fu wangfu. Afterwards, you can marry whomever you want and I won’t interfere.”

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If Fu Yi was willing to marry a wife and have children, of course the laowangye would be very happy, but because he felt guilty towards Fu Yi, he didn’t dare to force Fu Yi, so… he could only force his grandson…

“Then I’m sorry, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint Grandfather.” Fu Wu Tian said calmly, not taking the old man’s words to heart at all.

The laowangye’s expression turned gloomy in a split second. He knew that this grandson’s occasional obedience was actually an illusion. In essence, no one could force him. Unless he was in a good mood at the time, he would be more stubborn than his father. The old man really didn’t know whom Fu Wu Tian inherited this personality from.

Unable to deal with his grandson, the old man simply focused on An Zi Ran, “If you still acknowledge me as your grandfather, then persuade Wu Tian to marry a concubine, otherwise I will not approve of you.”

An Zi Ran looked at the old man. Then he looked at Fu Wu Tian, who wore a calm expression on his face. He dropped his gaze and said serenely, “Then, I can only refuse to acknowledge you as my grandfather.”

Fu Wu Tian sneered unceremoniously.

The laowangye’s expression turned dark again. He had no memory of the time when his brain was addled, so this could be considered his first head-to-head confrontation with An Zi Ran. The young man’s character was unexpectedly difficult, but he had a few points of his esteemed father’s character. Thinking of this, the laowangye immediately felt very upset.

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“Grandfather, during my father’s generation, the Fu wangfu and the emperor were already divided at heart, although they appeared to be united on the outside. Isn’t my not having any heirs what they [the emperor’s side] want? Like this, they won’t have reason to bother Fu wangfu in the future. And we won’t have to completely fall out with them.”

Fu Wu Tian tried to move the laowangye with his fallacious reasoning.


The laowangye was not so easily moved. This sentence was fallacious no matter how you listened to it. Did Fu Wu Tian think everyone else were idiots? According to his meaning, there would be no Fu wangfu in the future, so of course there wouldn’t be any falling out.

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