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  1. HI! I just wanted to tell you i that I have the full raw file of The Big Landlord if you want it. I just downloaded it just to read for myself in google translate. I love this story that I push through it as much as I can, but stopped once I got a headache. I found the story on a different site then the one I gave you. (https://www.52shuku8.com/chongsheng/567.html) it’s a little weird you have the find the chapter your translating, But if you a document file I can send it to you.

    1. Thanks for the link! It looks similar to the one that Eden gave me. Seems like it’s an unofficial website for the raws. Yeah, I can see what you mean by it being weird, because the numbers on the bottom doesn’t correspond to the chapter number, but I understand how to navigate it. I’m not really sure what you mean by document file (like dropbox?) But I think I can work it out from this site. 🙂 Please continue to enjoy the story and I hope I don’t disappoint with my translations.

      1. No You haven’t disappointed me at all! I’m just excited someone it translating this story. What i mean about document file is when I like a story that is not being translated anymore I search through different Chinese sites and download text files that can be open with textedit(mac) or notepad(windows). I can give it to you through dropbox or google drive. Thank you again for pick this story up!

  2. I often visit your site and have noticed that you don’t update
    it often. More frequent updates will give your page higher authority & rank in google.
    I know that writing articles takes a lot of time, but you
    can always help yourself with miftolo’s tools which will shorten the time of creating an article to a couple of seconds.

    1. Ko-Fi made some updates to their site. They added new beta features and switched up the editing page. Ever since then I haven’t been able to figure out how to reset the counter. But I am keeping count. The next goal number is 21.

  3. Excuse me … I was wondering if you gave me permission to translate the project from “the big landlord” into Spanish based on your English translation.

    Of course it will be emphasized that the translation is made on the basis of yours.

  4. Hello, for some time I followed your translations and they are great, you have my total support. I asked my older sister to ask, but I think I should ask you now. I wanted to know if you would allow me to translate “The Big LandLord” into Portuguese, the first chapter I translated from Chinese because I could not access chapter 1 in english. Do you allow?

    I translate for wattpad…

    1. Sure 😀 Just credit the English to me, and give me a link to your wattpad. I would love to take a look at your work.

  5. I’m reading this novel and I’m in love. I would like you to allow me to use your translations in English to translate into Spanish. I’ll give the credits using a link to your page.


  6. Gong Xin fa Cai,
    I just wanted you to know that pay for patreon, however the chapters are still locked. I know you’re changing sites. So please went you get a chance can you check for me.

    1. Happy Chinese New Year! ^-^
      I just checked for you and it looks like you changed the pledge amount, but you didn’t do it by selecting the specific tier. Patreon is being very anal about patrons selecting the specific reward tier they want, before giving you access to the rewards in that tier.
      I hope this fixes your problem. Let me know if it doesn’t and we’ll figure something out.

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