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The Big Landlord 101.1

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Chapter 101.1 – Showing Up at the Front Door

After Tian Long Gambling House opened, it really was gaining more and more gold day by day.

After seven days, Zhang Tian Zhong conscientiously handed over the items that the gambling house had received during those seven days to Ye Yu, who then forwarded them to An Zi Ran.

Zhang Tian Zhong never knew An Zi Ran’s true identity. He could only guess that An Zi Ran’s status in the capital was not low. As for the rest, he did not know.

As for the Ye Yu who came from no where.

This man always had a blank face, and his eyes were very empty. He walked silently. Every time he saw him, Zhang Tian Zhong felt a chill in his back. He knew that An Zi Ran did not trust him one hundred percent, so Ye Yu’s arrival was apparently to help out, but he was actually monitoring him.

Zhang Tian Zhong was not angry. He would do the same if the positions of the two were reversed.

No one can believe one person for no reason at all, especially since both of them could be regarded as businessmen, and businessmen valued integrity, but one must still guard against others. Otherwise, they would lose even the shirt on their back.

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The business of the gambling house was getting better and better. Every time Zhang Tian Zhong saw the entries in the account book, he was unable to conceal his happiness. Even though the silver was not his, he was still happy.

A few months ago, when Feng Hua Gambling House closed down, he never expected that he would be able to make a comeback, and he never thought that he would be able to sit atop mountains of gold and silver. Within one year, Tian Long Gambling House was capable of becoming the biggest gambling house in Jun Zi City.

But what really made him happy from the bottom of his heart was the misery of the other gambling houses.

Bao Hua Gambling House never thought that Tian Long Gambling House could get to this stage, not only making money daily, but also stealing their gambling customers.

The thought of Luo Yang’s potentially distorted face made Zhang Tian Zhong so happy that he could laugh himself awake at night.

Luo Yang, ah, Luo Yang, bet you never thought that you would one day be in this position, right?

At the same time, Luo Yang did not hop around like thunder, as Zhang Tian Zhong imagined. The master was now disappointed with him, only handing affairs over to Jiang Sheng. He had no room to think about other things. He must show some good results; otherwise Jiang Sheng might replace his position by the master’s side.

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Yesterday, Jiang Sheng mixed in with the crowd and entered Tian Long Gambling House. First, he went to the private room of the card game, stayed there for two hours, and tried to play a few games during that time, but he did not gamble too much. Then, with the gold membership card in hand, he entered the rumored little garden.

In the small garden, he saw the second novel gambling game.

According to the workers, this kind of gambling game was called Mahjong. It was a three or four player game. He played a few games and had to admit that the two new gambling games invented by Tian Long Gambling House were really attractive. Even he had a faint sense of wanting to stop playing but can’t.

Unsurprisingly, it wouldn’t be long before the two new gambling games spread throughout all of Da Ya, and even reach other countries.

Jiang Sheng was also jealous of this kind of prospect. If Bao Hua Gambling House could also introduce these two kinds of games…

Jiang Sheng didn’t stay long, and then returned to the casino.

“How was it?” Luo Yang couldn’t wait to ask him when he saw him.

Jiang Sheng glanced at him, poured a cup of tea to moisten his throat, and explained, “I probably know what material the card is made of.”

Luo Yang nodded and asked, “What about the other gambling game?”

Jiang Sheng frowned suddenly. “I can’t see through it yet. The number of things is relatively large. There are a hundred and thirty six pieces. It needs three or four people to play together. The shape is rectangular with some characters on it and the color is white. The material is not soft or hard. I can’t see what it is made of.”


“No, they all said that it was called Mahjong, but…” Jiang Sheng touched his chin in thought.

“But what?” Luo Yang asked.

Jiang Sheng thought long and hard. “I keep thinking that this material is similar to that of dominoes, but it doesn’t feel like it. What kind of wood is white?”

This made him very puzzled. After seeing those things, he kept thinking about the problem, but after searching around in his mind, he still didn’t find a match, as if those things were created out of thin air.
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“I will send someone to look into it. Let’s set this one aside for now. Just now, you said you know what material the playing cards are made of, so what exactly is it?” Luo Yang said.

Hearing this question, Jiang Sheng’s face flashed a weirdness, “You will never guess what materials they used, and the cost of that thing is not low, which is not conducive to promotion.”

“What the hell is it?” Luo Yang’s patience faded.

Jiang Sheng laughed. “It is the famous official card paper. The price is not low. Making a deck of cards requires six or seven official card papers. If you can’t reduce the cost, this thing can only be played in the casino. Normal people cannot afford it.”

Luo Yang calmly said, “Even if it is just in the casino, you can still earn a lot.”

Jiang Sheng did not comment, “What are you going to do?”

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