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The Big Landlord 101.2

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Chapter 101.2 – Showing Up at the Front Door

Luo Yang said, “Since we know that it is made of official card paper, then it is easy. In order to print the cards, one can only look for a carving workshop. But since we can think of this, then the other side definitely thought of this. They won’t let us find it so easily. So the best course of action is to start from the official card paper.”


“The manufacturing method of official card paper is a bit more troublesome than ordinary base paper, and it requires the approval of the Ministry of Industry to open a papermaking workshop. It is impossible for the other party to be a papermaking workshop in such a short time. The card paper must have been bought from the workshop. As long as we follow this clue, we will be able to find it!” The corner of Luo Yang’s mouth curved with a hint of confidence.

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Tian Long Gambling House held each deck of cards tightly. Even if they sent someone to watch, it would not be possible to write them down one by one, and the drawing methods of several of them were more complicated. It was almost impossible to draw without a single mistake.

So as long as they found the carving house, they would be able to get the printed template directly, which would save much time than daily observation at Tian Long Gambling House, and he did not want to let Tian Long Gambling House be too at ease.

On the same day, Luo Yang immediately dispatched people to investigate several carving workshops in the city.

However, he was destined to not get the result he wanted. Li Zhen had already ordered his workers, if anyone asked them at his carving workshop, the workers would say that they didn’t know.

There were only a dozen carving workshops in the capital. Luo Yang got the results the next day, and it was as he expected, so he was not disappointed. He was waiting for another result.

There were fewer paper mills in Jun Zi City than there were carving workshops.

Coincidentally, these workshops belonged to the royal family. It was too easy to find out who bought a large amount of official card papers at any time, and the results were quickly returned.

Luo Yang’s guess was correct. He only asked people to investigate the amount of official card paper sold within three months, and eliminated the small amount. As a result, only one person met his requirements. Due to the high price of official card paper, those shopkeepers generally did not buy more than five hundred pieces.

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A workshop owner named Li Zhen had bought a large amount of official card paper many times in the past three months. Each time it was more than a thousand sheets. Especially the latest order, the number reached one hundred thousand, exceeding the total sum of all the previous purchases. He practically wiped out the stocks of several paper mills.

Luo Yang immediately guessed what they were thinking.

The person behind Tian Long Gambling House was indeed very clever. That person knew that he would think of this method, so he bought a lot of official card paper in advance, precisely to avoid others from causing obstruction from within. Indeed, a far-reaching vision.

Fortunately, he still had the clue of Li Zhen. Even if he ran away, he still had his family. As long as he was still in Jun Zi City, then Luo Yang could be sure to search him out, but he didn’t know that things would not be as simple as he thought.

Li Zhen’s large purchase of official card paper could not be unnoticed. Since An Zi Ran decided to cooperate with him, he would protect the personal safety of him and his family.

However, Li Zhen was not too worried because he had the backing of the Imperial Fu Palace. Until Luo Yang and his people came to the door, he remained in his carving house with peace of mind.

“Li Zhen, I won’t beat around the bush. As long as you hand over the playing card samples and tell me who is working with you, I can let you go.” Luo Yang stared at Li Zhen who narrowed his eyes slightly. He was found out by Luo Yang, but he did not show a hint of fear, was the identity of the person behind him really unusual?

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Li Zhen smiled slightly and said without hesitation, “Master Luo talks big, but I am very sorry, I can’t agree to your demands. Furthermore, even if I am willing, the bankroller behind me might not agree. Businessmen value integrity. Li Zhen still wants to be able to live here. If people knew that I would casually betray my customers’ information, who would dare to cooperate with me in the future!”

“If you don’t speak now, then I’m afraid you won’t have a future.”

Luo Yang implicitly threatened. These were not empty words of threat.

Li Zhen’s complexion was proper. “Luo Yang, this is the land at the foot of heaven’s son. Murder is a crime. You can’t not know this. Could it be that you want to commit a crime knowingly? In your eyes, is there still imperial law?”


Luo Yang seemed to have heard something funny, raised his head, and laughed. He stopped after a while. Staring at Li Zhen, he said, “Li Zhen, are you really stupid or fake stupid? You think I would dare say something like this without a backer?”

“Of course I believe you!” Li Zhen said.

In fact, everyone in the capital knew that it was impossible to develop to the present if there were no big backers behind the nine great gambling houses.

“But, even if you say it like this, I still won’t agree to your demands.”

Luo Yang stared at his resolute expression for a long while, knowing that he couldn’t make him change his mind. His expression was somber. He flung his sleeves, threw out a threat, and left the workshop.

“Li Zhen, remember what you said today!”

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