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The Big Landlord 102.2

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Translator’s Note 7/14/20: I’m trying to see if I’ll get flagged for putting up the NSFW content in Chinese. If I do, then I’ll take it down. But if I don’t get flagged, I’ll leave it up, and maybe readers who are having trouble with the password can MTL the NSFW part? Just copy the URL, plug it into your translator of choice, and select from Chinese to English.

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Chapter 102.2 – The Person Behind the Scenes

The Chong Ming Emperor had personally conferred the title of cheng wang* on Fu Yuan Cheng. His mother, Shi gui fei**, originated from the common folk. She was a stunning beauty. Even though she was now in her thirties, she was still very loved by the Chong Ming Emperor.

[*T/N: The cheng in 诚王 cheng wang is the same cheng character in 傅元诚 Fu Yuan Cheng’s name. Cheng means “sincere, authentic,” and the wang is from wang ye.]

[**T/N: 贵妃 gui fei – senior concubine / imperial consort]

Despite not having a strong maternal family to back him up, Fu Yuan Cheng was still one of the strong competitors for the throne. But without the support of a strong maternal family, he could only create various connections by himself, so he would need a lot of money. An Zi Ran had reason to suspect him.

But there was one more prince who could be a possibility.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

For example, the third prince, Fu Yuan Yang. His mother was Yu huang gui fei*. Asides from the empress, Zhang Sun Tian Feng, and the empress dowager, she was the most respected person in the harem. In his maternal family, his father’s father (paternal grandfather) was the Ministry of War. His mother’s brother (maternal uncle) was the governor-general of the imperial bodyguards. All of his clansmen were officials serving in the government. On the surface, they only have the fertile land bestowed by the Chong Ming Emperor. Whether that was all they had was unknown.

[*T/N: The consort ranking systems vary depending on the dynasty, but in general 皇贵妃 huang gui fei is a level above gui fei and a level below empress.]

An Zi Ran told Fu Wu Tian his conjecture.

Wang fei is indeed smart.” Fu Wu Tian said with admiration.

An Zi Ran asked, “So which one is it?”

Fu Wu Tian, “This prince is also uncertain.”

“…You’re bluffing me?”

Wang fei, there’s a difference. This prince only said that the probability for these two people were the highest, but this prince did not say he knew which one it was.”

An Zi Ran glanced at him silently, then got up and left.

With great hand-eye coordination, Fu Wu Tian quickly grabbed on to An Zi Ran’s wrist, and exerted a little force. An Zi Ran immediately staggered and fell down atop his body. However, now he was different from the weak An Zi Ran of before. He reacted right away. At the moment he was pulled*, he used his unrestricted hand to support his body. At the same time, a smothered hum sounded above his head.

[*T/N: The original text used the idiom 千钧一发, meaning “imminent peril” or “a matter of life or death,” which I thought was hilarious. Author, are you saying AZR will get eaten if he doesn’t react fast enough? XD]

An Zi Ran hesitated for a moment, and then realized that there seemed to be something wrong with the landing point of his hand. The thing in his hand was not as hard as he imagined, but rather, had some give, and through the separation of cloth, there was an astonishing heat. His fingers curled together slightly and that thing abruptly hardened.



















傅无天见他没反抗,便不再顾虑,另一只手解开他的腰带直接伸进他的裤——头,然后将裤子褪到膝弯处,两条修长白皙的腿在袍子底下若隐若现,诱惑得他 更硬了。

傅无天握住他的 ,粗糙的茧子摩擦着那处地方周围的细皮 ,一股刺激的电流霎时流遍全身,安子然 一抖便坐在他腿上,那处风景刺激着傅无天的视线,终于也忍不住挑出自己的大家伙。

安子然眉毛紧紧的皱了一下,突然主动搂住傅无天的脖子,下半身挤压了过去,感觉到他 的大家伙摩擦着那处细嫩的肌肤,低垂的眼睫毛轻轻的抖了几下。

傅无天强忍着现在就想 去的欲望,想用手指帮他扩张了一下,直到那里变软了才慢慢的挤进去。

感受着那里被撑开的 感觉,安子然只能尽量使自己放松,神经不绷得那么紧,直到大家伙完全进入,两人紧紧的结合在一起,一股熟悉的 令他们同时发出一道 声。

傅无天托着他两瓣浑圆开始慢慢的 起来。


屋内很快便响起一阵令人脸红心跳的 声,偶尔还夹着一丝‘扑滋扑滋’的异样水声。

过了不知多久,傅无天突然抱着他站了起来,用力过猛,使得身下的藤椅突然翻倒了,挂在他身上的安子然反射性的 他的腰,下沉的身体缺使得傅无天的大家伙进得更深。


那话儿在他体内不断的进进出出,偶尔摩擦到他的敏感点,身体便像有一丝电流突然窜过一样,安子然终于忍不住 出来,白色的浊液沾在两人身上的衣服上。

傅无天快速的 了几下,突然托着他 用力的 过去,一股热流随后泄在他体内……



PW: TBL102

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