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The Big Landlord 104.2

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Chapter 104.2 – Gambler With Huge Debt

Steward Zhou responded, “Replying to wang fei, Ye gong zi sent someone over, said that there was something they needed you for. They seemed very anxious.”

An Zi Ran frowned in surprise.

Ever since Ye Yu took over management of Tian Long Gambling House, An Zi Ran rarely asked about matters of the casino, because Ye Yu and Zhang Tian Zhong kept the casino running in a clear and orderly manner.

That Ye Yu would send someone to look for him now, it would seem that there was something he couldn’t take responsibility for deciding. Contrary to expectations, this surprised An Zi Ran.

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An Zi Ran went to the main hall at once. After seeing the servant, he finally realized what the situation was, and he was unable to conceal the expression of astonishment that leaked across his features. A gold-card holder had lost nearly ten thousand silvers playing cards in the small garden, but he didn’t have that much money on his person. Zhang Tian Zhong wanted to have him write a message*, however, for some unfathomable reason, the other party was unwilling, and he even said that he wanted to see An Zi Ran, only after seeing An Zi Ran would he return the money. Such demands were obviously making unreasonable trouble, thus the two sides ended up in a deadlock.

[*T/N: The raws didn’t specify, but ZTZ probably wanted the guest to write an IOU, or more likely, to send a message home and get someone to deliver the money.]

Generally, the people who could afford the gold cards were people with status and prestige in the capital. Once they knew the person’s name, they could easily search up their family background. But the identity that that person used was actually their subordinate’s, so the casino was uncertain about his origins, but also didn’t want to have an acrimonious falling-out with him. Making enemies with someone of unknown origins was not a good thing for the casino.

There was really no other method. Zhang Tian Zhong discussed it with Ye Yu, and finally decided to send someone to ask An Zi Ran.

An Zi Ran decided to go take a look, but when he went out, he bumped into Fu Wu Tian, who had just returned. After learning that An Zi Ran was planning to go out, Fu Wu Tian, who had just stepped one foot inside, retracted his foot back out.

“This prince is also very curious.”

With this one sentence, Fu Wu Tian blocked any words of refusal from coming out of An Zi Ran’s throat.

He still hasn’t decided whether or not he was going to see that person. Even if he did meet the other party face to face, the other person may not know him, but Fu Wu Tian was a different story. However, he knew that he couldn’t convince Fu Wu Tian otherwise, so he could only let him follow along.

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As soon as the two arrived at the gambling house, An Zi Ran ushered Fu Wu Tian into a room next door. Zhang Tian Zhong came looking for him in a hurry. He was the one most knowledgeable about the whole situation.

Speaking of the situation, it was hard to discern if the other party had malicious intent. In fact, he did not play that many games, but his luck was extremely bad in each game. He also did not believe in having an unlucky streak, and with each succeeding round, his bets grew larger and larger. As a result, his accumulated lost almost totaled ten thousand silvers.

Ten thousand silvers was not a small amount. Zhang Tian Zhong had hoped that he would first pay off the money he lost, or write an IOU.

That man looked like an amiable person, but who would have expected that he would be such a rogue. He refused to write an IOU, and also refused to pay off his debt. He was unexpectedly obstinate.

“An gong zi, I see that this man is luxuriously dressed and there is an extraordinary nobleness all over his body. I don’t think he is some ordinary character. Don’t you think it would be better to meet him?” Zhang Tian Zhong suggested.

“Where is he now?” An Zi ran asked with an expressionless face.

“I have them in a private room.”

An Zi Ran frowned as if in distress. His presence here did not mean that he really wanted to meet the other person. This situation was really difficult!

At this moment, Ye Yu came in, “Gong zi, gu ye is looking for you.”

[T/N: Reminder, gu ye is referring to FWT. It means son-in-law and is used by the wife’s family. Ye Yu considers himself as part of AZR’s side of the family, thus he is referring to FWT as gu ye in public to keep his wang ye identity a secret.]

An Zi Ran was a little surprised. Why would Fu Wu Tian be looking for him at this time? Furthermore, he was just right next door, and they have not been separated for long; not even enough time to finish a cup of tea! An Zi Ran instructed Zhang Tian Zhong not to neglect the customer. Then he went into the room next door and saw Fu Wu Tian drinking tea when he entered.

“Ye Yu said you were looking for me. What’s the matter?”

Fu Wu Tian put down his teacup, walked over and tugged on An Zi Ran’s hand intimately. He pulled An Zi Ran over to a snow-white wall. “Wang fei, guess what this prince just heard.”

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An Zi Ran glanced at him suspiciously, moved his gaze towards the wall, released his hand, walked over, and pressed his ears against the wall. Faintly, he could heart he sound of two people talking, but the words were not clear. Suddenly he thought of that master-servant pair. Could they be next door? Just before he had time to ask Zhang Tian Zhong which room they were in, Fu Wu Tian had called him over.

“What did you hear?”

An Zi Ran turned around and no longer tried to eavesdrop.

Fu Wu Tian grabbed his waist, bringing him into his arms. Before An Zi Ran could resist, he whispered into his ear.

An Zi Ran’s eyes widened slightly. He looked at him in disbelief. “You’re certain?”

Fu Wu Tian said, “Of course.”

An Zi Ran suddenly smiled. His pretty and elegant face seemed to glow with radiance, and Fu Wu Tian couldn’t bear to look away. He knew that his wang fei didn’t like to smile very much, so there were very few smiles, but every time he did, it would be breathtaking.

“The heavens are indeed favorable to me, delivering what I need when I need it.”

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