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The Big Landlord 107.1

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Chapter 107.1 – Fishing for Lanterns

Setting off lanterns on the Huai Zi River was not just for young women wishing for a marriage predestined by fate.

The Huai Zi River did not evolve into the Matchmaking River until later. As early as twenty or thirty years ago, the Huai Zi River did not have the alias of Matchmaking River. People set lanterns on the river just to pray for blessings.

At that time, it was not only young women who could pray for marriage. Men, old people, and children would buy lanterns if they had any wishes, or they could make one by themselves, write their wishes, and then set them on the river.

The reason why this was the case now was because later on, some man unexpectedly fished up a lantern and then ended up marrying the owner of the lantern. This was the origin of the Matchmaking River. It developed until this day, and now it was rare to see any men setting lanterns on the river.

But rarely seen did not mean that there were none. Occasionally there were still some men who would set lanterns on the river.

Whispers rose up around them from time to time, but An Zi Ran ignored those people. He went down the steps of the Huai Zi River to set off the lantern in his hands.

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There were many beautiful lanterns floating on the river, many of them were flower-shaped lanterns. Most of them were made by the young women themselves. Each one was very skilled with their hands, and the lanterns looked no worse than the ones that street vendors sold.

“What did you write?”

Fu Wu Tian asked curiously when he saw An Zi Ran bend down. Just now, he did not deliberately read what his wang fei wrote on the card stock.

An Zi Ran put the duckling lantern on the river. The shape of the duckling was not ugly, but it stuck out amongst the many beautiful and good-looking flower lanterns. In comparison it looked bad, just like an ugly duckling.

Before he could answer, the surrounding young ladies laughed.

They also saw this ugly duckling, and probably didn’t expect anyone to choose such an ugly duck, furthermore, the person was a man, and words like “such an ugly duck” sounded from time to time.

Although it looked like the young ladies were looking at the ugly duckling, they could still see that some of the young ladies were looking at them from time to time. Most of them were peeking at Fu Wu Tian. Of course, there were also many taking glances at An Zi Ran.

Both of them were excellent in appearance, but the man who could really make people feel safe was Fu Wu Tian, a man who was very mature and attractive at first glance.

An Zi Ran returned to Fu Wu Tian’s side, and answered unselfconsciously, “Just a little game. If someone fishes it up then it’s fate, if no one gets it then it doesn’t matter.”

Speaking like so, he made Fu Wu Tian even more curious about what he wrote on the card stock. A little game? It sounded very mysterious.

An Zi Ran did not intend to tell him for the time being.

Fu Wu Tian glanced at the side of his face and took hold of his hand again. In a low voice he said, “This prince is looking forward to wang fei’s little game.”

An Zi Ran covered the back of Fu Wu Tian’s hand with his other hand, but did not say anymore.

The whispering voices around them gradually quieted down. The young ladies’ eyes almost popped out when they saw them holding hands. Men and women were not the same. It’s weird to see two men holding hands, especially in the twenty-first century, but here, there was only one explanation.

Whether it was the girls peeking at An Zi Ran or at Fu Wu Tian, they were all disappointed.

Two men with such good looks turned out to be a pair?

But there were still some people’s gazes that were comparatively strange.

From appearances, it was clear who was dominant, but in the eyes of some, the one on the bottom was often some pet from a male brothel. Furthermore, only a pet from a male brothel would have the audacity to display affection in public with another man.

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But no matter how vicious their thoughts were An Zi Ran did not have mind reading capabilities.

Before leaving the Huai Zi River, An Zi Ran went to the table where the card stock was placed, took a few more, and wrote a sentence on each piece of paper, and then he left with Fu Wu Tian.

“I want to eat jellied tofu*.”

[*T/N: a.k.a. soft bean curd]

Looking at the bustling crowd, An Zi Ran suddenly had this idea. It was almost an hour after dinner, just enough time for them to digest dinner.

Fu Wu Tian would naturally meet his needs. When he just came here, he saw a family selling jellied tofu on the side of the road. The business was popular, so it should be delicious.

After a while, the two came to the stall selling jellied tofu.

The owners of the stall were an old couple. They were both gray-haired and seemed to be over their sixties. The stall was not large. There were four old tables and chairs next to it. However, there were seven or eight people eating jellied tofu at this time, and some of them have already eaten three or four bowls.

The two of them approached the old couple.

An Zi Ran spoke to the old man, “Two bowls of jellied tofu.”

“One moment, sirs.” The old man said and picked up two bowls. The action was deft. Very soon, he had filled two bowls and put a tablespoon of brown sugar in each. He originally wanted to put two tablespoons, but An Zi Ran stopped him. The old man’s brown sugar was not lumpy, but liquid. It looked slightly sweet.

An Zi Ran was not used to eating things that were too sweet. He has eaten jellied tofu before, but it was not the same as this.

Because there were no seats, the two stood and ate.

As soon as the tofu entered his mouth, it melted away immediately. There wasn’t a lot of brown sugar, so it was not particularly sweet, making the flavor of the tofu more intense.

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No wonder there was so many customers. Really could not pity the owner for putting up a stall at his old age. The taste of the jellied tofu was enough to make anyone who has eaten it a repeat customer.

There wasn’t much tofu in one bowl. The two of them polished off their bowls in a few mouthfuls.

Fu Wu Tian took An Zi Ran’s bowl, and brought the two bowls, along with the tofu money, and handed it to the old woman, who smiled right away and said thank you.

“Granny.” An Zi Ran suddenly stepped forward to call the old woman who was about to return to her husband. “There’s a matter I want to trouble you with, don’t know if it’s convenient or not?”

The old woman was surprised. “Gong zi, please speak.”

An Zi Ran handed a piece of card stock that had been prepared ahead of time to her, and whispered something to her.

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