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The Big Landlord 108.2

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Chapter 108.2 – Lantern Festival Carnival

Reportedly, the reward for the hundredth layer of the Lantern Mountain was a glazed lantern*.

[*T/N: 琉璃灯 liu li deng – “colored glass lantern” or “ceramic glaze lantern”]

The shell of the glazed lantern was a magnificent, sparkling, translucent carved crystal, very precious. This kind of thing not only had collection value, but also ornamental value, it was a fond collection piece of many bigwigs. The common people have only heard about such a thing, but have never seen it.

Precisely because of the glazed lantern, the winter Lantern Festival was livelier than ever.

It’s just that the value of the glazed lantern was equal to the difficulty of the last lantern. From the start of the lantern show to the present, countless people who came for the glazed lamp have not been able to climb up, and some lost their nerves halfway up. The one hundredth layer was very high. If one fell down, they would be disabled for sure. So even though everyone was coveting the glazed lantern, they could only sigh from below.

“Do you want the glazed lantern?”

Fu Wu Tian looked down at An Zi Ran beside him.

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An Zi Ran thought about it and shook his head. He didn’t have any special hobby for collecting beautiful decorations. If he had it, then he had it, if he didn’t have it, then he didn’t have it. Not to mention he had other things to do right now.

“Leave this lantern for the people behind, ba.”

If you didn’t light the one hundredth layer, there was still the ninety-ninth layer, and you could get a prize by lighting all three lanterns on that layer. Although it was not comparable to the glazed lamp, the prize was also good. Reportedly, it was a painting by an artist with some fame.

Fu Wu Tian’s martial arts was the strongest in the army, not to mention the ninety-ninth layer, even the one hundredth layer, he was confident that he could easily win.

Under everyone’s gazes, Fu Wu Tian really completed the task.

Everyone could see that this handsome man was actually very skillful, maybe he could win the prize at the one hundredth layer, but he didn’t seem to have that intention. He jumped off immediately after lighting the third light on the ninety-ninth layer.

The strong body fell swiftly from the air like a descending lion, and fell directly in front of his companion. The pace was very stable. The girls in the crowd exclaimed as they watched, worried that he would fall, and waited for him to land safely. Eyes full of admiration fell upon Fu Wu Tian.

All the men in the crowd felt a bit upset.

Wasn’t that guy just a bit good looking and also not bad at martial arts, they weren’t bad either. But in their hearts, they still rejoiced. Since that guy did not intend to be first, then they still had a chance.

Thinking of this, the men began to flex their muscles and prepared to perform well in front of their favorite girls.

On the other side, An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian went to the place where people claimed their prizes.

After receiving the painting, An Zi Ran gave a piece of card stock to the person in charge there.

The person in charge agreed as easily as the old woman had.

The two then left the Lantern Festival Carnival.

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They had just left not too long ago, when the refined gentleman and his companion arrived.

The Lantern Festival Carnival was more than just the game of lighting the Lantern Mountain. The card stock only prompted them to go the carnival for the third piece of paper, so they had to go around one by one. The two men were standing in a place with little foot traffic, just observing the crowded scene in every corner.

“What should we do next? Ask them one by one?” The man asked the refined gentleman beside him.

The refined gentleman looked around, and finally locked on the lantern riddles and Lantern Mountain. These two small games were relatively difficult and challenging. “Let’s go take a look at the lantern riddles first.”

The place for the lantern riddles was close to where they were, but of course they didn’t get an answer, furthermore, someone had already won the top prize for the lantern riddles.

The two diverted their attention to the Lantern Mountain. Sure enough, they got the information they wanted from the person in charge, but the premise of getting the card stock was to light the last lantern on the one hundredth layer of the Lantern Mountain.

This task was difficult for the average person.

Not everyone could be as outstanding as Fu Wu Tian.

An Zi Ran knew this, but he still set the level of the second task high. He never said they couldn’t find someone to help, so there was still a loophole.

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Fortunately, neither one of them was an ordinary person.

The man lit the last lantern and he successfully won the prize and the card stock.

However, the two men also heard from the person in charge that the person who completed the ninety-ninth layer was indeed a pair of men, as the old woman had said.

The refined gentleman chuckled and said, “It seems that in this entire Lantern Festival, we’re the only ones this idle.”

“But you could say the other party ‘helped’ us obtain a glazed lantern,” the man replied. The glazed lantern was indeed no ordinary good thing, despite the two of them not lacking (in money).

The two then went directly to the next target.

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