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The Big Landlord 110.1

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Chapter 110.1 – Second Prince

The fourth piece of card stock paper was the last one.

An Zi Ran did not tell the woman that the two could only get the piece of paper after completing a task, because the time was too late, so this time they got the card stock right away.

The two were a little surprised at first, but when they saw the content of the piece of paper, they knew why.

The content on the card stock was unexpectedly not related to the Lantern Competition. But on the contrary, this was more interesting for the two, because the other party had asked them to find him before the top three winners of the competition was announced. This was a particularly arduous and difficult task. The reason was very simple.

After several rounds of games, they have roughly learned about the clothing and appearance of the two people. It sounded like they were two men with good looks. Such people were generally eye-catching.

The real difficulty was that there were too many people participating in the Lantern Competition, especially in the last stage of the competition. Due to the counting of votes, the crowd of people was almost glued together. Under these circumstances, the difficulty of finding the two people would increase a lot.

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Still, they found this interesting.

They have never played a game like this: looking for people. Furthermore, people were mobile. It wasn’t like the previous two tasks, which were very easy in their opinion, and not very challenging at all.

Outstanding men have one thing in common, the more difficult the task, the more their fighting spirit would be ignited.

“Looks like we have to split up.”

The two men looked at the dense crowd in front of them, and then they just squeezed in. In this crowd, they might not be able to find the two people even if they looked until the next morning, so they must split up to search.

The refined gentleman said, “That’s the only way.”

Then the two of them split up, one going to the left, and one going to the right.

Counting the votes was the most important part of the Lantern Competition. Some lanterns with more votes would take longer to count, but no one felt impatient, and the Lantern Competition also had corresponding countermeasures. They invited twenty people to count the votes together. Every person counted one box. Some may be miscounted, but as long as it didn’t affect the top three winners, then no one would fuss.

At this time, each of the twenty convention guards, dressed in the same color clothing, had a box in front of them.

These boxes were relatively light, because the counting order was arranged according to the weight of the boxes, from light to heavy, so as to leave suspense behind. The back of each box was affixed with the name of the lantern owner.

After a short while, the votes of a few dozen competitors have been calculated. The votes for these people were not high. The highest was only two hundred votes. The difference from that to the third place winner was still great. Some people were disappointed, and some people were nervous. The later one’s own box showed up on stage, the higher the chance of them winning top three.

But not everyone stood here waiting for the final results.

The lanterns in the Lantern Competition have not been stowed away yet, and they were still placed on the exhibition stand, row by row, without the boxes covering a portion of them, the scene was even more spectacular. There was every color under the sun, rich and diverse.

An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian strolled in front of one of the rows of lanterns, and neither of them spoke. Under the night enveloped in moonlight, in a place not super crowded by people, the atmosphere seemed peaceful.

An Zi Ran stopped suddenly in front of a lantern.

Fu Wu Tian followed his line of gaze to the lantern. “This lantern is ingenious.”

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The corners of An Zi Ran’s mouth curved up slightly. For the ancient people, this lantern was indeed ingenious. It has abandoned the universal shapes that could be seen everywhere, such as those they saw on the stalls selling lanterns before.

The owner of this lantern was likely a clever and dexterous young woman. She might even already be the mother of two children, which was why the lantern she made was of a boy and a girl, two children. The children were like mini-adults, raising their hands towards each other as if giving each other a New Year’s greeting. The smiles of the two were brilliant enough to be infectious, reminding An Zi Ran of the little bun at home.

If there were no unexpected mishaps, he would not have children in this lifetime, so he intended to cultivate the little bun. Let’s not talk about the new businesses in Jun Zi City for now, but the An family businesses in An Yuan County must be succeeded by the little bun.

“Let’s go back.”

An Zi Ran turned and said to Fu Wu Tian, who was beside him.

Fu Wu Tian didn’t ask him why he suddenly wanted to go back. When he stopped and looked at this lantern, he could roughly guess what his wang fei was thinking, but…

“Not playing your little game anymore?”

An Zi Ran shook his head. “Listen to the sounds, the counting of votes seems to be over. The person still hasn’t come at this time, looks like it’s hopeless.”

“This prince is very curious, if the other party really comes, what kind of surprise does wang fei intend to give them?” Fu Wu Tian asked. On their way through the carnival, he already knew the content of the first piece of paper, and he has wanted to ask this question all along.

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