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The Big Landlord 112.1

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Chapter 112.1 – Before Departure

The Yu Manor was about the same size as the Imperial Fu Palace, but Yu gui fei’s* father, Yu Zheng, as an important minister for two imperial dynasties, and a high official of the Ministry of War, the amount of effort that he invested into Da Ya was almost equally matched to Zhang Sun Cheng De.

[*T/N: Different from the Yu huang gui fei mentioned before. Huang gui fei is a higher rank than gui fei.]

Thus, due to all the work that he contributed for the sake of Da Ya, the previous emperor bestowed this mansion house to Yu Zheng. At the time of construction, it was built according to the specifications of a prince’s palace, so it was a bit more majestic than other government houses.

Gong Yun looked up to see a plaque with the words Fu Manor directly above the front door. His astute eyes than darted back down and he strode inside.

The doorkeepers of the Yu Manor have seen him before and knew that he was the master’s trusted aide. Last year, he rose to serve as the deputy commander of the imperial guards. Therefore the doorkeepers were very respectful. They diligently invited him inside, not daring to neglect him.

Gong Yun didn’t dare to ignore the rules of the Yu Manor even if he had been there a few times before. He respectfully followed the Yu Manor steward to Yu Bo Fei’s study room.

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Yu Bo Fei was Yu huang gui fei’s older brother. He was already forty-five years old this year. He had one son and one daughter. The older son was already twenty-three years old. From childhood, he was the third prince’s study partner. Compared to the third prince, Fu Yuan Yang, whose temperament was not that good, disagreeable and irascible; his son, on the contrary, was thoughtful and meticulous. The two complemented each other very well.

“Come in!”

Yu Bo Fei’s customary awe-inspiring voice rang out from within the study.

Gong Yun steadied his nerves, pushed open the door, and walked in. However, the steward did not leave, but kept watch at the door of the study, seeming to be there to prevent anyone from overhearing.

“Commander, what did you summon me for?” Gong Yun asked, with his expression the same as ever. He walked in front of Yu Bo Fei, who was buried under legal files, and had yet to lift his head.

Yu Bo Fei finally lifted his head and showed a resolute expression. Already forty-five years old, but he looked like he was only in his thirties. His face was not angry as his eyes fell on Gong Yun. Only after a while did he open his mouth.

“Gong Yun, I remember that you have always been a person with propriety. You should know that the person behind Bao Hua Gambling House is the fifth prince. He has the Zhao family’s support, and behind him there is the second prince backing him in court. This time, why did you not tell me first before openly confronting them?”

Gong Yun raised his eyes and said, “Commander, you should have already heard about Tian Long Gambling House.”

Yu Bo Fei nodded. “This matter was such a tumultuous event, that it would be hard not to hear about it. I know what you mean, but what does this have to do with you?”

“It has nothing to do with me, “ Gong Yun said, “but it does have something to do with the Yu family.”

Yu Bo Fei looked at him. “Why do you say so?”

Gong Yun said, “Bao Hua Gambling House is the most profitable industry under the fifth prince’s name. These years, the circulation of his funds all depends on this casino to operate. Also, all of his dirty money goes through Bao Hua Gambling House to become clean money. If Bao Hua Gambling House collapses or there is some problem, wouldn’t it be a big hit for the second prince and his faction?”

With this in mind, he took the risk and brought twenty brothers under his lead to intervene in the matter. Even if the second prince’s faction bore a grudge against them because of this, it did not matter. They were hostile towards each other to begin with.

In recent years, the second prince has become so popular that even the Chong Ming Emperor has praised him many times at court in front of the civil and military officials. There has even been word that the throne might be passed to him. How could the Yu family not be alert!

Yu Bo Fei was a smart man, and soon came to think of this too.

It was no secret that Bao Hua Gambling House and Tian Long Gambling House were in dispute with each other, but since the opening of Tian Long Gambling House, Bao Hua Gambling House has never benefited from the confrontation between the two, and each time they lost miserably.

Although it was a matter between the two gambling houses, there were many people in Jun Zi City who were paying attention to this matter, including Yu Bo Fei, but the focus of his attention was not on Bao Hua Gambling House, rather, it was on Tian Long Gambling House.

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From the appearance of this mysterious gambling house to the present, no one knew who the mastermind behind it was. At the beginning, no one particularly cared about it. There were many gambling houses within the capital. It was common to see gambling houses rise and fall. When there was competition, naturally there would be failure.

Everyone was calm until the emergence of mahjong and playing card games.

The emergence of the new gambling games meant reform. Many people immediately thought of the benefits. They all thought of sticking their noses in and harshly barring the other’s path, but Tian Long Gambling House protected these two kinds of gambling games very closely, especially mahjong. Its production method was a mystery till this day.

Yu Bo Fei was not a businessman, but even he was envious of the development prospects of these two types of gambling games. If Tian Long Gambling House were to truly develop, then the nine major gambling houses, such as Bao Hua Gambling House were likely to suffer indelible damage.

Yu Bo Fei said, “You did very well. It is I who blamed you wrongly.”

Gong Yun said, “I don’t deserve your praise. This subordinate is merely doing what he should do.”

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