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The Big Landlord 114.1

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Chapter 114.1 – Disfigure

Lin Xin was not a simple hedonistic son of rich parents. He was lecherous by nature, frequently loitering around brothels, but he was someone with capabilities and ambition.

The Lin family was not the same as the An family. They did not make a fortune by being landlords. They were real businessmen. They started their enterprise by selling sackcloth. Their main business was selling sackcloth, supplemented by selling silk. But their business was not very big. Not until Lin Xin took over the Lin family did their business vitality gradually improved.

In recent years, the Lin family’s sackcloth became famous, and even their silk business was gaining more traction.

How could a man like Lin Xin, who was business-minded and very savvy, fail to see what An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi were thinking?

At first, he did not want to fall out with An Ke Xin and her mother, because he knew that the status of the young master of the An family had changed (to a wang fei), so he did not dare to offend An Zi Ran. At the start he was somewhat exercising forbearance.

But his forbearance was taken as weakness by An Ke Xin and her mother.

So the two became more and more arrogant. Even that b*tch, Zheng Bi, would often go to the Lin family to strut around. Furthermore, she acted like she was the master of the house, always bossing around the servants of the Lin family.

If it were just this, then whatever.

The most unbearable thing for Lin Xin was that An Ke Xin would go to the accounts office everyday and forcefully take away a large sum of money. In less than half a month, she spent nearly five thousand silvers. His father and mother had tried to dissuade her, but An Ke Xin vituperated them instead. Such an unfilial b*tch. If he were not worried about the An family, then he would’ve divorced her long ago.

Lin Xin was not a good person. He has done a lot of bad things. He had also came in contact with all sorts of people before. To deal with such a cheap woman like An Ke Xin, he had plenty of methods to bring her to heel.

As for the An family’s young master, Lin Xin still had misgivings, but he knew that An Ke Xin and her mother were not close with An Zi Ran. He had this investigated prior. An Zi Ran did not like this mother and daughter pair at all, so the probability of him standing up for them was not high. And this was why the thing that happened after came to be.

Lin Xin deliberately married a prostitute to humiliate An Ke Xin.

Not only that, he also spent every night at the concubine’s room. Ever since then, he never took a single step into An Ke Xin’s room. A month later, the concubine became pregnant.

An Ke Xin went crazy as he expected.

There was no movement in the belly of the main wife yet, but the concubine was pregnant first, and the other party was also a prostitute. What kind of place was Lin Xin putting her in?

How could the arrogant An Ke Xin swallow this insult? So she did something radical.

An Ke Xin took advantage of the time when Lin Xin was not around to put the abortion drug that Zheng Bi had secretly procured into the concubine’s food. The concubine was very cautious, but she never expected that An Ke Xin would be so vicious, that she would openly and without fear poison the fetus in her stomach. The concubine ended up miscarrying.

Lin Xin was furious when he knew about this incident. He didn’t need to think too much to know who was the culprit. He immediately ran to An Ke Xin and threatened to divorce her on the grounds that she had committed two of the seven divorce clauses, which was ‘unfilial to parents’ and ‘jealousy.’ Any one of the two was enough to give him reason to divorce her.

How could An Ke Xin be willing? She gave up all her future prospects to marry Lin Xin, this damn fatty. Not only did she get nothing, but she also gained a bad reputation. If she did not dig up a large sum of money from the Lin family, she would never give up.

Thus the two sides came to a head.

An Ke Xin tore up the divorce paper that Lin Xin gave her right on the spot, and she refused to leave the Lin family.

When Zheng Bi found out about the matter, she went over to make a ruckus everyday. But Lin Xin’s father and mother weren’t doormats either, particularly Lin Xin’s mother, she was not someone easy to deal with. In Tong Tai County, she was a renowned shrewd with a poisonous tongue. So whenever someone passed by the Lin family’s front door they would hear the sound of quarreling coming from inside.

At first it was just quarreling with words, later on it evolved into physical tiffs. But how could An Ke Xin and her mother be opponents for the entire Lin family? As a result of the physical fights, both body and face sustained wounds.

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