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The Big Landlord 114.2

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Chapter 114.2 – Disfigure

Steward Su was busy with the An family’s businesses. He did not have the time to manage that mother and daughter pair at all, and he also did not want to bother with them. When the young master left An Yuan County, he said that An Ke Xin married into the Lin family and was therefore a part of the Lin family.

Let their family members solve their own family’s affairs. Don’t interfere no matter what happens. Even if something really were to happen, then An Ke Xin was just reaping what she sowed.

Thus, when the news of the Lin family’s affairs reached An Yuan County, Steward Su just pretended not to know. He was just a servant. He could not make decisions for his master.

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Steward Su’s attitude angered Zheng Bi and An Ke Xin, but if he didn’t tell An Zi Ran, then they also had no other alternative. It was not like they could run to Jun Zi City. An Zi Ran didn’t like them very much, so he would definitely not rush over for them.

In early August and late August, Lin Xin married two concubines in succession. Furthermore, he slept in the concubines’ rooms every night. Empathetically not going to An Ke Xin’s room.

In September, news of pregnancy simultaneously came from the third and fourth concubines’ quarters.

This time, they learned their lesson from what happened to the second concubine and did not allow An Ke Xin to take a single step into their courtyards. Who knew what crazy things this woman would do again?

Lin Xin even warned her that if she dared to murder his sons again, he would definitely take her up to the authorities and bring her to court. It seemed like An Ke Xin was scared by him and did not make any moves afterwards.

But they had underestimated An Ke Xin’s determination.

Once this woman acted up, she could do anything. Last time, she didn’t know she had to do it surreptitiously. This time, she did not have any misgivings.

[T/N: What do you mean she didn’t know she had to do these kinds of things secretly?! What was she high on?]

After enduring silently for a month, An Ke Xin first targeted the fourth concubine who had lowered her vigilance. She pushed the fourth concubine into the pond. The fetus was not very stable in the first three months of pregnancy, so this shock caused a miscarriage.

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However, she did not stop there. She immediately ran to the third concubine’s courtyard. Taking advantage of when the serving maid went out, she rushed in. But who would have thought that the third concubine was no ordinary woman. She was born stronger than most women, whereas An Ke Xin was spoiled and pampered since childhood. How could she possibly take on the third concubine? As a result, she was overthrown, and her forehead smacked heavily into the corner of a table. Just like that, her exquisite face was ruined.

An Ke Xin almost went crazy, but no one from the Lin family sympathized with her.

Lin Xin did not want to let her off with just this. Not only did he not get a doctor to treat her, instead, he locked her up in the firewood storage shed. She was given only one meal a day, and she was locked up for one month. She was starved until her skin turned sallow and her body became emaciated, her appearance sickly and malnourished.

It wasn’t until Zheng Bi brought people with her to forcefully barge in, did An Ke Xin get released. Then a divorce paper was flung in her face.

For the sake of the An family, Lin Xin would not sue An Ke Xin, but he told the mother and daughter to get out of his sight.

Seeing that her daughter’s appearance was ruined, how could Zheng Bi be willing to give up just like that? But with her daughter’s condition, she could no longer stay at the Lin family, so she had to take her back to the new An family house.

They’ve been staying at the An family house for half a month so far.

The wound on An Ke Xin’s face was not treated in time, resulting in an obvious and sinister wound that could not be covered with bangs. Since then, she hid in her room everyday, flinging things around. When she ran out of things to throw she resorted to using her fingernails to scratch at the walls. None of the servants dared to get close to the courtyard where the mother and daughter were staying.

Whether it was Lin Xin or An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi, both sides were wrong.

If Lin Xin did not covet the An family’s lands and took An Ke Xin as his wife, then this would not have happened. That was the start of it all. But what happened after was directly related to An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi’s greed.

If An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi did not conspire to get the Lin family’s property, perhaps Lin Xin would have provided for her at home. Even if he didn’t like her, he would not directly fall out with her.

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After listening to Steward Su, An Zi Ran felt like the previous wave had yet to settle, but another wave had already risen*.

[*T/N: the previous wave had yet to settle, but another wave had already risen = problems following one after another]

To sum up the situation in one sentence, An Ke Xin was reaping what she sowed. A vicious and merciless woman like her who consecutively murdered the unborn fetuses of Lin Xin’s two concubines, killing two human lives, the fact that Lin Xin didn’t take her up to court was really giving the An family face.

“Steward, I will take care of this problem. You don’t have to worry about it.” An Zi Ran said to Steward Su.

Recounting the story from start to finish, Steward Su had a frown between his brows the entire time. An Zi Ran knew that Steward Su was not concerned about An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi, but concerned that it would affected the An family’s reputation.

“Yes, Young Master. Then, I will go and tend to other matters now.”

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