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The Big Landlord 114.3

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Chapter 114.3 – Disfigure

Steward Su finally felt at ease. Towards An Zi Ran, he had nearly blind faith. He felt that as long as An Zi Ran was there, no matter what kind of difficulties arise, they could all be easily solved.

After Steward Su’s departure, Fu Wu Tian, who had not spoken, suddenly said something.

“That Lin Xin was intentional, right?”

An Zi Ran said lightly, “One hundred percent.”

Perhaps other people could not tell, but there was no way to pull the wool over the eyes of these two. If Lin Xin really valued his children, he should’ve sent someone to protect the third and fourth concubine, and not just verbally warn An Ke Xin.

An Ke Xin had an extreme personality. Since she dared to use abortion medicine to kill the second concubine’s unborn fetus, then she would definitely do similar things again.

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But Lin Xin did not take special precautions. He even went out to work every day during the first three months of the third and fourth concubines’ pregnancies. It was obvious that he did not place great importance on his concubines’ babies. Rather, it should be said that he was giving An Ke Xin a chance to get close to the third and fourth concubines.

Lin Xin loathed An Ke Xin. Since An Ke Xin could not bring him any benefits, then he didn’t have to keep her around anymore. But because this concerned the An family, he needed a justifiable excuse to divorce An Ke Xin, so that the An family would not be able to go to them looking for trouble. This also ensured that the Lin family’s reputation would not suffer any damage.

Originally, Lin Xin had planned to use the second concubine’s child to divorce An Ke Xin, but who knew that she would have such a thick-skinned face and she refused to leave the Lin family house. That’s why he then got a third and fourth concubine.

An Ke Xin was too vicious. She killed two unformed fetuses and even wanted to target the third one. When this kind of news spread, everyone would sympathize with the Lin family and verbally abuse the malicious An Ke Xin. At that time, Lin Xin would seem like the true victim.

This move of Lin Xin’s was very clever.

An Ke Xin was the An family’s second young miss. If it were not for An Zi Ran’s famous reputation outside, other people would definitely think that a family that produced such a daughter could not be much better.

This really was killing two birds with one stone. If the An family tried to bother the Lin family, it would only cause others to gossip about the An family.

“What are you planning to do next?” Fu Wu Tian asked.

An Zi Ran pondered. “This matter is not easy to resolve. The Lin family must have already made preparations. If they knew that I have already returned to An Yuan County, Lin Xin might flip it around and take a bite out of the An family.”

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Fu Wu Tian leaned over, half pulling An Zi Ran into his arms. He murmured, “Three men talking makes a tiger*. Rumors are a good thing.”

[*T/N: 三人成虎 – idiom for repeated rumor becomes a fact]

An Zi Ran lowered his eyes.

If Lin Xin knew to stop when the going was good, then he would not pursue this matter deliberately, but if he had some scheme in mind, An Zi Ran wasn’t someone that was easy to mess with.

The news that An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian came back soon spread within the An family.

In the afternoon, An Zi Ran went over the ledgers that Steward Su brought him in the study. During his six months in the capital, Steward Su took good care of the An family and its businesses, especially the rice noodle shop that was in cooperation with Zhou Lao Han’s family.

The rice noodle shop has become a restaurant, and there was even more than one restaurant. The restaurants served all the dishes that Zhou Lao Han’s wife and the An family’s chef had experimented and developed together. They were as popular as the rice noodles and have become signature dishes.

Steward Su later felt that the restaurant could be expanded and thus opened another one in a nearby county.

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The restaurant was named after the An family. This was what Zhou Lao Han and his wife had insisted on. The fact that they could live like this today was all thanks to the An family, so they didn’t mind putting the An family’s name on the restaurant.

If things continued to develop like this with no accidents, then the An family restaurants would eventually take a place in the restaurant industry of Da Ya within a few years.

An Zi Ran was a very principled and generous person. He rewarded people for their merits and punished them for their mistakes. After going over the ledgers of the restaurant, he learned that Zhou Lao Han and his wife were still living in their old dilapidated house, so he had Steward Su find a spacious house within the county and close to the restaurant for them.

Steward Su also had this intention and left right away to do as bid.

An Zi Ran leaned back against the chair. Fu Wu Tian walked behind him and gently touched his temples. A warm and peaceful silence descended over the study room.

It was just that it didn’t take long for this peace to be broken.

Zheng Bi and An Ke Xin finally could not bear to endure and took the initiative to make an appearance.

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