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The Big Landlord 115.2

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Chapter 115.2 – Demanding Dowry

After wasting so much saliva talking, Zheng Bi finally got An Zi Ran’s promise and she immediately rejoiced. “Then Ke Xin and I will wait for your good news.”

An Ke Xin was dissatisfied with this result. The dowry must be retrieved, but she did not want Lin Xin and his concubines to get off easy. She wanted to see them live so miserably that they would rather be dead!

An Ke Xin opened her mouth, wanting to spit out the word ‘no,’ but Zheng Bi pulled her out right away.

After the mother and daughter left the study, An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian could still hear them disputing.

Wang fei is going to stand up for them?”

Fu Wu Tian hugged both arms and looked at An Zi Ran who had a contemplative expression on his face. He didn’t think that wang fei would really stand up for Zheng Bi and her daughter.

An Zi Ran scoffed. “How is that possible!”

This was Zheng Bi and An Ke Xin’s choice. At first, he really wanted to marry An Ke Xin off and get rid of her, but he did not insist that An Ke Xin must marry Lin Xin. If she persisted in not wanting to marry Lin Xin, he would have just helped her search for another rich household. It was just that Lin Xin showed up at the right time and displayed an infatuated mask towards An Ke Xin.

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He had given them a chance, but the two of them took a fancy towards the Lin family’s property. In the end, An Ke Xin changed her mind and agreed to marry into the Lin family.

An Zi Ran did not think that he needed to take any responsibility for An Ke Xin’s marriage. Moreover, he did not feel even the slightest guilt. You could say that he was cold-hearted and pitiless, or you could say that he didn’t have any sibling camaraderie, either way he was precisely such a person. If it weren’t because he didn’t want to split hairs with a bunch of women, he would be even more heartless.

Right now, except for the little bun, An Zi Ran did not have any affection whatsoever for any of his so-called relatives, including his younger sister An Yu Zhi.

An Zi Ran did not intend to stay in An Yuan County for too long.

The next day, they went to the Lin family.

Because the Lin family lived in Tong Tai County, the news of An Zi Ran’s return did not immediately reach them. The Lin family did not react until they came knocking on their door.

Lin Xin panicked, thinking that An Zi Ran came to the Lin family to get revenge. He knew that he had reason on his side, but if An Zi Ran was unwilling to talk reason, then the entire affair would become a lot more troublesome.

“Lord Husband, don’t worry. An Ke Xin that vicious woman. Even if her brother wants to stand up for her, he does not have reason on his side. If news spread, it would not be good for them.”

The second concubine pressed her face to Lin Xin’s chest and breathed into his ear with her unique doll-like voice and orchid fragrance. Lin Xin liked her like this very much, so she knew how to exploit her advantageous points.

Lin Xin hugged her waist. His shrewd eyes narrowed.

Indeed, he deliberately plotted against An Ke Xin, all for this one word: “reason.” With reason on his side, even if the Lin family caused An Ke Xin’s face to be ruined, they could still say she was reaping what she sowed, and could not blame others. What’s more… he had long made preparations in anticipation of any eventualities.

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Lin Xin held her soft body. “Good Lian Xin, you just wait for my good news.”

Lian Xin nodded her head and waited for him to leave the room. In a split second, her face turned gloomy and a bone deep hatred slowly permeated her eyes.

Her background was not good. The word prostitute doomed her to a life without true love. But precisely because she stayed in that scene for close to ten years, she was smarter and more scheming than most ordinary women. She saw through certain matters clearer than anyone else.

Lin Family Main Hall

Lin Xin’s father and mother also came out with him in a hurry to greet the guests.

These two people were of the type that took advantage of the soft and feared the hard. Before, they kept worrying that the An family would come to take revenge, and they sat on pins and needles for half a month, but the An family did not make a move, so they thought that the An family knew that they were in the wrong and did not dare to come to their door. Thus, they slowly became at ease.

They never thought that they would enjoy less than two days of peace of mind before the An family came to their door. The two elders had a fright. They only calmed down after Lin Xin analyzed the pros and cons for them.

“What did you come here for? Did you not harm our Lin family enough already?”

As soon as Lin Xin’s mother laid eyes on An Zi Ran, she spat this out with a solemn countenance. Lin Xin had taught her this. The Lin family had reason on their side, so it was only right and expected that they should be angry and indignant. But their opponent was no ordinary schmuck, so they had to strike first and seize the initiative. Then the subsequent conversation would be much more beneficial to them.

But just as they had thought, An Zi Ran was no ordinary person.

Lin Xin’s mother’s anger did not move him. After listening to her, An Zi Ran just looked at them indifferently until the three of them became uncomfortable. After just a short while, Lin Xin’s parent’s imposing manner weakened.

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Seeing that the situation was not good, Lin Xin braced him himself and put on an unyielding expression, saying, “I have already divorced An Ke Xin. If you came to seek justice for her, the Lin family will never give in. I respect An gong zi’s personal character, but An Ke Xin, that poisonous woman, killed two of my unborn children. I will never welcome her through the door again.”

Lin Xin spoke as if his family were the victims.

“Who said I came here to get justice for An Ke Xin? Concerning that matter, it was indeed her wrong. It was not wrong for gong zi to divorce her. This time, I came here to take back An Ke Xin’s dowry.” An Zi Ran said unhurriedly.

Lin Xin stuttered. When he heard that last sentence, his entire face changed in a split second.

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