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The Big Landlord 116.1

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Chapter 116.1 – Inviting Disaster

Lin Xin never thought of returning the dowry to An Ke Xin.

It was not that he did not want to return it, but after expelling An Ke Xin from the Lin family, he gave the courtyard where An Ke Xin lived to the pregnant fourth concubine, along with all the contents within.

At that time, he was so happy that he finally got rid of that poisonous woman An Ke Xin that he forgot all about the dowry. He only remembered about the dowry when the An family showed up at their door this time. What made his face change was that he did not know what the fourth concubine did with An Ke Xin’s dowry. If it was still there, then that was good, but if it wasn’t, then things would get messy.

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“What is it? Could it be that Lin gong zi does not want to return An Ke Xin’s dowry?”

An Zi Ran stared at his changing facial expression and narrowed his eyes slightly. An Ke Xin’s dowry, whether it was before or after she married into the Lin family, that dowry was hers. He could not take it away, and the Lin family definitely could not swallow her dowry.

A husband seizing his wife dowry was by no means a glorious thing. If news of that spread, even if the Lin family originally had reason on their side, they would lose that reason.

“Of course not. I will have the servants move her dowry out right now. Please wait for a while.” Lin Xin’s expression was a little unsightly. He whispered to his father and mother, “Father, Mother, entertain them for a while. I will be back soon.”

His parents nodded. “Son, you hurry and get people to move that dowry out and give it back to them. Our family does not lack for those things.”

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Lin Xin responded stiffly and went back to the courtyard. His feet rushed into the fourth concubine’s courtyard like wind. He opened the door with a loud bang, giving the pregnant fourth concubine a scare. When she looked up, she saw her husband out of breath with a gloomy expression on his face. She quickly stood up.

“Lord Husband, why are you in such a hurry?”

The fourth concubine supported her waist and walked up to him. She reached out and tried to hold his hand.

Lin Xin firmly grasped her wrist, not caring whether she was pregnant or not. He asked sharply, “I ask you, where is An Ke Xin’s dowry? I remember her dowry was kept here all along. Where are her things?”

The fourth concubine showed a painful expression. “Lord Husband, you are hurting me.”

Although Lin Xin was anxious, he saw that she did not seem to be lying, and then he thought about how she was pregnant with his child, so he released her hand and asked softly, “Quickly tell me, where is that dowry?”

“Why is Lord Husband asking about what happened to the dowry without rhyme or reason? Did something happen?” The fourth concubine cradled her wrist, but her expression flickered.

Lin Xin suddenly lowered his face. “Don’t make me ask a third time.”

The fourth concubine’s heart gave a thump. Her Lord Husband was so determined to find An Ke Xin’s dowry, it looked like she could not hide it anymore. Hesitantly, she said, “The dowry… it’s all in the room next door.”

Lin Xin immediately walked over to the room next door.

The fourth concubine was very apprehensive. She thought about it and then hurriedly followed after him. She didn’t understand why her Lord Husband would suddenly ask about An Ke Xin’s dowry. If her Lord Husband found out, she didn’t know if he would get angry or not.

Her speed was comparatively slower. By the time she got to the next room, she saw that Lin Xin had already dragged out a few boxes of An Ke Xin’s dowry, but the boxes were still closed. Then she saw that he had opened one of the boxes and found that the dowry inside was completely gone. There wasn’t even a fragment of its contents left behind.

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An Ke Xin really treasured her dowry. When she was still the first wife of the Lin family, she was unwilling to use her own dowry. Now one of her boxes of dowry was gone. There was an eighty percent chance that the fourth concubine took it.

Lin Xin turned sharply. His eyes glared at the fourth concubine with a fierce light.

The fourth concubine’s heart drummed uneasily from the force of his glare. “Lord Husband, I…”

“Tell me, what is going on here?” Lin Xin pointed at the box angrily. In his heart, he regretted marrying such a coarse woman.

Back then he had married her just to get rid of An Ke Xin. Fortunately, she was somewhat good-looking and her family background was not great. She was a village girl, so she shouldn’t be very good at trickery. That’s why he didn’t think about it too much when he took her in. But he never thought that she did not have even the slightest good upbringing. As expected, a country hick was a country hick!

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