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The Big Landlord 116.2

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Chapter 116.2 – Inviting Disaster

The fourth concubine was frightened by Lin Xin’s malevolent look. “Lord Husband, I, I…”

“‘I’ what? I asked you why are there things missing?” Lin Xin finally got really angry, and his voice rose sharply.

She had never seen Lin Xin’s terrifying side before. The fourth concubine fell down on the ground, and her tears fell with her. She kept crying, but she did not explain why some of the dowry was missing.

Now she knew how to act pitiful? Why didn’t she think of the consequences when she touched An Ke Xin’s dowry?

Lin Xin couldn’t wait to strangle this woman. He immediately called for the little maidservant who served the fourth concubine.

Faced with the livid gong zi, the frightened Xiao Lu spilled everything in full detail.

The fourth concubine was indeed the one who took the missing dowry. The fourth concubine was different from the second and third concubine. She came out from the countryside. She didn’t know much and she was narrow-minded. Because she grew up in a family where there were many mouths to feed, as a child she knew the importance of money. Under the influence of her parents, she developed a habit of thinking of nothing but personal gain.

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After marrying Lin Xin, her days took a turn for the better. She could eat well and dress well every day. Her simple life was very comfortable. Consequently, she understood even more how good money was.

After An Ke Xin was divorced, the fourth concubine moved into An Ke Xin’s courtyard with her pregnant belly. Incidentally, she found An Ke Xin’s dowry in the room next door, which had not been taken away. She was immediately enticed by all those beautiful jewelry.

She thought that An Ke Xin could never return to the Lin family now, furthermore, her Lord Husband said that this courtyard belonged to her henceforth; therefore the things within the courtyard naturally belonged to her.

The fourth concubine vaguely felt that it was a bit wrong, but once she did it once, there would be a second time and then a third time.

It was like she had become addicted. Every day she would take some dowry from the box and have Xiao Lu pawn it off outside. After exchanging the jewelry for money, she would give a portion of it to her family, and then she would use the rest to buy lots of luxurious tonics.

The fourth concubine’s family was also outrageous. Knowing that their daughter’s money was obtained by improper means, they not only did not try to stop her, but also encouraged her to steal and pawn more dowry. The fourth concubine was someone without her own definite opinions. Whatever her parents told her to do, she did it.

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The whole family ate more and became rounder, but the dowry decreased little by little. In only half a month, the family used up an entire box of An Ke Xin’s dowry.

Lin Xin stared at his fourth concubine incredulously. No wonder, no wonder someone he had business dealings with said a strange thing to him once. At that time, the man said, “Who could have thought that Young Master Lin is so good to his concubine.”

At that time, he couldn’t figure out why that person said that sentence, because only he could know whether he was good to his concubines or not. If he didn’t treat them unfairly, that was already considered pretty good. But for him to take care of his concubines in every possible way was impossible. Now that he thought about it, the other person must have seen the fourth concubine’s family living well, and that’s why he said that sentence.

Now that the truth was out, Lin Xin wanted to kill this woman.

Thinking like this, he suddenly kicked the woman on the ground. It was all because of this lowly girl. Unexpectedly, she invited disaster for him!

The fourth concubine screamed and sprawled on the ground while covering her stomach. His kick landed precisely on her stomach. A heart-tearing and lung-splitting pain traveled up from her stomach. Her face turned white from the pain.

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“Blood!” Xiao Lu looked at the blood oozing out from the skirt of the fourth concubine in shock. She was so scared that she didn’t know what to do. She wanted to tell the young master, but when she turned around she saw that the young master was sneering. His expression was completely uncaring.

“It’s better if the child is gone. I didn’t plan to let the child be birthed in the first place.”

Lin Xin said coldly and heartlessly. If it wasn’t to set An Ke Xin up, it was impossible for him to get all of his concubines pregnant so quickly. In his mind, the Lin family’s first son must come from the main wife.

Hearing what should not have been heard, Xiao Lu bowed her head in panic.

“Lord Husband, save me, save our child…”

The fourth concubine was about to grab on to Lin Xin’s clothes with her bloodstained hands, but he took a step back, and she grasped at empty air.

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