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The Big Landlord 116.3

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Chapter 116.3 – Inviting Disaster

Lin Xin didn’t pay attention to his fourth concubine anymore. He called for several servants to come in and move out the dowry. Then he walked away with out looking back. His top priority was to make up for the missing dowry. Otherwise, the An family was very likely to use this as a pretext and make a fuss.

Fortunately, An Ke Xin’s dowry list was also there.

Lin Xin first had his servants move the other boxes to the main hall. Then he took two servants with him to go pick out things from the warehouse. Because he was not clear about the specific dowry that was lost, he could only make up for the rest using something similar.

After a lap around the warehouse, Lin Xin dared to ensure that the items he used as substitute was definitely a higher quality than the original dowry.

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In the main hall, just as Lin Xin’s parents could no longer handle the atmosphere around An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian, Lin Xin finally arrived leisurely with the last two boxes of dowry. One of the boxes was originally full. He did it like this in order to pull the wool over other people’s eyes.

“An Ke Xin’s dowry is all here. Not a single thing less.”

Lin Xin said calmly to An Zi Ran. He tried as hard as possible to make himself look magnanimous, so that An Zi Ran wouldn’t find something fishy with the box.

An Zi Ran glanced at him. Then he had the servants that came with him open the lids of the boxes. He roughly looked over the contents. “It is indeed An Ke Xin’s dowry, but…”

An Zi Ran stopped in front of the box that was emptied by the fourth concubine and then refilled by Lin Xin.

An Zi Ran’s sudden turn made Lin Xin clench his fists slightly, but Lin Xin didn’t know that the change in his demeanor had been noted by Fu Wu Tian who was standing behind An Zi Ran.

Fu Wu Tian stepped forward. “What’s wrong with this box of dowry?”

“There is a small problem.”

An Zi Ran bent over and picked up a string of coral prayer beads that was placed on top as a cover up. The jewelry that Lin Xin tried to hide underneath was all exposed in front of them.

Lin Xin was sure that An Zi Ran had found out.

An Zi Ran had a headache over An Ke Xin’s dowry for some time. He had picked out these things personally. Although it has been a while, he still had some impressions.

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Did Lin Xin think that putting something familiar on top would cover up the things that he substituted underneath?

“Lin gong zi, how do you explain this?”

An Zi Ran put the coral prayer beads back into the box, and then looked at Lin Xin’s face. His expression obviously revealed that there was something wrong. It was just a few boxes, but Lin Xin took so long to retrieve them.

“An gong zi, the dowry has already been returned to you. What else do you want to do? Could it be that you suspect the Lin family took your little sister’s dowry?”

Lin Xin’s mother did not understand the situation. She only remembered that her son warned her repeatedly that she must gain the initiative by striking first.

“Mother!” Lin Xin stopped her loudly. “Stop talking.”

Lin Xin’s mother looked at her son in a daze, not understanding why he wanted to stop her. Wasn’t he the one who told her to act like this? She wanted to ask, but Lin Xin’s father caught her by the wrist and shook his head at her.

Lin Xin was unable to explain and also he could not explain. If they let other people know that the fourth concubine he married was so uncultivated, it would also implicate the Lin family. Taking other people things without permission, this behavior was no different from a thief.

“If Lin gong zi cannot say it, maybe I can speak for Lin gong zi. This box of dowry was actually added by Lin gong zi. The reason is because the fourth concubine that Lin gong zi married in September stole my sister’s dowry and pawned it off outside. Moreover, it was not just one or two things, but an entire box. Am I right?”

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An Zi Ran stared at Lin Xin with a cold and pressing gaze. The words he said doused Lin Xin’s entire body in cold sweat. He finally understood that An Zi Ran had come prepared. He already knew that Lin Xin’s fourth concubine had pawned off An Ke Xin’s dowry.

“How did you know about this?”

Lin Xin knew that he could not conceal the truth from An Zi Ran, so he spoke plainly. He was also very curious. Even he did not know about this matter, and An Zi Ran had only returned to An Yuan County for two days. It stood to reason that he should not have known so quickly.

An Zi Ran said lightly, “You think, who opened the pawnshop where your concubine sold the jewelry?”

Lin Xin’s face changed.

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