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The Big Landlord 117.1

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Chapter 117.1 – Punishment and Coercion

Pawnshops under the An family name wasn’t just the one in An Yuan County. Tong Tai County was not far from An Yuan County. When An Chang Fu was alive, he had already established pawnshops in the nearby counties.

But it was also the bad luck of Lin Xin’s fourth concubine. There were other pawnshops too, but she ended up choosing one run by the An family. An Zi Ran had discovered this when he was going through the account books yesterday, so he had indeed come prepared.

Lin Xin’s expression was heavy, and his disgust for the fourth concubine got even deeper.

Lin Xin’s father and mother have already understood the situation from their conversation. So their son’s fourth concubine had taken An Ke Xin’s dowry and sneakily went to pawn them off. Furthermore, of all the places she could have taken the dowry to, she went to the An family’s pawnshop.

Lin Mother’s vision went black, and if it weren’t for Lin Father supporting her, she would’ve fell right to the floor.

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Back then, when he found out about the fourth concubine’s background, he had opposed his son taking her as a concubine, but his son did not listen to his advice, and in the end took the fourth concubine into their home. Just great, this unlucky star turned out to have unclean hands.

“An gong zi, this matter, I did not know about it in advance, but I will give you a satisfactory explanation.”

After a while of silence, Lin Xin finally spoke, knowing that he was in the wrong. This time he dared not speak uprightly, and his momentum dropped a lot.

An Zi Ran looked at him and said: “The items have already been squandered by your concubine. What kind of explanation can you give me? There are some things that you cannot pretend not to have happened just because you supplemented the void.”

Lin Xin had already guessed that An Zi Ran would not be willing to give up. Originally, he had planned everything so well, but who knew that this kind of thing would happen? Lin Xin’s advantage suddenly disappeared.

“Then what does An gong zi want to do?”

“The scar on An Ke Xin’s forehead is indeed her reaping what she has sown. I have no complaint about this. I have already said this, but that does not mean that someone can make a cut on her face. No matter what, she is still the second miss of the An family.” An Zi Ran said lightly.

Lin Xin’s expression changed. He knew about the scar on An Ke Xin’s face, and not only did he knew about it, he was also very clear on its origins, because at that time, he had watched the scar being drawn on her face, and the person who cut the scar into her face was his third concubine.

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The third concubine was resentful that An Ke Xin had caused her to miscarry, so after An Ke Xin was locked into the firewood shed, she had went and deliberately scratched her face with a sharp blade.

Lin Xin walked in at the time and happened to see this scene, but he didn’t stop it, and he didn’t even get a doctor for An Ke Xin to see to the injury afterwards.

At that time, he didn’t think too much. He only knew that he did not want to give An Ke Xin, this vicious wife, any good days, so he was ruthless and resolute. If he knew that An Zi Ran would return to An Yuan County at this time, no matter what, he would not have let his third concubine harm An Ke Xin and give the An family a chance to fight back.

Lin Xin took a deep breath, “Since that is the case, I will give An gong zi a face-to-face account. That’s okay, right?”

“That is naturally the best.” An Zi Ran looked at him with a pair of black eyes that seemed to see through people’s hearts. “But Lin gong zi, please don’t look for just any person to come and deceive me with.”

Lin Xin’s heart trembled with fear.

He had indeed just thought of finding any old servant to replace the third concubine for her crime, because among all of his concubines, the third concubine was his favorite. Not only because she looked good. The second concubine was even prettier than the third concubine, but her biggest disadvantage was that she was a prostitute.

No matter how much Lin Xin liked the second concubine, as long as he thought about how she used to be a prostitute, and how she had slept with many people, the little tiny bit of love he had for her would get weaker.

But in Lin Xin’s original plan, it did not include the third concubine. It was just that he never thought that the third concubine would get pregnant at the same time as the fourth concubine.

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Although it was a bit unexpected at the time, in order to prevent others from seeing the clues, he did not send someone to protect the third concubine. He had thought that the third concubine was smarter than the fourth concubine, so even if she went up against An Ke Xin, the third concubine should have the ability to protect the fetus in her stomach, and even if that were not the case, it should at least be after the fourth concubine.

However, there was a huge discrepancy with what he had guessed. The third concubine miscarried, but the fourth concubine was lucky enough to protect the fetus in her stomach.

Unfortunately, Lin Xin encountered An Zi Ran, whose IQ was above his.

An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian were not easy to fool. The husbands guarded each other. There was no one more difficult to deal with then the two of them together.

Lin Xin had no alternative. He could only hand the third concubine over.

The uninformed third concubine was soon brought in front of the crowd, and the atmosphere in the main hall was a little strange. Her lord husband’s face was not very good-looking, and there were two men she had never seen before. The third concubine felt a little uneasy in her heart.

“Lord Husband?” The third concubine looked at Lin Xin pitifully.

Lin Xin shook his head, unable to bear it. He hardened his heart and said, “Liu shi*, one month ago, you deliberately cut An Ke Xin’s face with a knife and ruined her appearance. You were the one who did this, correct?”

[*T/N: 氏 shi means maiden name, it is often added to the end of a married woman’s maiden surname to indicate which family she came from. It is a term of address, and also the way to differentiate her from all the other concubines in the harem.]

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