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The Big Landlord 117.2

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Chapter 117.2 – Punishment and Coercion

The third concubine’s eyes widened in disbelief. Why was her lord husband asking her this question? Didn’t he clearly see what happened that day? Her eyes fell on An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian. She seemed to realize something in a flash, and her face turned white.

Was her lord husband planning to sacrifice her?

Lin Xin spoke with a steady face, “You don’t need to quibble. Your maid has already admitted that it was you who did it. Now, in front of the An family’s young master, just draw a cut onto your own face.”

Then he took the dagger that a servant brought forward and threw it in front of her.

The iron dagger hit the floor with a heavy sound.

The third concubine sunk to the floor. Her face was paler than paper. To make a woman, delicate as a flower and refined as a precious jade, ruin her own face; such a thing was way too cruel. There was no woman on earth who could do such a thing to herself.

“If you don’t want to do it yourself, I will get someone to help you.” Lin Xin said cruelly.

The third concubine’s entire body shuddered. She raised her head. Her pale face turned towards the man she loved the most. This man gave her a rich and plentiful life, but now he wanted to personally push her into hell. This was the so-called man she loved!

She hated, but she still picked up the dagger.

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At the very least, if she was the one holding the dagger, she could control the pressure. But if someone else did it, they would not have such considerations for the gravity of things, and might really end up destroying her face. Then her life would really be ruined.

She gathered up her courage. The sharp dagger cut into the right side of her face, but it was not a deep cut.

Lin Xin frowned. Such a shallow cut…

“All right.”

Just as Lin Xin was about to speak, An Zi Ran’s cold voice suddenly sounded, not to tell her to continue, but to say that it was okay, which meant that the third concubine could stop destroying her own face, and it also meant that the wound on her face could still be cured. The bloodstained dagger fell to the floor.

The third concubine covered her face and hung her head. No one could see her expression, but everyone thought that she must be very happy. In actuality, her eyes carried a trace of resentment.

After that, An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian left the Lin family’s house.

Back at the An manor, An Ke Xin found out that they went to the Lin’s house to get her dowry back. Early in the morning, she ran out to the lobby to wait for them. This time, she didn’t bother to care whether the servants saw her face or not.

Her face was ruined and could not be cured no matter what treatment was used. In addition, she was now an abandoned woman. When she thought about how no men would want to marry her now, her only reliance in the future would be on her dowry.

Zheng Bi’s thoughts were the same, but she was more worried that An Zi Ran would lie to them. For example, they obviously got the dowry back, but then lie to them and say that they didn’t get the dowry back.

This way of thinking was purely gauging the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure.

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Even if An Zi Ran did not like the mother and daughter pair, he didn’t need to go so far as to take a woman’s dowry.

When she saw the boxes of dowry before her without a single one missing, An Ke Xin was so happy that the scars on her face twisted up, becoming more and more ugly. Several of the servants closed their eyes.

An Ke Xin did not notice that some of the dowry items did not match up to before. After looking over the dowry with her mother, she immediately had the servants move the dowry to her room. But before this, she did not forget to ask one thing.

“Brother, when you went to the Lin’s place with brother-in-law, did you avenge me?”

An Zi Ran found that her skin was as thick as a wall. If some uninformed person heard this sentence, they might mistakenly think that their relationship was really good.

“Lin Xin has already punished his concubine.”

“That’s it?” An Ke Xin’s eyes widened.

An Zi Ran’s gaze thickened, and he said with displeasure: “What else do you want? Do you think you can bury the entire Lin family, because they ruined your face, when you killed two innocent lives? Think about what you did wrong!”

An Ke Xin’s face suddenly twisted.

An Zi Ran continued: “There is one more thing I have to tell the two of you. Lin Xin has divorced you, but you’re still someone who has married out of the house. Furthermore, you even did that kind of thing. Therefore, tomorrow I will have Steward Su find a new house for you. The day after that, you move out with your mother.”

“I don’t want to move out!”

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When An Ke Xin heard that he wanted to drive her out, her response was explosive. She knew it, how could An Zi Ran be so kindhearted as to help her get her dowry back from the Lins? It was because he wanted to chase her out of the An family. She was already so miserable, yet An Zi Ran still wanted to throw stones at her while she was down. Resentment could not help but bubble up within her heart.

“I also disagree.” Zheng Bi looked worried and anxious.

Moving out meant that they would have nothing to do with the An family anymore. They were able to bluster and strut around up until now, all thanks to the An family. If they did not have the protection of the An family, what would they do?

The two were resolutely unwilling, but An Zi Ran was determined this time. Keeping them in the family would only corrupt the An family’s reputation. He worked hard to wash the An family clean. He could not let them destroy it.

Steward Su’s efficiency was high. An Zi Ran said tomorrow, but Steward Su completed the task today. Furthermore, the house that he was found was in the place furthest from the An family’s new house.

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  1. Who would want vicious bitches to live in their house
    Can’t we have good women here?

    There’s already a crack in the relationship of the Lin Xin and 3rd Concubine
    Lin family’s destruction is near and ziran don’t need to lift a finger

  2. It’s just a FRIGGING scar. The servants closing their eyes upon seeing her face scrunched up a bit is an overkill. It feels like the author portrays women in this book as catty and bitchy and only thinks about personal gain. They’re disposable and only deserves to be cannon fodders. I bet there will be a one or two female characters who are overly great towards the end of this story to cover up the sexism this book portrays. And I bet they will be just side characters. It’s not the ancient culture, it’s the way the author describes them that makes it more degrading.

    1. Yeah, that is a common problem in a lot of BL stories. Female characters are either non-existent or antagonists. That’s why, when I find one that has good female characters along with a well written story, it’s like striking gold.

      Here are two BL C-novels that I can remember off the top of my head that have good female characters, although they’re still side characters, they have more scenes in the story than most BL stories.

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  3. Hmm ….i don’t like his solution this time very much. He made it seem like the lives of two babies did not ‘worth to make even a scar’ on her face?

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