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The Big Landlord 118.1

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Chapter 118.1 – Ali Xiang

The news that An Ke Xin and her mother, Zheng Bi, were expelled from the An family soon spread throughout An Yuan County.

Almost no one sympathized with the mother and daughter pair. Instead, they were saying that An Zi Ran did well, and that such people should not be allowed to stay in the An family.

The things that An Ke Xin did at the Lin family, and the incident of Zheng Bi going crazy at the Lin house had already spread to An Yuan County. At that time, the number of people who scolded this mother and daughter pair was numerous. They were even anticipating when An Zi Ran would come back to deal with these two women. Don’t know if the heavens heard their voices or what, but the An family’s young master really did come back to An Yuan County.

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“In my opinion, it’s a fairly light punishment to just drive the mother and daughter out of the house.”

An aunty who was selling vegetables had a face of revulsion when she thought about the mother and daughter pair. She absolutely abhorred this type of jealous woman, especially someone like An Ke Xin, who was so envious that she caused two pregnant women to have miscarriages.

“Exactly! They ought to be taken to the authorities. This type of woman, it’s not even a pity if she dies.” Another person promptly agreed.

The aunty selling vegetables sighed. “The young landlord is precisely too benevolent.”

“If it were me, I would not even help this type of person look for a house. Simply chasing them out of the house would already be too kind.”

The two spoke very loudly, and from time to time, other people would echo their sentiments. The group of people chatted so vigorously that no one noticed the two people standing in an alley behind them.

While they listened, their expressions twisted into something inhuman. These two people were precisely An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi, who were driven out of the An family house.

To get to the house that Steward Su found for them, they had to go through the market, but the most unbearable thing for them was that the house was like earth compared to the An family house, which was like heaven.

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Both of them had gotten used to living in a comfortable mansion like the An manor. Now they were suddenly forced to move into this kind of house that was no different from the slums in their eyes. They almost threw up with disgust.

The two ran back to the An family’s house to argue with An Zi Ran, but the doorkeeper refused to let them in.

An Zi Ran had already ordered all the servants. No one was allowed to let them into the manor. The An family had already drawn a clear distinguishing line between them and the mother and daughter pair, these two were no longer a part of the An family.

As soon as this statement was declared, all the servants were cheering behind An Zi Ran.

Finally, they didn’t have to see these two women in the An family’s house again. All of the servants in the An family hated An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi. They clearly didn’t have the means to be so arrogant and aggressive, but they always acted like they had a big supporter to lean back on. Did they really think the young master would help them? In their dreams perhaps!

The day after An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi were driven out of the house, they used the dowry to buy another house. This house was bigger, cleaner, and more stylish than the one that Steward Su had found for them. For this reason, the house ate up a big portion of their money, but they did not understand the situation at all.

The two women had never lived outside before, and naturally they did not know the market price of the house. Furthermore, the two women’s affairs were a hubbub of gossip fodder. Who in An Yuan County did not know that An Ke Xin and her mother were driven out of the An family house with her dowry? So it was easily predictable that they would be greatly cheated.

After leaving the An family, these two squandered money by the handful. After a short while, an entire box of dowry was spent.

However, the opportunists out there did not wait for An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi to squander all of the dowry by themselves. Late one night, a few thieves came and stole all of the dowry, not leaving a single box behind.

The bank in An Yuan County was run by the An family. An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi did not trust An Zi Ran, so they did not dare to store the dowry in the bank.

Without the dowry, the two had a difficult life, and finally they had to sell the house that they had just lived in for less than a month and move to the lousy house that Steward Su had found for them.

When they were trying to sell the house, an interesting little episode happened.

The buyer was not from the county. His estimated house price was half that of what the mother and daughter pair had spent when they bought the house. And he also told them that this house was only worth that price.

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Naturally, An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi did not believe that buyer, and they thought that he wanted to cheat them because they were women. The two parties’ opinions were not unified, and the sale was not completed.

In order to confirm that the buyer lied to them, An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi found several more buyers. When they all reached the same conclusion as the first buyer, the two women then realized that they were cheated from the start.

If the two were smart enough, then they should not have sold the house.

Selling a house and renting out a house were short-term and long-term investments. The latter was obviously better, but how could two women who had never paid attention to this kind of thing know about this kind of thing in the first place?

In the end, the two had to go find the first buyer again, because his price was the highest.

An Zi Ran did not know these things, and even if he knew, he would not have the slightest shred of sympathy for them.

The next day, after driving out An Ke Xin and Zheng Bi, he and Fu Wu Tian left An Yuan County on the pretense of going sightseeing.

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[T/N: I wasn’t sure how to translate Ali Xiang at first, so I left it all in pinyin. Ali is the name of the place, and Xiang is the type of place. Xiang can be translated as countryside, village, town, or township, and I wasn’t sure what kind of place Ali Xiang was since the story has yet to go there, but as I’m translating I’m seeing that it is most likely a township. For continuity’s sake, I’m going to leave the place name as Ali Xiang.]

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