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The Big Landlord 119.1

T/N: There’s a note from the author, Yin Ya, at the beginning of this chapter. Looks like there was a discrepancy in the story? So the author changed the placement of the characters, and now Zhong Yue is in Ali Xiang with them.

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Message from the author:

[Yin Ya is here to celebrate the New Year with everyone. I wish you all a Happy New Year, and I wish you all the best. P.S.: The Ge Qian An that was mentioned earlier was left behind in Jun Zi City, so it was changed to Zhong Yue.]

Chapter 119.1 – Mayor Xu Wei Ye

“Zhong Yue? Why are you here?”

A look of unexpected surprised colored Shao Fei’s face as soon he saw the valiant, formidable-looking, and dashing woman jump down from her horse. That was because there was no mention of this in the letter, so he did not know that the person coming would be Zhong Yue.

An Zi Ran left Ge Qian An behind in Jun Zi City to help Fu Yuan Fan, so Zhong Yue replaced him in accompanying An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian here. Zhong Yue looked even more agile than usual in her purple clothes. During the journey here, she performed her duties with utter loyalty.

Zhong Yue glanced at him coldly and said, “Only you can come, and I can’t come?”

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Shao Fei scratched his head. “Of course not. I just wondered why Qian An didn’t come. He usually follows close behind the wang fei.

Ever since An Zi Ran married into the Imperial Fu Palace, it was as if Ge Qian An had became his personal guard. Wherever he went, Ge Qian An’s shadow would be nearby, so it gave Shao Fei the impression that if the wang fei was there then Ge Qian An would be there too.

“He stayed behind in Jun Zi City to help,” Zhong Yue said concisely and comprehensively, and then she didn’t pay attention to him anymore. She gave a nod to Guan Su on the side and then left.

Guan Su guided the group to the place where they were staying.

“This is where all of you are living?”

An Zi Ran looked at the dilapidated thatched cottage in front of him with surprise. Only homeless beggars would live in this kind of place. But what really surprised him was that even someone as smart as Guan Su did not have any means to deal with Xu Wei Ye. It would seem that this Xu Wei Ye was indeed a troublesome character.

Guan Su knew that living here was a disgrace to his image, but there wasn’t an iota of embarrassment on his face. He just shrugged and said: “That Xu Wei Ye really treats Ali Xiang as if it were his. He ganged up with many of the villagers to target us. Having a hut like this to live in is already not bad.”

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Moreover, he didn’t bring that many people with him. It was not good for him to start a conflict. Besides, he had to borrow land from Ali Xiang to plant the cottonseeds. If the conflicts intensified, it would be difficult to guarantee that Xu Wei Ye would not do something sinister to the cotton.

When he first arrived in Ali Xiang, he had sent people to investigate this Xu Wei Ye, and he found that this person was notorious for his misdeeds. Once, there were farmers who rebelled against him, and as a result, the crops in the field were destroyed overnight. Similar things happened one after another, so he could only temporarily hold back and suffer.

“Do you want the wang ye and wang fei to live here too?” Zhong Yue looked at Guan Su with contempt. And he was supposed to be the most intelligent person in the army. Looks like this title should be given to someone else.

Guan Su laughed and said nothing.

Shao Fei failed to comprehend the meaning of their conversation. He gripped his hair in distress. “Of course the wang ye and wang fei cannot live here, but where are we going to find a house to live in?”

“There is no need for us to go looking anymore.”

Guan Su looked meaningfully at the two people standing together. No matter how much nerve Xu Wei Ye had, he could be not completely unbridled in front of the real owner of Ali Xiang. Genuinely smart people understood that great plans could be ruined by just a touch of impatience.

As a man, how could Fu Wu Tian wrong his wang fei by making him stay in such a dilapidated cottage? So he immediately decided to go look for Xu Wei Ye.

Xu Wei Ye was like the “regional mafia boss” of Ali Xiang. They could not possibly hide their arrival from him. He received news of their arrival as soon as they stepped foot into Ali Xiang. But he did not know that the two people in the horse carriage were the proper masters of Ali Xiang.

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Compared to the thatched cottage where Guan Su and his men were staying, Xu Wei Ye’s place of residence was like a mansion. The house’s floor area surpassed a thousand square meters. The whole family, old and young, all lived there. In front of the door were even two carved lion statues. Above the front door was a great signboard with the words “Xu Manor” written on it. It was especially lofty.

However, how could the little mayor of a township afford such a big house?

From the looks of the house, it could be seen that Xu Wei Ye has clearly embezzled a lot in recent years, and he also boldly changed Xu House to Xu Manor.

The reason was that generally only the main houses of nobles and bureaucrats qualified for the word “manor.”

[T/N: In case you’re wondering the word being used here is “府 fu” and I’ve been translating it as “palace” in relation to FWT’s place of residence, which is a “王府 wang fu” or “imperial palace.” However, big houses of rich people or officials can also use “府 fu,” and in those cases I translate it as “manor,” but in Chinese it is the same word with different situational meanings.]

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