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The Big Landlord 119.2

T/N: There will be slight changes to the way I translate as I experiment to find a translation style that suits me more.

Before, I thought it was proper to separate each pinyin if I were to keep a word in Chinese (i.e. wang fei), but stylistically I always thought it looked better when I combine the pinyin together. I felt the same way with names, which is why I’ve always translated the names as An Zi Ran instead of An Ziran.

When I first started translating I was really concerned with what was the proper way to translate Chinese into English, but now that I’m more comfortable with translating, I think I can don’t be so rigid and just go with what feels right. I will start combining words like wangfei and gongzi, but I will keep the characters’ names as they are, because I think we’re used to seeing them like this, and I’m afraid it’ll be confusing if I were to suddenly combine them.

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Chapter 119.2 – Mayor Xu Wei Ye

Xu Wei Ye was the mayor of Ali Xiang and could be counted as a bureaucrat, but his status was lower than a fourth rank official.

According to Da Ya’s laws and decrees, officials lower than fourth rank did not have the qualifications to refer to their place of residence as a manor. In this matter alone, Xu Wei Ye had already violated the laws and decrees of Da Ya. According to the law, he should be punished.

“Halt, this isn’t some place you can just enter casually, hurry up and get lost!”

The doorman had took note of their presence long ago, and when he saw them walking towards the front doors of Xu Manor, he immediately stood in front of them with a disgusted expression, as if they were pests.

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The guard’s attitude was reflective of the master’s attitude. There was a reason for this kind of saying.

Not a single person of the group responded.

Zhong Yue was the most direct. She went over and grabbed the doorman by his collar. Before he could even react, she had already tossed him away. He rolled in a few circles before falling flat on his back.

The doorman was stunned. This was the first time he met someone that dared to raise a hand against him. It has been a long time since this kind of thing happened in Ali Xiang.

A lot of people were afraid of the Xu Manor’s lord, so they did not dare to raise their hand against the people of Xu Manor, not even against a servant.

“You people…”

The guard crawled back to his feet right away. He opened his mouth and was just about to give them a few fierce words.

The group of people did not wait for him to speak. Without so much as a by your leave, they entered the Xu Manor.

The doorman blanked out for a second. Then his complexion went through huge changes and he quickly chased after them. Have these people consumed the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard?

Very soon, a servant reported this matter up the chain of command.

However, Xu Wei Ye had already known about their whereabouts for a long time now. He deliberately did not tell the doorman because he wanted to take them down a few notches, so even he did not expect that they would directly charge inside.

A dozen people squeezed into the main hall of the Xu Manor, and the place quickly became crowded.

Xu Wei Ye soon appeared at the entrance to his lobby. When he looked in, he immediately saw two men sitting in the main seats of the lobby without the permission of the manor’s lord.

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The one on the right looked like a mild and cold elegant youngster. Next to him was a tall and sturdy man. The man had a profound silhouette, sharp and clear-cut facial features, and a calm gaze. One look was enough to determine that he was a high-ranking person. The imposing aura around him was definitely not something an ordinary person would have.

Xu Wei Ye’s thoughts went around a circle and he immediately guessed the man’s identity.

Daring to sit in his seat without any scruples, this man must be Fu Xiao’s son, Fu Wu Tian, the real lord and master of Ali Xiang.

When he thought of the word master, Xu Wei Ye couldn’t help but sneer. Ali Xiang was the place that he and his father ran for nearly thirty years. No matter how good this Fu Wu Tian was, wanting to reap where one has not sown as soon as he got here, how could it be so easy? He had strategized for ten years, all for this one moment.

His heart was full of thoughts, but his face did not betray a single one.

Xu Wei Ye gathered up the clothes on his body, lifted his head, straightened his back, and went in.

Everyone’s eyes immediately focused on him. Xu Wei Ye not only did not retreat, but he enjoyed this kind of gaze. He was someone who adored false reputations. He loved it when people’s gazes were all focused on him. It made him feel extraordinary.

“Who are you people? You actually dare to break into my Xu Manor?”

Instead of bringing Fu Wu Tian’s identity out into the open, he pretended to be ignorant. As long as they did not admit their identities then he would not acknowledge them.

Zhong Yue shouted sharply: “The nerve! You see the wangye and wangfei before you yet you’re not kneeling!”

Xu Wei Ye sneered: “Wangye? Wangfei? Do you people take me for a fool? If some random person comes out and says that they’re the wangye or wangfei, do I have to kneel to them? If there is no evidence to prove your identity, then as the mayor of Ali Xiang, I am fully capable of driving you out of Ali Xiang!”

Zhong Yue’s expression turned cold. This Xu Wei Ye really was not easy to handle.

“How do you want to prove it?”

At this moment, a voice that seemed to be smiling but not really rang out. It carried a hint of something that could not be ignored, as if this whole affair was something very amusing.

When Xu Wei Ye turned his head, he was met with the dark eyes of the man sitting in the head seat.

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He took a moment to steady his nerves and said: “It’s very simple. Wait for me to send a letter to the capital, as long as they can prove your distinguished self’s identity, then you can have me kneel to you everyday and I still won’t complain.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone couldn’t help but look at him again.

He had really come up with a good plan.

It took more than half a month to make a one-way trip from Ali Xiang to Jun Zi City. If there were a little delay on the road, it would probably take a month. A round trip back and forth could take up to two months. During this time, he would not have to bend over backwards entertaining them as guests. This was clearly a way for him to earn a gratuitous period of happy time for himself.

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  1. This guy sure has guts but he hasn’t seen the world. Is it so easy to pull one over the royal family? By any other name, this is treason lolol. Thanks for the translation!

    On names: I didn’t want to get into it before, but if you’ve committed to this change then you are absolutely correct (from a Chinese speaker). Actually, “An Ziran” is the correct way to write names; the given name always goes together after the separated family name. No one, especially after the recognized standardization of translating people names from Chinese to languages using Latin alphabets, would write “An Zi Ran.” Generally for wangfei or gongzi, I think putting them together makes more sense (because they are each a single word despite being multiple characters).

    1. Thank you for the confirmation! ^-^ That makes me feel so much better about this change. Since I really think the words (and names) look better when they’re put together.

      You can tell I was a total noob when I started out translating. Lol. XD I was so afraid of translating things “wrong,” I had way too many T/Ns to explain things, and my style was really rigid.

      My translating style has been changing bit by bit as I’m getting more used to translating. (I’ve been weaving my previously long T/Ns directly into my translations whenever possible to keep the flow of the story going.)

      I really wish I started putting together the given names sooner, because it’s so much easier to type too. Cries. (TAT) I only started doing that with my latest project, which is TAPAE. (And I’ve already stated the reason why I won’t be suddenly changing up the names with my older projects. Even though I really want to, the English part of my brain can tell that it would be a bit jarring for purely English readers if I were to do that all of a sudden.)

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