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The Big Landlord 119.3

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Chapter 119.3 – Mayor Xu Wei Ye

Fu Wu Tian lifted his sleeve. With a sly expression he surveyed Xu Wei Ye.

“There is no need to be so troublesome, this prince has a faster and better way.”

“What way?” For some reason, Xu Wei Ye suddenly felt a chill.

Fu Wu Tian stood up without warning and slowly walked up to Xu Wei Ye. Under the latter’s gaze full of dread, he suddenly picked him up by the neck. With just a subtle application of strength, he lifted the portly Xu Wei Ye into the air. The latter’s face turned red, and his legs kicked hard in the air.

“Ah, murder!”

Seeing this scene, the Xu Manor’s servants suddenly screamed in fright. They turned and tried to run out the door to call for help, but Fu Wu Tian’s subordinates stopped them. Several soldiers blocked off the door.

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The servant’s screams did attract some people, but they were all blocked as well. The steward of the Xu Manor wanted to break in. He tried to push through the blockage of soldiers, but one of them hit him on the back of the neck with the blade of his hand. The steward fell to the floor with a loud thud.

A servant was about to scream, but when a soldier glanced over with a cold look, his screams stopped in his throat.

Main Hall

Fu Wu Tian emitted bloodlust. He said: “If I kill you, then I won’t have to prove anything to you.”

Xu Wei Ye was so angry that his lips trembled uncontrollably, but he couldn’t say a word. He had a feeling that Fu Wu Tian really wanted to kill him. It wasn’t until his eyes were about to roll to the back of his head did he feel the hand around his neck loosen. In the next moment, he fell to the floor.

Xu Wei Ye gasped violently for air until he felt better. He pointed to Fu Wu Tian and said in a trembling voice: “You, do you still value the law? I am the mayor of Ali Xiang. Kill me, and your days won’t be any better.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt everyone’s eyes focus on him once again, but this time the gazes were different. It was as if he had said something amusing.

“It seems that being the head of Ali Xiang for ten years has made you completely forget who the master of Ali Xiang is. This prince will tell you that in Ali Xiang, this prince is the law. Who dares to say anything if I kill you?”

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The voice of the cool, handsome tyrant resounded throughout the main hall. Even the Xu Manor’s servants who were outside of the door were so intimidated that they did not dare to let out a single peep. Compared to their dignified lord, this man was simply a devil.

This was Da Ya’s god of war!

Xu Wei Ye finally realized that he had underestimated Fu Wu Tian.

But that was no surprise. After all, Ali Xiang was simply too far away. It was impossible for news of Fu Wu Tian to be transmitted here word for word. Even Xu Wei Ye only knew that Fu Wu Tian followed his father to battle since childhood. As for all other information regarding Fu Wu Tian, he had never heard about them.

“Mayor Xu, you are a wise man. There are some words that this prince does not want to say again.”

Fu Wu Tian’s voice echoed in Xu Wei Ye’s ears. He was like a fiend, making Xu Wei Ye tremble and go cold from head to foot.

Finally, for the sake of his little life, Xu Wei Ye had no choice but to lower his head in submission.

“This little one, Xu Wei Ye, kowtows in salute to wangye…”


“(This little one) salutes to wangfei.”

Shao Fei’s eyes were round like saucers. He just knew that things would not go well for Xu Wei Ye once he met the wangye, as a matter of fact, that arrogant and haughty attitude he had when he first interacted with them had shriveled up within a matter of seconds. He resembled a mouse trembling in fear before the presence of a lion.

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He was not as tolerant as Guan Su. If he had known ahead of time, he would not have come with them no matter what. Instead, he ended up living in that run-down cottage for so long and was stung by mosquitoes all over. Furthermore, he had to watch that bastard Xu Wei Ye’s smug face strutting by in front of him everyday.

Every time he thought of this, he got so angry that his teeth ached, just itching to draw the sword by his waist and cut that man down.

Finally, they moved into Xu Manor.

There were not many wealthy people in Ali Xiang, so the best place to live in Ali Xiang was in the Xu Manor.

Xu Wei Ye was almost scared stiff by Fu Wu Tian’s behavior. This time, he did not dare to resort to his little tricks. He stayed with Guan Su and the rest of the soldiers in the Xu Manor’s guest rooms.

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