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The Big Landlord 120.1

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Chapter 120.1 – Bring to Heel

“This Xu Wei Ye, he was the head of the town for ten years, looks like he embezzled a lot.”

After they moved into the Xu Manor’s side wing, they saw a bunch of luxurious and high-grade rooms everywhere. Seeing this, Shao Fei’s hatred for Xu Wei Ye grew even more. Even the rooms in the side wing were decorated so beautifully. From this, it was evident how luxurious Xu Wei Ye’s place of residence was. And this guy went as far as making them live in a broken down cottage for several months. Sooner or later they will deal with him!

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Guan Su walked past him and patted the back of his head along the way. Everyone already knew this, so what was the point of saying it out loud?

Shao Fei was dissatisfied. “Stop patting me on the back of the head, okay? What are you going to do if I become stupid from it?”

Guan Su suddenly stopped.

Shao Fei almost couldn’t brake in time and walked right into his back. He took a small step back and then asked: “What’s the matter?”

Guan Su turned around. There was a smile full of bad intentions on his handsome face. “You will become stupid from being patted? Then let me see if you’re really stupid or not.” Then he pulled Shao Fei forward by the arm and mimed inspecting his head.

Shao Fei was dumbfounded for a moment before reacting. He quickly jerked his arm away.

Guan Su spoke as if he was taking things very seriously, “The inspection is done. You didn’t become stupid from being patted, you’re still just as stupid as you were before.”

“You you you…” Shao Fei’s face flushed red.

Guan Su laughed heartily.

From the next room over, An Zi Ran saw this scene and couldn’t help but smile.

“Guan Su seems to like to bully Shao Fei.”

Hearing this, Fu Wu Tian glanced over into the next room.

“Shao Fei has a one-tracked mind. His personality is straightforward, and his brain is indeed not very smart. Guan Su is too clever. When he sees honest people, he likes to tease them.”

“Could it be that Guan Su likes Shao Fei?”

An Zi Ran speculated. With him and Fu Wu Tian as a precedent, it wouldn’t surprise him if there were men in love around him, so he felt that Guan Su and Shao Fei’s mode of interaction was a bit like “I bully you because I like you.”

“This is not the first time that Guan Su has bullied Shao Fei. I haven’t seen any sparks from them before.”

Fu Wu Tian never paid much attention to his subordinates’ love lives.

There group was relatively large and the Xu Manor did not have so many vacancies, so they were split into two people per a room. Only Zhong Yue got a separate room to herself, because she was the only female among all of them.

An Zi Ran took into consideration the length of the journey and thought that the An family’s housemaids might not be able to adapt to the long trip, so he did not bring any maids with him this time. He only had Fu Wu Tian’s men around him.

Xu Wei Ye was intimidated by Fu Wu Tian, so he did not dare to neglect them.

After they got settled in, Xu Wei Ye sent someone to invite Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran to eat in the front hall. Guan Su, Shao Fei, and Zhong Yue also sat at the same table as them. The rest of the soldiers sat at other tables.

Although they have long mentally prepared themselves, when they saw it in the flesh, everyone could only think the same thing in their hearts—Xu Wei Ye was once again pretending to be Sun Tzu.

There were no extravagant dishes on the dinner table. There weren’t many non-vegetarian* dishes, only one plate. Moreover, it was just some minced pork meat stir-fried with vegetables. The rest of the dishes were either cabbage or salted vegetables. As for carbohydrates there were several steamed buns and a pot of congee. Although it was not comparable to an impoverished family’s meal, it was discordant with the luxurious Xu Manor.

[*T/N: 荤腥 hun xing: meat and fish]

No one would believe it if they heard about it.

The Xu Manor was built so opulently that it was made of glazed bricks and tiles. To say that Xu Wei Ye and his family ate this kind of food three meals a day was the same as saying Xu Wei Ye would never embezzle again. No one would believe it.

But to the present crowd, they have eaten much cruder and simpler foods. Back then, when they were fighting on the battlefield, how many times were the army provisions not delivered on time? The hungry soldiers had no choice but to eat tree bark and dig up tree roots. They have been through greater hardships than this.

“Aiya, wangye, wangfei, please be forgiving if the reception is not satisfactory.” Xu Wei Ye smiled pretentiously.

Although he was afraid of Fu Wu Tian, it did not mean that he would not try to regain control of the scene. He was a vengeful person. If he could get a bit of his face back in this kind of small setting, then he would be happy to do so. If Fu Wu Tian were to fuss over minor matters with him, then he could exploit this topic in his favor.

Xu Wei Ye thought that the one to speak up would be Fu Wu Tian. He never expected that the teenager sitting beside the man would be the one to open his mouth. A pair of cold eyes fell upon him. There was a bit of scrutiny in that gaze. It made Xu Wei Ye felt like he was being seen through.

“Mayor Xu’s manor house is so big. None of the decorations look like ordinary items. Since he is willing to pay for this, how can he invite guest to such a shabby dinner. Does Mayor Xu look down on us?”

An Zi Ran did not beat around the bush. He cut straight to the heart of the matter.

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  1. Xu Wei Ye will learn FWT is for action, while AZR is for solving disputes with everyday people.
    In other words whatever he have to face, both are not pushover.

    AZR in this case is the best to slap him with logic and facts. (In a way he is Xu Wei Ye natural enemy.)
    This how i see it.

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