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The Big Landlord 120.2

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Chapter 120.2 – Bring to Heel

Xu Wei Ye did not expect An Zi Ran to be so direct and efficient in his speech. For a split second, he almost couldn’t answer.

Wangfei must be teasing. It’s not that this one is not willing. The decorations you speak of are actually fake. They’re just nice to look at, that is all. As for Xu Manor, in fact it is just a fancy front. The construction materials used for the Xu Manor are all very ordinary. No matter how you say it, this one is still the mayor of Ali Xiang. We can’t let outsiders belittle us and say that we’re not more than so-so. Don’t you agree?”

An Zi Ran glanced at him with a curve on his lips that was like a smile but not a smile.

“Since they are fake, then even if they were to accidentally break, Mayor Xu should not feel distressed, don’t you agree?”

Xu Wei Ye’s eye twitched. “Of, of course.”

He naturally heard the threat in the other party’s words, but could he change tune and say that they were real? Of course not, otherwise that would be just like lifting a stone to hit his own foot.

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Xu Wei Ye was someone with a lot of face, so most of the decorations in his residence were real, just like the two three-feet tall vases at the entrance of the main hall, those were genuine goods that he specially bought, and he spent a lot of money on them. If they were really broken, he would definitely be distressed.

Thinking of this, Xu Wei Ye couldn’t help but be frightened. It seemed he had to find a time to get his servants to put away all these valuable things.

Just as Xu Wei Ye was thinking this, Shao Fei’s eyes lit up because of An Zi Ran’s words.

And he was worried about not having any opportunities to get back at Xu Wei Ye. Here was a chance for revenge, to get back at Xu Wei Ye for making them live in that run-down cottage for so long.

Because the food was simple, everyone ate very fast.

And Xu Wei Ye had thought that they would not be able to stomach this food. Instead, they wiped out everything, including those few steamed buns. There were no leftovers. There were even some soldiers who were not full, and got a dozen more steamed buns from Xu Wei Ye.

Xu Wei Ye thought that he could one up them, but now his face was turning blue.

After eating, they moved tacitly out of the front hall, preparing to go to the main hall. They moved in pairs, one to the left and one to the right. Right as they walked through the door to the main hall, one of the solders walked too quickly and accidentally bumped into Shao Fei.

Shao Fei twisted his body and accidentally bumped into a vase on the side. Right in front of Xu Wei Ye’s shocked eyes, the vase fell to the floor and shattered into pieces.

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But things were not over yet. Xu Wei Ye did not have time to be properly distressed over his broken vase, when the sound of a second identical vase shattered.

Xu Wei Ye trembled as he turned towards the direction of the noise and he saw Guan Su with his body askew to support one of the Xu Manor’s maids.

No matter how one looked at the scene, it looked like an accident.

But Xu Wei Ye knew that this was definitely not an accident.

However, Guan Su was obviously smarter than Shao Fei. The person he borrowed as an excuse was not another soldier, but one of the Xu Manor’s servants, and he calculated it just right.

“Mayor Xu, I am so sorry. I accidentally broke the counterfeit article in your house, you won’t mind right?” Shao Fei hurriedly walked in front of him with an expression of exaggerated guilt, but his eyes were definitely gloating.

Hearing the words counterfeit article shaved a few more layers off of Xu Wei Ye’s face.

Guan Su came over and said apologetically: “Mayor Xu, please don’t blame your servant. She didn’t hit it intentionally, but fortunately they were just fakes. It’s not a pity even if they broke, don’t you agree?”

Xu Wei Ye almost spewed out a mouthful of blood. The two men were intentional, but what made him angry were Guan Su’s words, who not only thrust a proverbial sword through his chest, but also pushed the fault off onto his servant. But he had to swallow that mouthful of blood.

“It, it doesn’t matter, they’re… they’re fake anyway.”

Xu Wei Ye gritted his teeth.

“If it doesn’t matter then that’s good.” Shao Fei patted his chest as if he were panicked and still in doubt. “Just now I was scared to death. No matter how you look at it, those two vases looked real. Or perhaps Mayor Xu has the foresight to know that this will happened and used two fake vases.”

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Xu Wei Ye responded with a smile, but silently swallowed down the mouthful of blood. He vowed to get back at these people; otherwise he would not be named Xu.

Afterwards, Xu Wei Ye called several servants to clean up the fragments. The task was completed in short order. Finally, only the few of them were left in the main hall. Everyone made some small talk, and then An Zi Ran broached the main topic.

It rarely snowed in Ali Xiang, and when it did the snow would not last very long. It was winter now, but the entire process from sowing cottonseeds to their maturation took about two hundred and fifty days. If they expanded the planting range now, then it would be just in time to harvest them next autumn. If they missed this opportunity then there would be a lot of inconveniences.

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