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The Big Landlord 121.2

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Chapter 121.2 – Household Management

After reaching an agreement, they all went out.

An Zi Ran was going to take a look at the cottonseeds that Guan Su had planted.

At the outset, An Zi Ran already had a plan when he sent Guan Su’s group to Ali Xiang ahead of them.

Ever since Fu Wu Tian told him that Ali Xiang was suitable for growing cotton, it gave him a thorough understanding of the geographical ecology and climate of Ali Xiang.

Later, he highlighted several areas suitable for growing cotton on a map of Ali Xiang, and gave that map to Guan Su before he headed off.

It was a pity that he only completed a small part of the tasks. The other areas were occupied by crops that Xu Wei Ye had the villagers plant.

After they went out, Xu Wei Ye called for his own people. He had them release rumors, saying that there were some people who wanted to take their land, but did not specify on what was being done. It was fine as long as it made the villagers resist An Zi Ran and his plans.

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Some time ago, the same thing happened when Guan Su came here. Although afterwards the situation ended with nothing definite, as long as the rumors spread again, the villagers of Ali Xiang would definitely recall that incident. Then Xu Wei Ye’s plan would already be half successful.

On the other side, An Zi Ran and his company of people have reached Xinhe.

Xinhe was located in the north of Ali Xiang. It was a small county in Ali Xiang. It was the place that Xu Wei Ye has allocated them to plant cotton, but the area was less than a hundred acres big.

A hundred acres wasn’t very productive. So it was necessary to expand the planting area, but how to expand was a problem.

Xinhe was rich in biological resources, and the conditions were better for developing forests and animal husbandry.

However, under the management of Xu Wei Ye, Xinhe did the opposite.

When Xu Wei Ye learned that Guan Su wanted the land here, he allocated nearly 100 acres of land to Guan Su. Then in the following blink of the eye, the villagers had planted rice on the rest of the land. Therefore, when they walked over here, all along the way they only saw rice seedlings.

“That Xu Wei Ye doesn’t have much ability, but he really knows how to waste (the resources of) Ali Xiang.”

The more An Zi Ran saw, the worse his mood got. Not many people could make him angry, but this Xu Wei Ye could be counted as one of them.

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Fu Wu Tian stared at his profile, “Does wangfei have a way?”

The others immediately perked up their ears.

They all hated that arrogant face of Xu Wei Ye’s, especially Shao Fei, so they all hoped that the wangfei could teach him a lesson.

In fact, with Fu Wu Tian’s capability, he could totally execute Xu Wei Ye on the spot*. This was his territory. Even the emperor could not get involved.

[*T/N: 就地正法 – “to execute on the spot” is an idiom. It can mean “summary execution” or “to carry out the law on the spot”]

But Xu Wei Ye and his father have poured all of their efforts into Ali Xiang for thirty years, and have entered deeply into the people’s hearts. Whereas for them, the Fu family has not appeared here for more than two decades, so many people have forgotten them.

If they killed Xu Wei Ye as soon as they came here, it was very likely to cause panic among the villagers, which was not conducive to An Zi Ran’s plans for development in Ali Xiang.

“Of course I have a way. You guys can just sit back and watch.”

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An Zi Ran dropped a teaser, but for the time being he did not intend to tell them what the method was.

Xu Wei Ye would have never guessed that An Zi Ran chose the most direct and simple method, and it was the type of method that no one could refuse.

After looking over the situation in Xinhe, the group returned to the Xu Manor. By then, the sun was almost below the horizon.

Xu Wei Ye knew that they would not be able to reap any results. He came over to put on an act and say a few words of sympathy. After receiving a satisfactory answer, he left.

The next day, the rumors that Xu Wei Ye commanded his people to spread had already circulated through Ali Xiang.

Against Xu Wei Ye’s expectations, An Zi Ran and them did not act immediately, and they did not go out on this day. Instead, they stayed in the Xu Manor and did not take a step out of the door.

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