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The Big Landlord 122.1

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Chapter 122.1 – Calculation

Ten days later, An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian finally walked out of the Xu Manor.

For this outing, their destination was once again Xinhe. The horse carriage that was parked outside the entrance to the Xu Manor quickly took them away from the manor.

The doorman watched them leave and immediately reported the news to Xu Wei Ye.

Xu Wei Ye immediately decided to go see what they were up to.

Rumors have been circulating for ten days, but contrary to expectation, nothing happened. Some of the villagers saw that the outsiders did not take any special actions during this time and they gradually became less concerned. Their reactions were not as agitated as they were at the beginning. Everyone just went back and did what they usually had to do.

On the eleventh day, the arrival of An Zi Ran and his group did not arouse the villagers’ rejection. However, this time, the group had come prepared.

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The villagers near the Magou River were the most archetypal representatives of Xinhe.

They were representative because they were the first villagers ordered by Xu Wei Ye to plant rice. So to the other villagers, they were like an advertisement.

[T/N: The wording was confusing in the raws, but I think the author is trying to say that this group of people were the first ones ordered to plant rice, and then the rest of the villagers followed, so this group of people is like the spearhead or representative of what they do.]

However, rice wasn’t something that was easily cultivated just because you said you wanted to plant it. At that time, they had just finished harvesting the rice in the field less than a month ago. The seedlings in the rice field had just been sown for twenty days. And in general, the seedlings need to be up to thirty days old before they could be pull up and split. If this were done too soon, it would affect the rice seedlings. If that were the case, the harvest would be smaller.

The people were already having a hard time, but Xu Wei Ye added hail to snow*.

[*T/N: added hail to snow = (idiom) to make things worse in a bad situation]

The villagers have long been dissatisfied with Xu Wei Ye, but because of his identity and status in Ali Xiang, they did not dare to resist, and they did not even dare to say anything.

These ten days of waiting were not only used to reduce the villagers’ vigilance, but also used to investigate for information. Only when the information was in his hands could An Zi Ran determine his next step. So Guan Su and the others have been going out and about these days to help him investigate the information he needed. Ultimately, they fixed on Magou River.

Their arrival attracted the attention of dozens of families along the Magou River. But very few people dared to approach them. Most of them stood and watched from afar.

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An Zi Ran asked Guan Su to call the villagers together in the name of Xu Wei Ye, saying that there was important news to be announced. Some people did not believe them, because they did not see Xu Wei Ye, but it did not take long before Xu Wei Ye, who was secretly following behind them, was spotted. Once they saw him, the villagers quickly assembled.

Xu Wei Ye’s face turned black as he realized that his actions were all within An Zi Ran’s plan.

They had long known that he was following their trail, but they did not expose him for this very purpose.

Without him, the villagers of Ali Xiang would not believe a group of outsiders so easily. He was counting on this point from the beginning, but he did not expect that the other side had already planned for this. It looked like their secretive movements before were precisely for drawing him in. Indeed, well calculated!

Contrariwise, Xu Wei Ye misunderstood this point.

Their actions were secretive because they did not want Xu Wei Ye to know what they were doing. As for luring him in, it was not a problem at all. Xue Wei Ye was suspicious by nature and wanted to control the whole situation. Even if they did not bait him, he would still follow them.

“You really know how to joke. I clearly did not call for everyone to assemble.” Xu Wei Ye smiled insincerely. He did not want to allow An Zi Ran’s plan to go smoothly.

Hearing his words, the villagers immediately started to whisper amongst themselves.

Xu Wei Ye smiled with satisfaction.

An Zi Ran did not panic and said: “I’m afraid the one that is joking is Mayor Xu. Mayor Xu has been the mayor for ten years. You must not forget whom the land beneath your feet belongs to. Starting from your father’s generation, Ali Xiang should have already been branded with the words Imperial Fu Palace, and you are but a servant of the Imperial Fu Palace. The master has an order, so shouldn’t Mayor Xu carry it out?”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The whispering voices grew even louder. There were some villagers here who were from the generation of Xu Wei Ye’s father. As soon as they heard the words Imperial Fu Palace, they remembered it. The ones who didn’t know asked around, and then they also understood what happened. They could not cover the shock on their faces.

Xu Wei Ye’s face turned sullen. He has been stirring up trouble in Ali Xiang for so many years; he has long forgotten that there was a master above him who could end his life anytime, anywhere.

Seeing that he did not deny it, the villagers of Magou River were seventy percent convinced. But there were still some people with dazed expressions on their faces. Ali Xiang suddenly changed masters. This was a somewhat big shock to them.

After using Xu Wei Ye and dealing him a hard psychological blow, An Zi Ran ignored him and turned his attention to the presently restless villagers.

He exuded a cold temperament, but it was not the kind that intimidated people at first glance. He was elegant and had good skin. At first glance, he gave the villagers the impression of a youth that was gentle and mild as jade. Waiting for him to speak, the villagers gradually calmed down.

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