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The Big Landlord 123.1

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Chapter 123.1 – Development

The crowd’s disputing voices have exploded, only a few people were able to restrain themselves.

Xu Wei Ye walked in front of An Zi Ran with a hypocritical expression of patient persuasion on his face.

“Fu-wangfei, you can’t just casually spout such words. If you can’t do it, you’d better think carefully before saying it, otherwise it is a deception. It’s not good. There will be retribution.”

“Thank you for the reminder, Mayor Xu.” An Zi Ran replied calmly. “I don’t have anything, just a little bit of money, so you don’t have to worry!”

Xu Wei Ye’s mouth twitched.

Did this person not understand human speech? With which ear did he use to hear concern from Xu Wei Ye’s words?

An Zi Ran asked Shao Fei to carry out the things that they had prepared. Sacks of rice and flour were removed from the cart one after another. In a split second, everyone’s eyes were dazzled. The sounds of arguing gradually disappeared, replaced by curious and restless expressions.

They had never seen so much rice and flour, especially flour that was made from wheat.

Although Ali Xiang was suitable for growing wheat, the villagers were not aware of this, so in their eyes, wheat was even more rare than rice, and the price of wheat was therefore more expensive.

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But what was more rare was that wheat was not like rice, which could only be used to make congee. Flour grounded from wheat could not only be used to make bread and steamed buns, but also biscuits, noodles, and other foods. Just a little bit of ingredient could fill one’s stomach without the need for side dishes at all.

Thirty catties of rice and twenty catties flour, with a bit of frugality, a family of four like A-Qi and his children could have food to eat every day for a month. Moreover, it was to the point of being able to eat their fill. In addition to all that, there were even two strings of coins.

Two strings of coins could be used to buy other necessities, such as oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. As well as buy new clothes and quilts for the children. It should be noted that nearly ninety percent of all the households by the Magou River wore old clothes. Even during the New Year they did not get new clothes to wear.

If what the youth said was true, even if their fields were newly contracted, the villagers would still be willing to hand them over. But everyone still did not dare to believe it just like that.

Looking at the sacks of rice and flour moved in front of them, every hesitated. You look at me, and I look at you, but no one dared to be the first one to step out.

They weren’t complete idiots.

Some people could see very clearly that Mayor Xu did not want them to agree to the other party’s conditions.

But what was placed in front of them afterwards made them waver, because it was the sound of jangling copper coins hitting against each other. A string of coins was taken out of a coin pouch.

They have clearly already arranged everything. Each coin pouch contained two strings of copper coins. There were several dozen pouches, just waiting for them to nod their heads and agree. Then they would be able to obtain the money.

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“I said I will not force you, but to make you feel more at ease, I can sign a contract with you to protect each and every one of your interests. Those who agree to this can come to me.”

An Zi Ran looked at all the villagers’ hopeful yet hesitant and cautious faces.

When he finished speaking, no one responded for a long while after.

An Zi Ran was not anxious at all.

Instead, Xu Wei Ye became increasingly pleased. Just when he wanted to step out, someone walked up to An Zi Ran before him.

This person was precisely A-Qi.

A-Qi looked at An Zi Ran and summoned the courage to say: “I, I am willing.”

An Zi Ran nodded, “Go to the left side to sign an agreement. After signing, you can go to the right side to get food and money.”

A-Qi walked up to Guan Su suspiciously, and Guan Su showed him a copy of the agreement that he had already written up.

Although A-Qi was a farmer, he was one of the few literate people of Magou River. After reading the content of the agreement, he confirmed that it was indeed the same as what was verbally promised. Not only were there no disadvantages for them, everything was also advantageous for them. He signed the contract without raising any objection.

His family’s field was only contracted for three years. And this year was the second year. Even now, he had yet to break even, but their family already had problems with getting enough food.

If they don’t agree to this, they won’t have to wait for the field contract to be up, the family will starve to death before that happens.

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