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The Big Landlord 123.3

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Chapter 123.3 – Development

Every time A-Qi recalled these words, he never regretted his decision. On the contrary, he was very thankful that he did not hesitate for too long.

He wanted his children to live well, so no matter what they wanted him to do, as long as his children could have a good life, then he was willing to do anything.

As for whether Mayor Xu would retaliate against him afterwards, this was not within the scope of A-Qi’s consideration.

After agreeing to the man’s condition, that person promised to protect him thoroughly.

The events of what happened in Magou River soon spread to other parts of Ali Xiang.

When they first heard about this incident, many people expressed their disbelief, but when they learned that the people living in Magou River had already received food and money, they all became excited.

However, along with this news, there was a rumor.

Xu Wei Ye was not willing to just roll over and accept it. He had the short man spread rumors that the Magou River incident was false, and that the villagers must not be fooled.

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There were indeed some people who believed their words, but the eyes of the masses were sharp.

They found that dozens of farmers in Magou River were digging up the rice seedlings in their fields and tilling the soil again, as if they were preparing to plant other crops. Not only that, but they discovered that the villagers of Magou River all had bright smiles on their faces, and all of their clothes were brand new.

Some people instantly got jealous.

If the news was false, then why did the lives of the Magou River villagers improved?

Gradually, the people stopped believing in the rumors that Xu Wei Ye spread, and everyone began to expect An Zi Ran to also come to them to buy their field. Even if they didn’t get back double, they were still willing to cooperate.

Three days later, An Zi Ran and his party finally came to He-Li.

He-Li was the second place that An Zi Ran took note of. This was also one of the most suitable places for planting cotton in Ali Xiang, but the living standards of the villagers in He-Li were slightly better than that of Magou River, so An Zi Ran did not choose this place for their first stop.

Their arrival immediately attracted the attention of all the villagers in He-Li.

The villagers of He-Li have long heard about the events that had transpired at Magou River.

Some of the people believed in the validity of the news they heard, while others were stuck in the mid-way point between belief and disbelief, but a large portion of the population was willing to give it a try. The people here were all comparatively smarter.

With just a bit of conversion, they could figure out that one year’s worth of net profit from their harvests was only half of what An Zi Ran was offering. Some people’s profits were even less than half of what An Zi Ran was offering.

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What’s more, their land was all contracted, and the contract had a limited number of years signed on. When time ran out, they had to return that land. But if that land became their own land, then it would be a different matter.

He-Li’s stop was much smoother than Magou River. Although some of the people still maintained a wait-and-see attitude, most of them signed the agreement.

At the same time, the name of the Imperial Fu Palace was started to become a ringing success*.

[*T/N: As in more people are learning about the Imperial Fu Palace in a positive manner.]

The older generation, who were suppressed by Xu Wei Ye, came forward and said that Ali Xiang was indeed the Imperial Fu Palace’s territory.

At this point, the villagers finally learned that their master was not Xu Wei Ye, and that Xu Wei Ye was only a servant under the “employment” of the Imperial Fu Palace.

Xu Wei Ye’s ten years of hard work was completely ruined.

Half a month later, a crazy phase of digging up rice seedlings exploded across Ali Xiang.

A large number of rice seedling were dug out from the field, the soil was all renovated, and sprinkled with the cottonseeds that An Zi Ran had brought.

Early on, Guan Su had already commanded some people to carefully sift through the seeds for the good ones.

Cottonseeds had green cores and black cores. In order to prevent this kind of thing, An Zi Ran had people soak the seeds first, and when it was time to plant the seeds, they could just directly dump the seeds into the fields.

[T/N: The previous paragraph might be a bit confusing. I have no knowledge of farming, but my understanding of the author’s meaning is that some cottonseeds have a rotten core, so they had to pick out the bad ones by soaking them ahead of time.]

However, not all soil was suitable for planting cotton,

For example, in Xinhe, some places were more suitable for beets and melons, and some places were more suitable for the development of animal husbandry.

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An Zi Ran also “bought” back these places, and the situation was the same as the villagers in Magou River.

Xinhe slowly got better, but Xu Wei Ye did not have a good time.

He still had some secrets that no one knew about in Ali Xiang, but if the people of the Imperial Fu Palace discovered his secrets, then he was over.

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